December 28, 2010

Lola Mirage Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

Dear Lola,

I once knew a showgirl with the same name, ha small world eh? I so wasn’t into your Masquerade Foundation but props for awesome packaging girl!

I will say I’m digging your concealer!

So brill! Loves it hard.

Talk soon!

the Muse


Highly pigmented hydrating concealer for concealing dark circles and more!

This comes in a tiny pot with a spatula for the germ club (yeah, I’m part of that club). I didn’t use the spatula in all honesty and actually felt it was useless as a brush does the trick find sans dipping my fingers in but if you’re a finger girl, go right ahead and dip in and pat into place, no matter how you apply it, it does the trick and does it well.

This is highly pigmented concealer so those of you that got a whole lot of drama going on particularly under your eyes (where this works best in my opinion) will adore this. Formula is pretty thick but has a thinner consistency when warmed up with a tacky feel somewhat like the Balm’s Time Balm Concealer but considerably better in the hydrating department. It doesn’t blend fabulously in all honestly so elbow grease is needed to get it patted and blended out correctly but the extra work is worth it as once in place correctly it wears well and long plus conceals many of my major problems such as tired, dark circled, finely lined eyes. I didn’t try it on my face nor do I recommend it for face wearing as the formula ranges more for under eye concealing.

I think if you generally liked Time Balm Concealer or you didn’t love it and wanted a more hydrating concealer this could easily dupe it aside from the drying texture of the Balm’s version.

The pot can literally last a few hundred years considering how pigmented a product it is. I thought it made my eyes look quite refreshed when blended out correctly.

Price wise and shade choices definitely range in the bad. I wouldn’t mind the price of $24 too much however Bobbi Brown does offer their concealers and correctors at the $22 mark and the range of colors offers way more variety plus the formula is definitely superior. I like the overall concealer for sure but if I had to choose I’d definitely go for Bobbi’s version at this price.

  • Those seeking to conceal dark circles, fine lines, and general under eye woe.
  • Those who like the Balm’s Time Balm Concealer but felt it was too dry (this has a more hydrating finish).
  • Those seeking a new concealer for the New Year (if your old concealer just isn’t doing the trick anymore this is a new, interesting concealer to check out).

  • Those seeking to conceal redness on their face or other woe (I don’t think this will be a good facial concealer due to the highly emollient, tacky formula).
  • Bobbi Brown concealer owners (you simply don’t need another concealer in a pot if you already own Bobbi’s version).

I liked this well enough but thought the price definitely needed a slight adjustment. A little cheaper and they’d have my heart. It conceals woe extra well and I’ll throw it out there and say those who thought Bobbi’s concealer was a tad too thick might love how pigmented this is plus enjoy the thinner formula.

Worth a check out if you’re suffering the reign of dark circles however finding a shade might present a problem for those with darker skin as shades are limited.

Anyone ever try?

Do share!

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  • sweetface

    Ooo I so want this, I’ve been obsessing over Lola lately. Do you think this concealer is good for people with oily skin? I mean it’s not going to slide off or something? It’s pretty expensive.

  • Donna

    I found it at Zappos outlet here in Ky. for less than $8!! Am using for the first time today, and will try to remember to give a review later!

  • Donna

    I love it! I do use it on small blemishes on my face and it covers very well! My 15 year old grandaughter also tried mine, and now wants her own!!