December 29, 2010

Taylor Momsen John Galliano Parlez-moi d’Amour Fragrance Video

Dear Taylor,

What up? Listen chica, curious minds…

Is your perfume video a pimp for the new John Galliano fragrance, a long, creative letter to Nate Archibald, a music video, or amateur sexy time pr0n?

Can you confirm?

K, thanks girl!

Yeah well I haven’t a clue WTH is happening in this video.

Take a look!

I honestly don’t love this video for a few reasons. I always think Taylor’s makeup is all wrong, I am, of course, no expert but her eyes are just overly, overly done and I can’t really wrap my head around Little J all grown up into hardcore, take Blair down, rocker chick extraordinaire….I dunno I’m not feeling it at all!? Honestly? I bet the video would rock me a little harder if someone went in and just gave her a softer eye look. I bet I’d even rave the video if she had better eye makeup! John? Makeup Team? Bueller? Anyone? Can we get softer eye makeup? Consider yourself memo’ed on this!

Secondly, it’s a fragrance commercial right? So why does it feel like a whole lot of seventeen year old sexy time? I can definitely get on board with the Beckham’s doing the deed in an elevator but can’t really stomach the flashes of Taylor with her legs rather too widely spread and the lingerie…..she is seventeen but I just feel she looks so much younger. Horror! I’m not a conservative person by any means but…yeah….

Sorry….don’t hold my opinion against me too much.


Yay or Nay on Taylor?

Speak it.

P.S. Taylor hasn’t put me off the fragrance, I so need to try it!

Disclaimer: Gossip Girl, John Gailliano’s new fragrance, or Taylor were NOT harmed in the making of this post.

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  • Nikolas

    Personally, I like her eye makeup. I love dramatic smokey looks. I guess the look helps create the mood? Very avant-garde… And I feel like it’s Taylor’s signature look. Not too many other girls her age have the courage to rock such an edgy look. And at least it’s well blended 🙂

    • the Muse

      i think she looks so much prettier with out nikolas. maybe b/c they introduced us to her character as a really sweet girl and suddenly the 360, it really threw me for a curve girl. It just feels a LITTLE too much black…

  • makeup morsels

    I was rewatching some Season 1 episodes the other day, and I think she looks just fine with cleaner, lighter makeup. It’s not that she can’t pull the raccoon eyes off because IMO she does so quite well, but seeing that much eye makeup on anyone almost makes me uncomfortable. But actually…her makeup in this commercial is a lot neater than some of the recent GG episodes. You know the one where she’s crying in the chapel? I wanted to run in there with some makeup remover wipes. That was not pretty.

    • the Muse

      ha MM yup! I thought she was rather sweet I dunno maybe I can’t wrap my hand around the BIG revamp they did on her OR maybe its b/c she has blond hair and the blond hair and smoky eye is just so unexpected!? I dunno…it’s something that just seems wow overly done. I’ve def done my fair share of crazy ass raccoon makeup too ha

  • Aiia

    Yeah, I like her makeup a lot… but then again, I’m a big fan of excessive piercings and bright-blue hair.

    • the Muse

      I’m cool with bright blue hair and excessive piercings Aiia…maybe if she dyed her hair blue I can get on board with her dark smoky eye!? ;-D

    • LorraineER

      I love her eye makeup but maybe she lays it on so thick because she doesn’t have blue hair or piercings., How else would you know she doesn’t consider herself another blonde pop-tart?*

  • Nikolas

    Yeah I get what you mean… For this video they probably should’ve done a slightly softer more “romantic” smokey eye… It maybe should’ve had some brown in the crease to soften it up a bit… I remember seeing her in The Grinch That Stole Christmas… She looked so different then lol… The look in this video would perhaps be more appropriate at a club or something… Maybe she insisted on wearing her usual super-dark vampy smokey eye though…

    • the Muse

      wait she was in the grinch that stole Christmas nik? Omg I must google lol! I def could deal with a bit of brown on her. Just something to soften it up a little. I think she’d rock it with black hair maybe…the blond hair and crazy vampy eyes really throws me for a curve ball!

    • the Muse

      HA OMG didn’t know she was the leading role in the grinch Nik!!!!!!!! you’re a star lol! that’s rather wicked.

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    It is all too amateurish somehow?

    She gets bad press here, like Peaches Geldof does, to name one.
    As a person, she tries too hard and thats is her problem.
    Too affected and not natural.
    Hope she grows out of the “trying too hard” phase.

  • Nikolas Deveraux

    Hahahahahaha yeah I didn’t know who she was for the longest time… I had just seen pictures of her online and in magazines… So I looked her up and found out that she had been in GG and that she was Cindy-Lou Who when she was much younger lol… I guess she really wanted to shed that image of bright-faced little Who lol… She did a good job I guess hahahaha…

    • the Muse

      dude are you not watching GG!? you must watch it Nik! mandatory ;D! ha that’s def not cindy lou anymore!

  • Nikolas Deveraux

    I love fragrance commercials though lol… They always seem so sensual and fantasy-like… But then I’ve noticed that so many designer fragrances lately smell pretty similar to each other… Lots of them being super-sweet florientals… Has anyone smelt this fragrance yet?

    • the Muse

      nik I don’t mind at all, all about the sweet florals ;-D but I agree alot of it does smell the same lately ;D! Haven’t sniffled this yet!

  • Eve

    17?! I don’t know who the girl is but I feel like a perve just for watching that!!!

