December 16, 2010

Coastal Scents Professional Blush Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Coastal Scents fans step right up! I know some of you have been really eager for some reviews from Coastal Scents but I’ve been a bit apprehensive about trying it out for size. Those mega palettes kinda scare me but they sure are hyped up in a major way across beauty blogs everywhere.

After getting many requests requesting some reviews from Coastal Scents I decided it was about time to bite the bullet. So expect a few reviews upcoming…

What do you think of Coastal Scents?

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Jump ahead to read my review on the Coastal Scents Professional Blush Palette.

10 Blushes in one slim line palette in various finishes!

Well count me pleased at both the price and the packaging. I honestly love the slim line case which really makes it a joy to travel with. It’s super slim so it’ll travel easily with you and who doesn’t want to have at least 10 blushes handy on a vacay right? I know I wanna travel with the contents of my entire makeup collection and any beauty junkie can agree with that feeling. This makes it super simple to bring a range of 10 shades of blush with you! Gotta loves it right?

You get four matte blushes and the remaining six are a shimmer finish but very subtle not dosed in sparkle so no worries. Formula swatches crummy in my opinion but applies very nicely with good pigmentation and a nice pop of color. You get a range of various shades of warmer and cooler tones with most being ranges of pinks and peaches. Some shades are good enough to contour with as well if that’s your bag.

It’s not the highest quality blush in the world but for $16 it isn’t shabby either and should appeal to those that enjoy a good deal!

Wear time seems to be a bit crummy for some reason. I notice they wear away super fast and don’t last through the day so I am left to touching up which is abnormal for me as I’m not one for touching up my blush in all honesty however at this price I probably can’t complain too much.

Shades aren’t that big a variety really and some come across the same once applied.

I hated the big “Coastal Scents” emblem across the palette so I took some nail polish remover and went to town taking it off hehe!

  • Budget beauty shoppers ($16 bucks for 10 shades of blush is a steal).
  • Those who want more for less.
  • Those who want a super slim travel palette!

  • Those who like MAC or NARS Blushes (these aren’t the same quality and pigmentation isn’t nearly as strong nor is wear time).
  • Those who have a problem with ingredients in their cosmetics such as talc, mineral oil, etc…

If you’re not a makeup snob you can easily get on board with this. It’s a fab deal and I was quite ok with the formula on these. Wear time is iffy all around but I’m still happy with the overall presentation of the palette, formula, and just the general idea of having 10 blushes in one spot for traveling! Mind you, it’s not the best blush in my stash by any means but its a nice item to have around when I’m wanting to travel with 10 or more or just to add more color to my blush wardrobe (yeah, right, like I don’t own every NARS blush already and need more ha!). At this price it’s actually worth a haul in my humblest particularly if you don’t already have an extensive shade selection of blush in your stash. It’ll be particularly exciting for those on a budget.

I’m wearing blushes from this palette here and here.

Anyone own it?

Love it?

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  • Kristen

    I have this and like it. I don’t wear makeup all day. Sometimes I’ll wear it just go to the mall and take it off when I come home lol. When I have those days I get this palette out. I can’t really complain because of the price.

  • Joice

    I’m definitely a Coastal Scents fan! Although, once you discover that they’re at half the price on ebay, you really can’t justify paying double just to have the CS logo on them. But they’re the same products. I have 5 palettes from the: 88 matte, 88 shimmer, 88 warm, 26 neutral, 28 neutral and I think they’re an excellent investment for whoever wants variety. I never wear the same makeup twice so I can’t justify buying a huge red, orange, yellow or neon green eyeshadow as it’ll just rot in my stash to be used once a month or less.
    I’ve been looking to expand my blush collection but I don’t like the quality in these 🙁 There’s a 28 blush palette on ebay for less than 10$ (S&H included) so I might try that one.

    • the Muse

      hi joice! ;-D Was great to hear you’re a fan ;-D haven’t tried my 88 palettes yet but looking forward to it, ha will have to check around e-bay now. Quality is ok on these, I can’t rant to be honest just the wear time that upset me ;D!

  • Josie

    Thanks for swatching and for the info! The shades look super pretty in the pam!

  • Soo

    in general, do you think that for the wear, cheaper products are good purchases? also, when you get cheaper brands to review, do you start off with lower expectations?

    • the Muse

      soo how do you mean for the wear? Yes, I tend to since I’ve been burnt alot by cheaper brands however there are some gems out there ;-D

      • Soo

        oh, I didn’t express that very well. I meant for example, since these Coastal Scents blushes don’t last very long, does their budget friendly price redeem them in that aspect at all?

        • the Muse

          somewhat soo. If you’re on a fixed income and want a budget blush, this is a nice way to get several. The wear time is iffy but can be worked out with good priming and prepping… ;-D

  • Kerry

    Is the brown in the lower right hand corner matte? It seems like it’d be good for contouring.

  • Jane

    I am an adviid fan of costal scents and i do have most of their pallets this one I do have and like you I have found the blushes dont wear for that long however it is better under a cream cheek color it last longer but even when it has wore off you have the cheek colour underneath it comes throught.

  • Cat

    I LOVE this palette!! I am also a blush whore though 🙂 I have hit pan on that bright peachy shade. Any ideas of a MAC dupe for that shade?

  • Lauren

    I love coastal scents pallets! Students don’t always have the money for higher end products so this is perfect deal, especially for experimenting with different colours, but living in Canada makes it maybe not worth it.. its priced really good, I think $16 for 10 good sized blushes is great, but then when you add $20 for shipping and handling plus another $10-20 for customs, I might as well have just bought some mac blushes, which looks like it would have been a better quality anyways by what you said! Oh well, great review! I agree with everything.

    • the Muse

      lauren agreed for a budget price I’d deem it a good deal although with the sh to canada not so much 🙁

  • Lucy

    I have about 4 of the eye shadow palettes and like them. I haven’t tried the blushes. One of my palettes does contain some blushes. I should try them first. I almost did order some palettes when they had a precentage off. I backed out at the last minute. There’s so many shadows that I haven’t used. All those pretty colors are very tempting.

    • the Muse

      agreed lucy the shades are damn tempting ;-D I got a few of the palettes but haven’t tried ’em yet! curious what I’ll think!

  • Alli

    Hey Muse! I just learned of coastal scnets…haven’t tried anything by them, but I am intrigued by the 88 warm plalette. Have you tried that? If so, what do you think of it? worth it? I love MAC products, and tend to stick with them (don’t have very many e’s’s though) and I was watching a youtue vid of one of my fave makeup glas and she tends to only use MAC but also raves about the 88 warm plaette, so I figured I would ask ya! You are my go-to opinion!!! Yay or Nay?

    • the Muse

      i dunno alli I purchased it but haven’t actually used it yet hun. I have a review planned but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. thanks ;-D flattered. I’ll see about a review but may take me a few, quite backed up on product and trying to get it all posted phew!