December 22, 2010

MAC Lip Conditioner + Lavender Review, Swatches, Photos

I haven’t actually ever tried MAC Lip Conditioner outside the tinted ones. Just wanted to throw that out there before you started reading this review.

How about you? Anyone try the transparent, colorless versions? Dunno why I never indulged considering I love the tinted ones!

Thanks to MAC Cham Pale I get my chance to try out the MAC Lip Conditioner + Lavender.

Let’s have a peek!

A limited edition version of MAC Lip Conditioner with the soothing properties of French Lavender.

Ok, so let me say that this is just dumb. MAC why the + Lavender dude? It doesn’t taste like lavender, it doesn’t smell like it…so what the hell? Bueller, Bueller, Anyone?

I’ve no idea why they have that in there but ok, whatever.

It actually has a tasty peppermint flavor though which I’m more than happy with so I’m not complaining too much. This is a milky balm that pretty much turns into an oil-like gloss once it warms up on lips. It really soothes dry, tired, chapped lips as I’m sporting ’em right now and it did the trick at easing some of my pain and suffering, yes, pain and suffering, I get mega chapped lips.

The balm has a smooth, emollient texture that runs a tad on the thick side but as I said it quickly turns into a glossy oil. It leaves behind a high shine and sports an identical texture to the tinted conditioners. I thought this version wasn’t great for walking out of the house in as it does turn transparent for the most part but the finish seems a tad too hubba bubba lip looking for me to walk around in. Either that or the combination of my chapped, red lips and the conditioner made it look ten times worst.

I think I prefer leaving it by my bed as an overnight treatment. It really did heal up my lips quite well and made them soft come the AM after a PM application!

It’s in a jar so finger application is unfortunately necessary, sucks for us anal avoid bacteria at all time types!

  • Anyone wanting a balm for soothing dry lips!
  • Anyone who wants an overnight treatment for soothing dryness or chapped lips!

  • Anyone expecting some sort of lavender scent or flavor (this is crisp, cool peppermint all the way).
  • Anyone who wants a clear balm for treating lips on the go (I felt like it was a bit too overly shiny and milky in finish to wear out of the house).

I’ll buy it again and will definitely leave it by my night stand for overnight treatments for sure. I liked it alot however Rosebud Salve does remain my all time favorite so if you already own a few tins of that you probably don’t need this. I’m not sure where MAC is coming from with the + Lavender. It probably is in the mix but it might be considered a tad misleading if you go into purchase expecting it to smell or even taste like the herb. Quite a nice balm and warrants a repurchase in the regular format when this LE version is gone.

Anyone a MAC Lip Conditioner fan?

Gearing up to try this one?

Do share!

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  • tina

    oh dang, for some reason i thought this was going to be at least a pale lavender shade…:T

  • jenna

    i like the fuschia mac lip conditioner! gives a nice lively look to my lips for hanging out at home with the bf but also feels nice and comforting on lips. i totally thought this would have some sort of lavender element in colour or smell too. and rosebud salve in strawberry is my nightstand staple too!

    • the Muse

      love fuchsia jenna ;D I thought so too? maybe scented like? flavored? tinted? dunno what I was thinking!? ;-D me too! the mint rose is always hanging out on my nightstand ;D

  • Rachel

    This might be my career talking, but when I see lavender on a product advertised as product meant to do something for your skin, in this case condition, I see it as highlighted ingredient that’s doing the work. Lavender has a whole host of contributions including: the skin heal itself, stimulating cell growth, reducing inflammation, preventing scarring and balancing the production of oil, which to me is a pretty good list of abilities in a ‘conditioner’ like product. Perhaps they could have labeled it more clearly but to me the +lavender mean active ingredient.

    Hope that helps.

    • the Muse

      hey rachel that’s def what they meant for it to be ;-D but I thought it would actually smell like lavender for some reason ;D!

  • Kristina

    Well it should smell like lavender for Pete’s sake! I’m disappointed. I was looking at this to replace my Philosophy’s “Kiss Me Tonight” which I just ran out of. (Even though I liked Philosphy’s, I rarely buy the same thing twice).

    • the Muse

      kristina agreed had me scratching my head ;-D Totally can relate to not buying the same thing twice 😀

  • Andrea

    I love the tinted lip conditioners! I have Soothing Beige, which is awesome for no-makeup days- natural and moisturizing, yet glossy. I like the idea of the +Lavender, though I’d probably go with the tinted one for the extra bit of color.

    This is kind of off-topic, but have you tried the Brambleberry Rose salve? The berry pie scent sounds yummy, and it’s the only version I haven’t been able to find in stores.

    • the Muse

      def like the tinted ones too andrea although this is nice for my bedside ;D Yup, it tastes rather nice. Someone once commented it said it tasted and smelled like ass, I kid you not, LOL, but I personally liked it. it has a fruity pie-like taste.

  • Soo

    it is really odd to me that it doesn’t even smell like lavender! but I still want to give this a try because I have dry lips too

  • Jen

    Great review.. I’ve always been curious about these. I’m not one to use these kinds of potted glosses on the go but if it’s best for a PM treatment then maybe this is something I might want to look into.