December 29, 2010

Rohto Suppin Rin Night Eye Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

Rohto, creator of all things in the eye drop arena. Not a fond fan of eye drops myself to be honest, too squeamish to have anything liquid-y hanging out around my eye area. It’s one thing to take a shower, take a swim, or get caught in the rain but it’s entirely another to voluntarily tip your head back and proceed to have drops of liquid poured into your eyes, yeah, not cool!

Rohto’s Japanese branch also has a collections of lotions and potions one of which is the new Rohto Suppin Rin Night Eye Cream. Me being all about good moisture for that pesky dry area under my eyes was all about trying this out.


A moisturizing night eye cream!

This is quite cute as it comes housed in a squeeze bottle with a lip gloss style rounded tip applicator for application. The applicator is ideal for swiping product under your eyes and massaging on. I still prefer the more traditional route of patting eye cream under my eyes but this style applicator will definitely appeal to many who’d rather not touch product.

The actual cream is great for aging ladies but particularly for younger. Younger girls who are experiencing dryness but do not need a heavy duty eye cream should indulge in this as it does the trick at hydrating the eyes without causing milia, puffiness, or a tried look as some strong eye creams tend to do.

Aging ladies will like this as a day cream (and a night if you need something a little gentler than your normal range). I personally like using this prior to concealer however it’s a bit of a waiting game prior to applying makeup as it does remain dewy to the touch for a few. Also as a night cream when I just want a bit of hydration sans heavier ingredients for fine lines and the likes.

I wouldn’t call it anti-aging but it does a fine job of hydrating the area with a Vaseline-like formula that’s thick and quite moisturizing. Sometimes fine lines are simply a matter of dryness and can be easily cured with moisture and that would be where this comes into place. And I admit after using many, many lotions and potions for my eye area, it’s actually a refreshing change to have something that doesn’t give me a baggy, tired look or milia due to heavier ingredients in the mix!

I wouldn’t say it is meant for fighting fine lines or has any anti-aging benefits so if you’re seeking it to work magic in those areas you might wish to skip.

  • Younger eyes just suffering the signs of dryness but not fine lines or puffiness.
  • Older eyes seeking a moisturizing prep style eye cream to allow concealer and other makeup to apply easily.
  • Those wanting a hydrating treatment that doesn’t cause other woe under eyes (I’ve noticed that stronger eye creams tend to cause more drama than good this is a nice hydrating treatment that will ease finer lines caused by dryness).

  • Anyone looking for a treatment cream to ease fine lines, puffiness, or to act as an preventive step.

I personally liked this as a prep prior to concealer as it allows it to apply easily and flawlessly. It also acts great as a hydrating treatment overnight however I definitely do need something stronger in the realms of eye cream at my age so I can use this on and off again but not as a steady part of my daily regime so I find it is best suited to daily day use for me when I need something light enough to keep my eyes hydrated without being over done!

Quite nice and worth a try.

I got mine from AlphaBeautyUK (I am not affiliated with this seller) on E-bay but any number of online shops sell it although it is a Japanese product so it can’t readily be purchased in drugstores and the likes unless you have a stronger Asian community.

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  • Julia

    I know what you mean, I wouldn’t let any eye drop or a remotedly similar item near my eyes for ages. But with all the aircon etc. in Japan, my eyes were getting so dry I had no choice, and after the first little (or major) struggles, I am using eye drops regularly now. (Rotho’s, btw.)
    So I kinda imprived from a “Friends”‘ Rachel-like eye-drop hater to a regular user!

  • Soo

    I have tried lots of eye creams and have yet to find one that actually feels like it works. after trying, I always feel like I wasted money and feel like I should it expect it now with any new ‘hope’ :/

  • Brooke

    Speaking of this, I ordered some things from Sephora on Monday and as I was sifting through promo codes, I found one and thought of you.

    It’s a tokidoki tote with any purchase. Promo code: tokienvy

    As of Monday it was still available – hopefully it still works. Just thought I’d share 🙂

    • the Muse

      jeepers just seeing this brooke apologies for the delay thanks for the code ;D!