November 11, 2010

Wants It: Bath and Body Works Snowman Scentbug

Santa I’ve been really good this year so can you hook me up with a cool Scent Bug for Christmas?

k, thanks!


How freaking cute is this Bath and Body Works Snowman ScentBug? OMG! Squealing here! I got the Bat for Halloween now I must have the Snowman but damn $18.50!? Might have to wait for a sale on this little guy!

But I absolutely adore him!

So cute!

I hope they do a Valentine’s Day Scent Bug too!

I better remind Santa to tuck the Candy Cane Twist Trio in my stocking too to fill up my new Snowman Scentbug with!


Available now from Bath and Body Works.

P.S. If you haven’t seen a Scentbug before or heard of one here’s brief details how it works!

At the touch of a button, instantly transform your small spaces with superior scent. ScentBug features a quiet, yet powerful, fan that works with our finest quality home fragrance oils to stream pure fragrance into the air whenever and wherever you want it, all without a plug or a flame.