November 1, 2010

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner Pencil Review, Swatches, Photos

I’ve become ever so slightly obsessed with the Wet n Wild ColorIcon Collection after trying the Holiday Palettes. These are seriously amazing palettes for the price and have given me a completely new outlook on the brand and budget beauty. I can be a bit picky when it comes to makeup so it is saying something when I actually LIKE budget makeup.

Since trying and loving the ColorIcon Palettes I was determined to explore more of the line, my first stop, Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner Pencil.


A traditional pencil eyeliner for two bucks!

At two bucks I was willing to take a chance on this one. Can’t afford not to right?

It’s a pretty traditional eyeliner pencil in black, nothing special here. However, I’m always partial to a good black eyeliner so I was willing to try even though features and fanfare were not available here.

Props for the larger size. The pencil will set you back two bucks and features a very long design so you’re getting a good deal of pencil here for your buck. Color is a pigmented black however that’s about the extent of good.

Sadly, this tugs a fair bit and lacks a nice creamy formula. A liner that’s creamy and applies easily sans tugging and drama is a number one priority for me and this lacks that sadly.

Swatching this comes across nicely pigmented and dark however once on my eye I have to line and re-line to get good color pay off plus the tugging involved to get in place can prove irritating.

  • Anyone super strapped for cash (there are way better options at the drugstore but none nearly as cheap so if you’re REALLY strapped for cash this might be an ok option).

  • Anyone wanting an eyeliner that smudges easily, applies with minimal fuss, and just works (this pretty much fails all around).

I’ve honestly seen way better eyeliner options at my drugstore and this sadly isn’t one of the better ones. The price is very appealing however that doesn’t make up for the crummy formula. With my recent success with ColorIcon Palettes I was hopeful the eyeliner would be just as good but no luck here.

This one I don’t suggest.

No likey.

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  • Stephanie L.

    I am not a fan of the eyeliner, either. But, I plan to try the blushes and bronzers (princess especially) this week. Walgreens has a 50% off sale, and I heard good things about both. Wish me luck!

    • the Muse

      good luck Stephanie ;-D I think you’ll love the blushes I hear great things and the shadows ;-D!

  • Ally

    Still trying to find those damn WnW holiday palettes!! I’m hoping now that Halloween’s over they will be here soon! Have you ever tried the Prestige Total Intensity liners Muse? They are $5.50 and are so creamy- very similar to my UD 24/7 pencil! Nice color selection also considering it’s only drugstore.

    • the Muse

      Nope Ally but now I will they sound great ;-D I’m seeing the WnW Holidays just starting to pop up Ally ;-D Do you have a Harmon’s Beauty Store? That’s where I’ve seen them most recently. Not in CVS as of yet though!

      • Ally

        Yeah I live in Virginia so no Harmon’s. I’ve checked Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. But then again I’m just now seeing Christmas stuff popping up at Wags so it may be coming soon! Wish me luck 🙂 They will be mine!!

        • Wendy

          Keep trying Walgreens, I just found them at mine a week ago but they are kind of concealed… behind the beauty counter (at mine they were on an endcap at the end of the face washes and lotions)… not in the new cosmetics section. Good luck!!

          BTW, Muse, means I found mine 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Ally

    Oh no worries- if I find them they will ALL be mine 🙂 They look so awesome. Plus the regular Color Icon palettes are awesome anyway! Have you tried them?

    • the Muse

      I have not ally ;-D but they look really similar to the holiday ones ha! I need to dry the blushes from the coloricon collection 😀

  • kat

    Eyeliner? No! I bought one and threw it out. But they have pretty good lipliners so I definitely suggest that you take a look at those. I also really like their mineral blushes.

  • Casey

    I dont know why but every thing you said about the eyeliner just isnt the same as mine. i know for a fact that it is in fact a coloricon wet n wild eyeliner but mine is amazing! im not saying that your lieing but i was thinking that sometimes people get “duds” and maybe if you like i would suggest repurchasing this item to see if it is the same

  • dulin

    Hmm. I actually really like these. However, reading your review, I think I understand why I like these as well as I do. I usually use the Mink Brown (it’s a very dark brown) right in my eyelashes to create a fairly natural look. Because I’m trying to get color in between my eyelashes, I’m pressing rather than dragging, and these work quite well. More importantly, once they are on, they tend not to smudge. I unfortunately tend to rub my eyes when I’m tired (and as a college student, I’m often sleep deprived), so eyeliner that does smudge easily is not so good for daily use for me. It’s fast, good for the natural look, and stays put.

    Oh, it’s also only $1, not two.