January 18, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder Translucent Review, Photos, Swatches

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Collection has us all happy around these parts. I think we are all lusting after that sweet design eh? I’m coming to the conclusion that these might not be LE but available permanently which is good news if you’re busy trying really hard to hunt them down at your local drugstores.

I reviewed the bronzer recently which I wasn’t in lust with and today I have the Happy Booster Powder Transculent.

Let’s check it out!

A facial powder that supposedly boosts your mood when applied!

The powder actually comes in several variations including bronzer, translucent, light bronzer, and even a beige shade. This shade I have here is the translucent which I purchased in the hopes of using as a finishing powder.

It’s infused with what Physcians Formula dubs a “Happy Boost Blend” featuring plant extracts which promote happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins. I was a little giggly after application this morning but blame that on the fact that Dramabeans was calling Kim Joon the “Yo Yo Yo” bro from Boys Over Flowers. I dunno why but I had mental flash backs of Kim Joon uttering yo yo yo and nearly peed myself laughing so it was 1. Really funny. 2. I’m easily amused. or 3. The powder was kicking in!

Here you watch it, see if you laugh, if not we can blame it on the powder yo!



The powder is violet scented so this could be also something to take into consideration as it might give you a happy feeling when you smell it, as a bit of an aromatherapy experience.

This comes in a metallic fuchsia dual compartment cases which features the powder on top and a full size mirror and brush housed below. I find the packaging rather cute and girly and I’m all about such styles of makeup so yay!

The translucent isn’t really as such. The shade comes across frosty even after the very subtle overspray disappears on first swipe. The powder is made up of interlocking hearts in various shades of cream and creamy beige and a single pink heart. The pink heart does add a bit of glow to your face and the other shades offer more of a highlighting effect in my experience with the product. So if you’re picking it up in the hopes that it will apply transparent, you might be disappointed as it does come across with a slightly frosty, pearlish glow.

I was actually in the disappointed category. My face is already full and I think applying frosty or pearl-like highlights to areas of it make it look fuller and unflattering. I just wanted the powder to remain transparent once applied and allow me to set makeup with it and use it throughout the day to mattify if needed or just for touch ups and evening out skin tone however the pearly, frosty finish gives my face more of a glow. This won’t be entirely unpleasant for some as you might like such a glow, but personally I feel it’s unflattering on my skin.

The brush included is awful. Scratchy as hell and sheds terribly.

The violet scent is debatable. I like it and I dislike it. It smells ok but too much of a good thing can make it nauseating however once on the scent pretty much is gone which is a good thing!

  • Anyone who likes whimsical makeup pieces (the hearts are to die for).
  • Anyone who likes a candlelit glow (this gives skin a glowy look)
  • Anyone wanting a finishing powder that highlights.

  • Anyone who wants a transparent finishing powder sans pigment that evens skin out, mattifies, and sets makeup (this acts more as a highlighting than a pressed face powder).
  • Darker skin tones (you might feel this applies chalky or a bit too frosty on darker skin tones).

It goes without saying that the packaging design really sells the product. The hearts are darling and sweet as can be so I’m happy to have the powder in my collection. Overall, I did not like the finished results using the powder. I’d have preferred a transparent finish however the glow this imparts may appeal to some, just not me. I think the powder is well made as the heart design runs deeply so it doesn’t disappear after a few uses, it’ll remain for a while.

If you’re looking for something that gives your face a bit of a glow you might like this however if you’re seeking something to set makeup sans pigment you might wish to look elsewhere.

I like it well enough but sadly it’s not a love.

Anyone own it?

What did you think?

Do share!

Available at drugstores now!

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    such a bummer! both the bronzer and this has been a let down 🙁 atleast its cute and maybe the blush will be better!!

    p.s muse is the violet scent anything like guerlains?

    • the Muse

      linda the cute def takes the cake here ;-D hope so fingers crossed. NOOoooooo 😉 I mentioned in the bronzer review it’s def not guerlain’s violet scent ;D!

