January 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Sephora Collection

It’s exactly what you wanted from MAC…or at least it was exactly what I wanted from MAC. The new Hello Kitty for Sephora Collection launches shortly and the soft shades of pink and dazzling silver metallic design embraces what Hello Kitty is all about. Girlish, whimsical, sweet, and oh so charming!

If you adore Hello Kitty and everything she stands for this is truly the collection for you!

Full details and images ahead!

Hello Kitty Beauty for Lips

Sweet Gloss ($16) – This sheer, moisturizing lipgloss comes in an easy-to-apply lipstick bullet shape for a sheer, natural wash of color. The ultra-hydrating formula contains Strawberry, Apple and Grapeseed extracts rich in antioxidants, as well as Sunflower, Meadow Foam Seed and Jojoba oils and Shea Butter for a creamy, comfortable feel. Available in nine shades.

Apple Balm ($9) – This rich, glossy, long-lasting balm hydrates lips with a unique blend of oils and wax and protects with anti-oxidant rich Strawberry, Apple and Grapeseed extracts. The lip’s natural moisture barrier is protected and maintains consistent hydration levels while high-quality pigments provide a lipstick-like intensity without feeling sticky or heavy. Available in a perfect rosy shade housed in an apple-shaped pot.

Big Smile Gloss ($16) – The innovative click-stick applicator seamlessly applies super shiny gloss for a perfect pout. Strawberry, Apple and Grapeseed extracts combined with Glycerin, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax and rich oils provide superior, long-lasting hydration and protection. Available in nine glossy shades.

Hello Kitty Beauty for Eyes

Pen Pal Eyeliner ($16) – This ultra-precise, one stroke marker tip liquid eyeliner features a new pure- pigment formula that allows for extreme wear with no stain effect. Color dries quickly and lasts all day without smudging, yet removes easily with soap and water or makeup remover. Available in four rich shades.

Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit ($28) – Seven richly pigmented kohl liners allow you to play with the boundaries of color with one chic little set. Create deeply exaggerated color intensity in one stroke with this soft, velvety formulation featuring Strawberry, Apple and Grapeseed extracts. A unique crystalline base creates an amazing balance between creaminess and structure.

Charmmy Shadow Stick ($16) – Apply and Go! This shadow stick pen lights up eyes with long-lasting color and shine. Smooth and non-oily, these sticks have a texture that melts into lids, creating an ultra-thin deposit of color that won’t smear of fade. Available in fourteen shades.

Glittercute Eyeliner ($14) – Line or color the entire eye in just a few strokes with this chubby stick and deposit intense color with just a wink of sparkle. This special formula is long-lasting to ensure your glitter stays cute without flaking or smudging. Available in eight glittery shades.

Hello Kitty Beauty for Face

Apple Cheeks ($22) – This beautiful array of four creamy blush sticks and an illuminator add a sheer kiss of color. Natural, silky color glides on quickly and can be layered for added intensity while adding hydration to your skin.

Say Hello Palette ($35 each) – The ultimate tiered palette with four lip and four eye shades and a mirror to mix and match for a variety of sophisticated and sweet looks. Shaped like the iconic Hello Kitty, these palettes are a must-have for fans everywhere. Available in two shade combinations: Happy Fun (taupes, greens and pinks) and Super Fun (grays, purples and pinks).

Hello Kitty Beauty for Nails

Liquid Nail Art ($10) – Be pretty down to your toes with this collection of high-quality nail lacquers in a Hello Kitty-shaped bottle topped off with a bow. Available in a top coat and seven sweet pastel shades, each offers a high-shine, chip-resistant finish UV protection for long-wear and color purity.

Nail Stickers ($5) – Available in four Hello Kitty patterns, these easy-to-apply accessories let you make a sophisticated yet sweet statement with your manicure or pedicure.

Hello Kitty Accessories

Brush Set with Holder ($49) – This collection of five professional quality, portable makeup brushes come housed in an iconic, silver Hello Kitty holder.

Handheld Mirror ($35) – “Hello Pretty!” This custom-made, oversized Hello Kitty mirror is a sophisticated addition to any vanity.

Compact Mirror ($20) – This compact mirror in the iconic Hello Kitty shape, features 1x magnification on one side and 3x magnification on the other.

