January 19, 2011

Philosophy Orange in Bloom and Cherry in Bloom Shower Gels Spring 2011

Ahhh…Philosophy and those bloody shower gels. I, for one, feel like I need to own every single last one of ’em! It’s turns into a very compulsive, scary disease where I’m running from place to place (QVC, Sephora, Nordie’s…) and trying to get in on all the exclusive shower gels that my bathroom closet can possibly hold.

It’s all rather fun and sometimes sick….

For Spring 2011, my eye does so spy two new gels that might interest you!


Philosophy Cherry in Bloom Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath $16
Spring is all about Cherry Blossoms so of course, a cherry blossom scented shower gel is always in order eh?

Philosophy Orange in Bloom Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath $16
This fresh, citrus-scented gel to brighten your day!

I absolutely love all these new bottles I see from Philosophy lately. How about you?

Available now at www.sephora.com

P.S. Seen ’em in store already too!