December 29, 2010

Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser Review, Photos

Dude, winter is obviously setting in because I’m sporting seriously patchy dry cheeks today. Not pretty, not too pretty at all! Tonight I’m taking DHC Olive Virgin Oil and pouring it all over my face, they recommend one or two drops but this is an emergency, bring on the entire bottle!

Speaking of more moisture the new Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser promises a hydrating cleansing experience.

Does it work?

A foaming cream cleanser to remove face and eye makeup with a formula that’s rich in lactose and essential amoinoacids.

This is a cream cleanser but I don’t get much of a foam from it to be honest and it has more of a Philosophy Purity effect on my face. I’m not seeing major lather but it still does the trick at removing makeup rather quickly and really works fab with my Clarisonic in the shower in the morning since it has a thicker gel-like formula that works well with the brush!

Formula feels very mild to me and considering my skin is already dry as is it doesn’t leave me feeling drier, tighter, or itchy. It has a nice glide on my face and feels quite moisturizing and hydrating however long term results after you’ve rinsed and dried off aren’t really there so due follow up with a moisturizer.

I always find most Korres cleansers are really gentle without stripping my skin. The milk proteins consist of lactose and essential aminoacids in the formula which form a hydrating layer on my skin however like I said I don’t notice that my skin is extra moisturized after use, just normally soft without being tighter.

This has a nice smell as well which I can’t put my finger on somewhat like milk and honey and in other aspects a little bit Lush snow-cakey….

Although Korres says you can remove both face and eye makeup with it, I’d personally stick to face and use an oil based eye makeup remover prior to your full cleanse. I recommend this with most cleansers that sport the dual face and eye remover claim as I personally wear alot of eye makeup and don’t feel most cleansers do the trick at getting it ALL off. If you use considerably less or lighter eye makeup than by all means use this to multitask your clean but if you’re like me you might want to invest the time in an oil based remover prior to following up with the cleanser.

  • Anyone looking for a good cleanser to use with a cleansing brush (I find this works a treat with my Clarisonic).
  • Anyone seeking a mild cleanser that will remove makeup without making skin dry or tight after use.
  • Fans of Korres cleansers in general will enjoy this!

  • Those seeking a cleanser to remove hardcore face and eye makeup (I didn’t feel like this would go to town on heavy eyeshadow and/or waterproof liners or mascara).

If you’re looking for a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin, Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser will do the trick. I also think it works great when paired up with a Clarisonic particularly if you’re enjoying the cleansers that came with the brush already as this has a similar feel and texture. If you’re a fond fan of Korres Cleansers in general this will be one to try and those new to the brand might wish to take advantage as well to get a feel for their cleansers.

Quite nice.

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  • Christina

    Have you tried the original Milk Proteins cleanser by Korres? I liked that one but felt it was too liquidy to clean properly (also proof was on my toning lotion cotton pad, ugh still clear traces of makeup). I love my Philosophy but also am generally in love with Korres as an all-natural brand.

    • the Muse

      haven’t tried the original christina. tried the cotton ball test too, no left over residue thankfully ;-D so def working to get a good clean BUT I don’t wear a ton of base products just to warn ya ;-D

      I used to love Purity (not sure if you use that one or not) but I noticed it was drying my face out awful so I stopped. It was my HG at one time!

      • Christina

        Ahh I see. No I do use Purity and it’s pretty dry but since I wear full coverage foundation, I like how it takes everything off and is the gentlest of all one-step cleansers. Thanks so much for the review! I’ll probably try this out in Sephora and then decide :D.

  • anon

    I’ve had better luck if I leave the original one on a few minutes to dissolve makeup and use twice, once for makeup, once for cleansing/toning.


  • Colleen

    Hey Muse,
    I have the original version of this cleanser and love it! I also used Purity for a long time and it started drying out my face. Love Korres! Their Wild Rose Face Mask is also fantastic, as is the Wild Rose serum.

    • the Muse

      colleen I used to swear by it…I thought I was going crazy but I noticed such a visible improvement in my face after I stopped using it. it was really making me a flaky mess 🙁 love the wild rose serum, so incredible ;D!

      • Christina

        Whoa say what? While I loved the Wild Rose line, it didn’t love me, but this serum sounds very very interesting. Hmm. And my new year’s resolution was a shopping ban for Jan. Darn.

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Sounds great.
    I’ve dry skintoo and most cleansers do dry it out further.
    After using the Clarisonic my skin is so bone parched dry and so tight that it is almost like it is paralysed !
    Scary – like it would crack if I moved a muscle.
    I have to quickly smother my face in moisturiser in order to be able to even speak !
    I do need a really creamy cleanser.

  • Cait

    question..what’s the difference between DHC’s olive oil and just regular extra virgin olive oil you get from the grocery store? For the price markup, is it any better? Thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi cait not really sure but I won’t put extra virgin olive oil on my face from a supermarket by principal seems weird pouring actual olive oil on one’s face, yes people do it but I’m not one of them hehe. I think that dhc def puts something else in the mix ( I don’t pay enough attention to ingreds to be honest) as well as olive oil, it isn’t pure bottled olive oil they are selling.