December 16, 2010

The Body Shop Stardust Review, Photos, Swatches

Update: Since writing this review I’ve learned from a reader the product is NOT eye safe. Do not use near your eyes.

Fancy a little bling for the Holidays? I know I’m sparkle crazed be it Holiday or any other day! I sprinkle glitter on my cornflakes in the morning yo!

No seriously, it’s no great secret that I love shimmer and chances are I’m not alone, you prob love it just as much as me, well, maybe not nearly as much as I do.

The Body Shop Stardust brings bright, glittering shades of pink and gold to your Holiday look in the form of loose cosmetic glitter.

Check it!

Light-diffusing particles provide shimmer and sparkle to highlight skin for a festive holiday look!

These come in tiny glass vials with a tiny spout. You can sprinkle them on your hair, your face, or be a little risque and dose your dΓ©colletage with a sprinkle or two.

Without a doubt, they are glitter. This isn’t shimmer this is hardcore cosmetic glitter. They are fine, bright particles of chunky glitter without a doubt. I don’t normally incorporate glitter into any of my looks, sparkle yes, glitter not so much so I think sticking to using these around the Holidays is probably best or you might be able to get away with a dab or two during a special occasion but beware and don’t over do it (I should know I’m legendary at being heavy handed).

Someone mentioned in a past post these are eye safe and the vial doesn’t say anything about not using them around your eyes so you might wanna dab a little on your lid after shadow application for a little sparkle but I can’t verify if they are or are not eye safe to do so. If you’re sensitive you might want to stick to using on your face or body.

They have two shades available which are gold and a festive pink. I’m partial to the pink myself as its a bright, playful shade and looks rather fetching on top of a smoky eye.

The little spout is a bit of a pain to use so I stuck a scissor in the opening and popped it out so I could fit a brush into the vial.

  • Sparkle, shimmer, and glitter fans!
  • Those wanting a little festive cosmetic glitter for their hair, legs, arms, or bosom (mix it with your body lotion and smooth it on your arms and legs for a bit of sparkle).

  • Anyone who hates sparkle or glitter!
  • Anyone who can’t cope with fall out and messy application.

To find the joy in these you have to remind yourself it’s for the Holidays! You probably won’t use cosmetic glitter any other time in the year but when the Holidays set in I do think we all crave a little bit of sparkle and Stardust will bring it to the table. You might reach for it to tap onto a complete eye look as well throughout the year, for a bit of shimmer. They aren’t conventional, work friendly makeup but remember, it’s the holidays, anything goes!

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Available at Body Shop Shops and online at

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  • Agnes

    Hi Muse!
    Must say, I really love your blog. I’m from Holland and although we have a lot of beauty blogs here too, I’ve never come across one that is quite as good as yours!!!

    TBS made these glitters a bit too chunky, but I’m a glitterfreak too so maybe I’ll buy them anyway.. :)!

    • the Muse

      goedemorgen agnes! Or at least morning for me ;-D thank YOU so much for the lovely comment! It’s great to meet you! ha! same here! Love me some shimmer but def too chunky! I guess for the Holidays I don’t mind so much but for everyday, no way ;D!

  • peri

    i have cosmetic glitter in those colors already, just not that brand. i have every color…i wear glitter any day i want, i dont care if its a special occasion or a holiday, and i do it up awesome lol. i love glitter! i use a glitter eyeliner then cosmetic glitter like this for the whole lid. ive got glitter glue! lol. glitter makes me happy πŸ™‚

  • Brooke

    New Years Eve shindigs always give a reason to wear glitter! I especially like glitter with a smokey eye….it jazzes it up a bit πŸ™‚ I may have to go check these out!

  • Caitlin

    Hi Muse, love the blog. =) I was actually at The Body Shop a few days ago and took a look at these, thinking I might do a glittery eye for New Year’s. The packaging, though, actually does indicate that these are NOT eye-safe: there is a picture of an eye with an ‘X’ over it. It’s very easy to miss but it’s there. Thought you might want to make a mention of that before someone scratches their cornea.

    • the Muse

      thanks cait I updated to the top! Appreciate it! I looked on my packaging again but didn’t see this so thanks for telling me. My packaging is a press sample so it’s possible it was left out!? but thanks!!!!!!!! this is very helpful!