Bling Compact Mirror ($49) – Custom made in the iconic Hello Kitty shape, this crystallized compact mirror features 1x magnification.

Bag Collection ($20-25) – Two portable, silver Hello Kitty clutches available in Bowtique Clutch and I Heart Kitty Clutch.

Blotting Papers ($12) – 100 sheets per package, they instantly-and discretely-reduce shine and absorb excess oil.

Shower Cap ($16) – Let Hello Kitty keep your hair dry in style with this pink shower cap stamped with Hello Kitty and her bows. It comes packaged in a sweet envelope for perfect portability.

Hello Kitty Fragrance
An enchanting and uplifting fragrance containing fruit, flowers, spice…and everything nice! The top note contains juicy Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin and Apple which leads to a heart of Magnolia Blossom, Freesia and Orange Flower. The bottom note is a spicy mix of Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Musk, capturing Hello Kitty’s unexpected surprises.

  • 50ml Eau De Perfume ($55) – Spritz to your heart’s content with this iconic Hello Kitty bottle and ultra-feminine pouf sprayer
  • Rollergirl Eau De Perfume ($18) – Portable and playful, this small roller ball bottle goes anywhere and features a charming silver Hello Kitty head top
  • Solid Perfume Necklace ($39) – The ultimate Kitty accessory, the Solid Perfume Necklace goes anywhere and always looks chic.
  • Splash – Eau De Toilette ($35) – A fun way to apply Hello Kitty Fragrance. Just splash this alcohol-free elixir all over for long-lasting scent.
  • Lotion For Me ($18) – Rich and creamy, this silky lotion hydrates all over and leaves a subtle scent.
  • Shower Time ($18) – Get refreshed and sparkling clean with its voluminous lather and crisp scent

This collection is exclusively available in stores and online at www.Sephora.com for January.

Sephora continues to grow and bring us bigger and better things. Last year Tarina Tarantino and Tokidoki, this year Hello Kitty…what will they bring us next?

So exciting!

What do you think of the Hello Kitty Sephora Collection?

Sadly, I do not have a full set of images available but I’m working on getting them so stay tuned plus reviews upcoming shortly too!

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  • Phyrra

    The brush set and holder are what tempt me most. I actually just bought a hello kitty purse. It’s black and purple and HK has a skull on a bow on her head 🙂

  • Beverly

    Finally! So excited. Love the shadowsticks. Is it weird to admit I’m looking forward to enjoying the shower cap?

    • the Muse

      ha bev not at all ;-D it looks cute reminds me of the Stila Kitten Shower Cap, remember that?!

  • Alli

    OMG – i sure do love myself some hello kitty!!! too cute…ahhh decisions decisions.

  • MC

    I kind liked the Hello Kitty meets S&M MAC collection lol. I love the Hello Kitty Brush holder and the look of the shadow sticks. I probably won’t get the brush holder since I already use a Hello Kitty basket for my brushes, but defiantly want to check out the shadow sticks!

    • the Muse

      lol mc ;-D that was very S&M ;-D particularly the video at the time! me too! and the fragrance has me curious!

  • Chanel

    I was able to get a few of the items last months and I LOVE them. How can you not like Hello Kitty?

  • mon

    That brush holder is insanely adorable and princess-y! The makeup on the other hand… I think I’ll wait for reviews. It looks a LOT like the $3-6 things I see sold in my local sanrio/any cute asian charachter store.

    • the Muse

      i dunno mon should prove good quality if you take tokidoki and tt and kat von d into consideration as all are sephora house brands 🙂 and they rock!

  • Kerry

    Ehh…maybe I’m alone here but I’ve never seen the appeal of Hello Kitty. I may take a look the next time I’m in Sephora but it honestly seems overpriced to me.

  • marron

    nail polishess!!! I need to buy some~ I’ll have to try apple cheeks and the palettes in store, before I decide~!

  • Olivia

    i never was REALLY into hello kitty but god, this stuff is actually adorable!

  • Jacob

    I saw this in store today! It is set up on a tower. So cute! RUN in and check it out.

    • the Muse

      you know it jacob, gonna try and hit up sephora after sunday brunch this weekend!

  • JulieN

    Last month Sephora sold the line for a few days so I got the 50ml fragrance. Glass HK head with a pink pouf, they had me at the promo pictures! I like that it has a screw top, so I can refill the container.