  • roberta

    I didn’t like this commercial that much either… I think it just weirded me out when she was putting her powder puff on her stocking. I also find that she always has too much raccoon going on around her eyes. I know it’s supposed to be chic but it’s a bit much. However this commercial is differently a lot better than the last episode of Gossip Girl. I remember reading somewhere that now she picks her own clothes and I’m assuming her own make up which is fine but like on screen and off are pretty much looking the same. I like the song though. It’s pretty.

    • the Muse

      roberta same here, bit too much for me tbh. I’ve done some scary makeup in my time too so I should talk ;-D but it just seems so damn overly done!

  • AS

    She always wears her makeup like that. Imagine the number of chemicals it takes to make your hair that light and your eyelids that dark.

  • Marina

    I like her makeup, but I get what you’re saying! I think it would have been sexier (though thinking she’s my age freaks me out a bit considering what she is doing in the vid) if she had a lighter eye look, kind of a matte smokey look. I could see her rocking UD’s Naked and Buck with maybe a darker brown or light black blended into the crease to intensify…

  • Anna Crystal

    I don’t even like Taylor at all, ppl often compare me to her, then I checked out who she is and was like: “Why does everyone hate me?”

    I’m a BIG Galliano fan, everyone knows that. I got shoes, bags, perfumes, jewellery, but this is so… NOT Galliano in my opinion 🙁 Galliano is classical strings with mysterious dark make-up – just like Venus in the ad for his first perfume!

  • Eli

    Oh, come on, this looks like a cheap porn scenario… With a 17 year old, mind you. It should be banned! I don’t think it’s all about her makeup, it’s the stylistics of the whole thing. I understand the Beckams – they are at least over 25… And no, I’m not conservative – I’m just sick of seeing 12 year-olds looking EXACTLY like Kesha in her worst videos

    • the Muse

      mmm eli same here def not conservative but def reserved about younger girls trying to pull off the 28 year old look ;D!

    • the Muse

      lmao jbro that was a fab list, I didn’t know half of that stuff about taylor, count me educated lol!

  • Robin

    I liked the part where she used her powder brush to brush off the mirror. That was cute. The rest, not so much.

  • Cj

    I don’t like her or the video at all lol, She always has those emo raccoon eyes going on and the whole ad comes off trashy and stupid.  And is it just me or should they of really focused more on what the heck they were selling? It looks like a trailer for a movie about a prostitute or something.

    Side note; I totally love Gossip Girl ;D… But not her character. Lol

    • the Muse

      ha cj same here I wasn’t sure if it was perfume or a music video or WTH!? omg i hate her character, thought she was adorable at the start but hated the sudden change of sweet little j to evil little j. UGH!

      • Cj

        Yeah her character was okay at first but now it’s like everytime she’s on I’m like oh great it’s her again! (Sarcasm) 😛 and apparently she’s a total bratty diva irl, cause the makers of the show have been reducing her character more and more.

  • Vermicelli

    I gotta say, i love taylor and her makeup! i love really black eyes, not so low on the lower lashline, but that’s her signature look and i think she rocks it! and the same for the clothes, the all style, it’s what she’s doing, and if she likes it… go for it! 🙂

    • the Muse

      her vermicelli ;-D glad you’re a fan hun! def, whatever way you rock it true ;-D I personally think she’d look prettier with a softer eye though 😛

      • Vermicelli

        yeah, i get your point, she’s a beautiful young girl and her style makes her look older and less… pretty, true! 😉 but i think she rocks it, and either way, i just believe in doing what you want, and being strong enough to stick with it, and that she does! but hey, i do get your point! and since i’m here, LOVE your blog hun, you also have your thing, and are rocking at it! 😉

  • Ellie

    Eyes are way too much… maybe if she nixed all the dark shadow UNDER the eye?
    And when it comes down to it, she’s just a kid trying way too hard to be an adult by being slutty. Have you seen interviews with her? She’s a vulgar little brat. Ew.

    • the Muse

      ellie yes 🙁 which is one reason I started turning off to her, she really has an attitude prob 😛

      • Claudia

        agreed. i’ve always hated the clothes and raccoon eye makeup. i seriously don’t understand her allure…

      • Ellie

        It’s totally the attitude! I actually wouldn’t mind the wannabe bad-girl look so much if she didn’t have the whole “I hate everybody” personality

  • Maddy
    ^Exhibit A.

    I really don’t like Taylor Momsen. Her eye makeup scares me and she doesn’t seem like a very nice girl, if you’ve read interviews, lol! Taylor just seems rude towards other celebrities, and kind of like a poser.

    Then again, I’ve never really idolized any “teen stars”. They don’t appeal to me, and I act and sing myself so I don’t really pay attention to other teens’ acting careers, as it makes me jealous… I mean, I have to get through high school and college before my family will allow me to audition for things!

    Anyway, dearest Muse, sorry for the ramblings. I love your blog. 😀

  • maggie

    @ least shes not wearing her gawdy dark red lips…that’ll just make it worse :L

  • Amanda

    Nay! The raccoon eyes just look ridiculous. I miss the old little J.

  • Nia

    Nay. The whole video looks like a little girl playing dress up. Sexy is something else. I cannot believe Ellen von Unwerth did this, she normally makes such great stuff. But maybe you are right and the girl is wrong for this kind of commercial. It all looks so unreal, like a trying to do this at home with the wrong people and the wrong setting. So not Galliano.