  • Fey

    Thank you so much for posting this, Muse. It was in my shopping cart and I read your review, then decided not to buy it. I was hoping for a light shimmery powder, not a frosty pinkish one.
    Still cute packaging, though~!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure fey! Mmm way frosty to me hun 🙁 You should try anyway, maybe you’ll feel it’s shimmery, my friend felt it was shimmer but to me was very frosty 🙁 <3 packaging!

  • jac-kie

    awww that’s a shame i wanted a finishing powder as well =s a ‘frosty’ highlighter doesn’t sound too appealing to me either. i already have the revlon spa illuminator, ysl touche eclat & ‘dusty miller’ from everyday minerals, and probably a few others i’ve abandoned; i think that’s enough shimmering stuff for me =)

  • Taryn

    I just got this today and really like it! I like the highlighting effect and the scent reminds me more of roses, which I love. It’s definitely not the Guerlain violet scent, however. (I’ve never smelled a violet, so I have no idea if Guerlain’s is true to life.)

    I also have the pink one and am going to test that out tomorrow. I’m really beginning to like PF, and it was a brand I ignored in the past!

    • the Muse

      taryn yay! glad to hear it. No way def not guerlain, was writing about that in my bronzer review…! did you find it frosty or shimmery? I was debating with a friend and she said it felt shimmery but I thought it was way frosty.

      • Taryn

        I think on my hand, it’s a bit frosty, but when applied lightly on my face, it just gives a nice shimmer.

        And call me crazy, but that rose scent does sort of make me feel a brief moment of happiness. Or maybe just uplifted?

        I’ve yet to try my pink one, but I’ll let you know!

        • the Muse

          you’re lucky Taryn it looks all kinda frosty on me 🙁 ha maybe?! ;-D!? I haven’t tried mine either but going to dabble a bit today just swatched a little!

  • Eve

    Shame, frosty is bad on me too, my face gets oily so I have to pass on frosty. Subtle shimmer is so much more flattering for an all over but it seems frost is more available. I’m crossing my fingers for the blush though!

    • the Muse

      eve not oily here but def can’t do frosty either 🙁 sigh! I think the blush might win it ;D

  • neutralgirl

    I think it looks kinda cheap and I don’t have any luck w PF so thanx for ur review cuz it makes me feel better that I didn’t buy it. LOL I do like their concealer duos tho.

  • Dawn

    HAHA I was giggling to myself as i watched the video too! I never noticed how much the character loved to say “Yo” and have certain lines in english until I saw this condensed version
    Kim Bum(I’m not sure how to spell his name),the guy who played the potter was my favorite F4 guy:D

  • Christine

    I just got this yesterday, and I really like it, too, though I will say that it imparts a candlelit glow, NOT frost. This seems to be sold as a finishing powder, and to me, that indicates something that maybe helps to mattify or blot/control oil, and this is not the product for those jobs.

    However, it does add a pretty glow, almost like a highlighter, which is what I may be using this more as. Still playing with it, but this one is definitely staying with me 🙂

    As for the scent, I like it … it’s not floral to me, definitely not Guerlain violet, though I can’t figure it out yet. Slightly sweet, but pleasant.

    • the Muse

      hi chrstine def got the candlelit glow but alot of frost for me 🙁 seemed really frosty on my skin sigh. I agree it’s sold as a finishing powder so I was going into the purchase in the hopes that was what it would do however it acts more as a highlighter for sure! I’m loving/hating the scent….not sure i like or dislike yet ;-D

      Sadly, wasn’t for me 🙁 love the packaging and may use it from time to time but feel like I won’t do so alot b/c the I don’t like how highlighter looks on my face 🙁 but glad it worked for you! That’s a promising review ;-D

      • Christine

        I think that the product description seems a bit misleading, because I was thinking it’d be a great little thing to keep in my bag for touchups, but this is definitely more of a highlighter to me.

        Knowing what look the powder imparts now, I’ll have a better time of applying it, instead of all over my face (I want to glow, not appear feverish LOL)!