    The brush set is calling me next, but I would never use it. It would just end up sitting on my night stand. It’s probably made out of plastic right? I guess I’ll pass on that… let’s hope I don’t regret it later.

    • the Muse

      I got it too julie and loved that it was refillable ;-D it seems heavier than plastic..but not sure ;-D

    • Swt Azn Qt

      Actually, It’s most likely monochrome like the rest of the “platinum” items that I just saw in-store today! So, I would say that it’s similar quality from the products of the Tarina Tarantino collection, making it definitely not as cheap quality as you think it would be! So, you can be rest assured if you were to just order it online without taking a trip in-store to take a look at it! =D

  • Comrade Garlic

    I need to see it in person first. Hopefully that will keep form buying everything. If I come home with anymore HK the Old Guy is going to have a heart attack.

  • GreenTeaHoney

    OMG! I want to get my hand on the HK brush set so much! Isn’t it so cute?! =) Yay for Sephora!!!! =D

    • the Muse

      I posted a link to purchase Cristina, it’s out. did you read the full article? it’s down at the bottom.

  • Swt Azn Qt

    Hi Muse! I just realized that it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on your blog! >_< Though, do you know when is it the last chance to purchase this Hello Kitty collection @ Sephora? I'm waiting to buy these items until near the end of this year when Sephora is more affordable around that time of the year, as I'm EXTREMELY tight on my budget!!! ='(

    • the Muse

      hi swz good to hear from you, happy new year.

      I haven’t a clue?! It’s available from Sephora as a brand new collection so I assume it’ll be available for as long as Tokidoki and TT is available. It’s not LE or anything so unless they clearance it out I imagine it’ll be around!? but no one has given me a cut off date or a date when it won’t be for sale or will be clearanced…I imagine you have to see what happens, how well it sells, etc…and that will determine whether sephora will keep it on or axe it.


  • Swt Azn Qt

    That’s what I was thinking…but a few others called the VIB line and they told them that it’s LE though…which is what I’m thinking about for the other two lines that you’ve just mentioned as well…usually 3 years I think…at least that was what happened with the Vera Wang Flower Princess perfume that I got just in time for anyways…so I can’t really speak the same on behalf of the LE collections though…anyways, thanks for the information though! Although the Sephora that’s closest to me is out-of-town…it’s just too bad that I moved out of the area for 6 years already where the same closest Sephora to me is at…which opened 2 years later back then…else I’d go there at least every weekend to check up on them! Haha! =P

    • the Muse

      that’s weird swt. everything says exclusive to sephora but not LE. Vera Wang Flower Princess is a single product though not an entire range of products. These do not say LE anywhere on Sephora’s site. I’m not really sure, can’t confirm if it will or won’t be around next year 🙁 if I find anything out will let you know.

      • Swt Azn Qt

        Thanks Muse! =D Yeah, I think the difference between “Limited Edition” and “Exclusive” is that “Exculsive” probably means it’s for a limited time period, while “Limited Edition” means once it’s sold out, then it’ll be gone forever! It’s weird how Sephora didn’t termed it as the other way around, as it makes more sense that way! =/

        • the Muse

          hi swtz exlusive doesn’t mean for a limited time hun just means that it’s exclusive to a store and won’t appear elsewhere. as in hello kitty beauty is something created for Sephora and you won’t be able to purchase it at say Ulta or Beauty.com or Macys, etc 😉

          • Swt Azn Qt

            Ohhh okie! That’s what thought about Tokidoki but got myself confused when it came to planning on getting some Hello Kitty items…lols…o.o I only almost all of the nail art stickers so far, except for the lace, cuz I thought it looks weird-looking to me…lols =P Now I guess I’m just waiting around til near the end of the year when things are less expensive perhaps…unless if my parents win the lottery and split some of it to me, then heck I’ll own the WHOLE Hello Kitty & Tarina Tarantino collections! LOLS! ;P

          • the Muse

            ha good luck on the lotto swt ;-D don’t forget me if it happens!

  • Kaja

    I bought the apple balm because the sephora employees tempted me the entire collection would be nearly sold out at the end of the day. The balm smells incredible like apple strawberry candy but it dried but my lips out so fast and it felt like my lips burned after the balm wore off 🙁 I wish it worked for me though because the packaging is so adorable and I love me some HK.