        • the Muse

          Christine I was kinda hoping it would be like the creamy natural powder they have, the mosaic one. I LOVE that powder and thought this would be the same with the heart design so def was disappointed when it was more of a highlighter ;( I think alot of folks would unintentionally go into the purchase thinking it’s a setting powder. Strange. They should change the details on the packaging ;-D ha! Same here!

  • Mel

    I recently purchased the blush and I love it! It’s the perfect color of pink and I can build the color. I’m not one to use any brushes that come with blush or powder, so I use my own and it’s perfect! Does it “boost my mood?” Maybe because it’s the perfect color of blush!

    • the Muse

      aw that’s great mel ;-D I haven’t dabbled with the blush too much yet but eager to do a full face look with it ;D!

      • Mel

        BTW – Ulta has these little gems with a $3.00 off coupon. If you combine that with their $3.50 off $10 or more coupon…it totally makes these worth the purchase!

  • S

    Agree w/Christine that it’s glowy on me, not frosty. I hate glitter, too much shimmer/frost. Luckily this works very well as a highlighter for me and I rather like it! Looking forward to your review on the blush, Muse!

    • the Muse

      yay s ;-D glad to hear it hun! Just wasn’t for me sadly 🙁 I felt it was too frosty on my face sigh 🙁 blush upcoming ;-D did you get it?

      • S

        Yes, I got both the natural and rose shades (bogo 50% off last week), and I like ’em both very much! I want to hear your take though as your reviews are excellent 🙂

  • Sara

    Hmm…for the right price I’d still pick it up. Not that I *need* any more makeup, but still…it *is* awfully adorable.

    How do you think it would look on pale skin? Too yellow, pink, beige?

  • Hillary

    I bought the Physicians Formula bronzer and blush that were a precursor to these products (they have a raised scale pattrern instead of hearts and are a mosaic of different colors) and I hated both of them – both products were far too sheer and the bronzer was muddy. Based on my experience with those products, I thought that I would probably skip these as cute as I think they are. Thank you Muse for confirming my suspicions and letting me know that this is a release I can skip!

  • cyra

    i waaaaaaaaant thissss! I need a good highlighter for cheap because my clinique one is crumbling more and more by the minute. (well, maybe by the day). And I think I want to try the blush as well! Is this one of the products you can get a rebate on?

    • the Muse

      no hun sadly not but you can get $3 off instantly with a coupon on the box cyra

  • cristina

    I bought it yesterda, and it wasn’t translucent I look kind the funky.I usually like their products but this one questionable.

  • Beauty and All That

    Thanks for the review! I saw this today and thought I was going to get it but I didn’t seem too impressed with the packaging. The actual product looked like somethings I already own so i didn’t get it. It’s cute though

  • Jessica

    I sent Physician’s Formula an email last week about these and they confirmed that theyre permanent. Good news for those who haven’t found them yet!

  • Melissa

    Just Following up as I got this today at cvs for $13.99 had a $3.00 coupon to make it 10.99 and I got a $7 cvs bucks for buying. Cheapness. I really like it too. I’m darker than you buy a shade or two so maybe thats why it didn’t seem so frosty. I used it instead of a finishing powder with a light hand dusted on with a big brush. Then I went back and used it as a highlighter with a blush brush- I really like it. Physicians formulas is one of my favorite ds and this did not disappoint me in the least. So better late than never. I might see what ulta has before the sale is up. thanks for all your reviews!

  • Avalith

    I recently purchased this because a friend of mine had this (and another in rose) and it looked really pretty… It was sale in CVS (like the person said) and I think I use it for the sake of using it, rather than… the result of using it??? That made no sense at all. I do feel like I have to “cake it on” a little to actually show that I’m wearing it otherwise it wont show at all, but it gives you a subtle glow and I guess I like that a lot.

    If it wasnt for the discount I wouldn’t have purchased this.. lol

  • Heather

    It sure does seem like a highlighter rather than all over face powder. But probably not even a good highlighter hey? Well it’s very cute and I’m tempted to buy but I don’t think I’m that tempted.