January 21, 2011

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Primer Review

I’ve always yearned for day that I would wake up and fall deeply in love with Benefit That Gal, it never happened. Sad sigh. Which is why I was pretty skeptical that the new Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Primer probably would fall into the realms of a no go.

The new range features three shades of primer to address various issues. The one I’m reviewing for you today is the Pink Highlighter which is a 3 in 1 Corrector, Primer, and SPF. The promise of smooth, brighter skin on the box tempted me however the color and idea reminded me very much of That Gal and my downfall with the product…

What did I think?

Check it!

A primer to correct imperfections, smooth skin, fill lines, and boost makeup’s staying power!

Physicians Formula somehow takes the formula behind That Gal and makes it better. Fans of That Gal will find a beefer formula and cheaper price tag at $10.95 compared to $28 bucks with these new Correcting Primers.

As I mentioned above I purchased the Pink Highlighter version which promises smoother, brighter skin. I was a bit worried since the pink comes across pearlish and iridescent. I felt for sure this would come across too glowy on my skin but it smooths out beautifully well and does indeed brighten a bit and creates a soft focused glow rather than one that’s unflattering or shimmery. I was surprised to learn it had an SPF 15, not a whole lot of sun protection but none the less I’m grateful for whatever protection I can get.

The texture feels like a second skin not entirely moisturizing or hydrating but more a runny formula that has a rubbery feel as you apply much like the new NYX HD Primer I recently reviewed. This isn’t an uncomfortable feeling in the least and is not silicone based, it feels different and doesn’t quite absorb into your skin but rather lays on top of it creating a layer between your skin and your makeup. This is actually a good thing as it protects your base products and prevents them from sliding away or oxidizing. Used with regular foundation I can easily seen some extended wear time.

The key benefits of the product for me where an extension in the wear of my base products and the fact that it helped brighten my face up a fair bit and eased dullness. I’m not sure how well it will perform with larger pores but I’m leaning towards saying it might fill pores well and might even mattify oily skin a bit as well!

At this price, I’d say it was a decent little primer that can easily dupe what Benefit That Gal may already be doing for you and in some ways work even better!

The twist up pen and attached brush make for easy application and for toting this around although some may find the brush a breeding ground for bacteria, really depends how anal you are I guess. I normally swipe along the sides of my nose, blend out with fingers, and wipe off the brush with a tissue.

  • Anyone looking to ease certain dullness and have a brighter canvas to work with.
  • Anyone who wants to forgo a base product and just head for their blush (I feel like this preps skin rather nicely and allows for a foundation free day).
  • Anyone who needs a primer to allow makeup to adhere and last longer.
  • Benefit That Gal fans!

  • Anyone who doesn’t like click pen applicators (the attached brush could prove a breeding ground for bacteria and really anal makeup users might not love it).

Overall, this was a nice little surprise. I was bracing for something that possibly wouldn’t work so well and was delighted that it did! The primer does smooth out my skin, does ease dullness a bit, and does extend the wear of my foundation plus it does it for a cheap price tag and heck free if I send in the rebate that these sport at the moment. The rebates on the new products allow you to try it free as Physicians Formula will refund your money if you send them a receipt for the product and UPC from the box. Cool eh? I’ll prob completely forget to send it in but nice extra on their part.

Fans of That Gal should race out and try this and those who suffer from a bit of the dull blues thanks to Winter might wanna check it as well, as for the rest, well, who doesn’t like a primer that allows your makeup to remain a bit fresher for a few more hours?


Worth a haul!

If you tried Mineral Wear Correcting Primer do share your thoughts or mini review!

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  • Wendy

    Interesting! Do they do a green one? I have a lot of redness issues at times and I worry that the pink would make me look ruddy. I would love for my skin to look healthier though, maybe it would work? And god, I hate those brush applicators… the e.l.f. Hypershine glosses are AMAZING but the application method is so gross! Just like the Milani HD concealer too!

    • the Muse

      naa wendy sadly I do not as I don’t have redness I did however get the Nude one, gonna test that next. Mmm it’s not pigmented enough to make you look ruddy but it def won’t conceal redness either so perhaps give the green a whirl? mmm same for Stila Lip Glaze 😛

  • Christina

    This is really exciting to hear! I’m waiting with baited breath for the other reviews and hope they’re the same quality since I desperately need a color correcting primer, the ones from MUFE and Smashbox make me itchy (thank you silicones).

    • the Muse

      ugh silicones make me feel like little ants are racing around under my skin Christina :P! I liked this alot!

      • Christina

        Just had a thought. These brush things usually have the pump in the middle of the brush. I’d probably just cut the bristles off of the brush to keep it sanitary, as wasteful as that is. Sigh. When will companies learn?! Convenience does not outweigh a great big pimple because of a uncleansable brush!

  • Mia

    Muse usually when products come with the brush like this I just pull the bristles out. It dispenses the product a lot nicely and the product works better for me. At least my Boots Radiant Glow concealer and the Revlon Age Defying Spa illuminator works better without them!

  • kris

    i really loved the bristles on this product. I wish all the other compacts had brushes this soft.

  • Coral

    I’ve been looking for a good, inexpensive primer. I might actually have to go and buy this one.
    I do have to say though that Physician’s Formula could go a long way with redoing their packaging. It always looks so cheap. As much as I love their stuff, the pretty outside always helps me actually go and buy things.

  • Cassidey

    I can’t wait for your review of the Nude one so I can see the shade! I really want to try this, but don’t want the shade to make me look ashy (I’m nc40-42). I love PF stuff, and wish they would make items for darker skin–I’m not even that dark!

  • Becky

    Oh, awesome! I have just the deluxe sample size of That Gal that was in a sephora kit and sometimes I’ll mix some of it with my regular primer and I can tell a bit of difference but nothing like I was hoping. Using just by itself didn’t do that much either. Anyway, can’t wait to try it!

  • jillybean

    i just went out and bought the nude one based on this review! i love the way it feels…we’ll see how it holds up throughout the day. I wonder though, will the spf in this make it photograph funny – make your face look paler then it actually is?

  • Bri

    EEE Im really excited to try the green one! Most primers are too slick, so I use MUFE’s green primer but aside from being expensive its also a tad too green 🙁

  • Kate

    I just got the pink highlighter as well. After less than 24 hours of owning, I already love it! Used it last night before meeting BF for his birthday dinner – used under foundation. I looked dewy and polished. BF commented several times that I looked really pretty and he’s usually not so vocal with compliments 🙂

    Today, I smoothed it on my face after moisturizer…. I got to bed late last night and had to get up horribly early and looked a bit xomieish upon first waking – but now, look like I’m glowing and I didn’t even bother with foundation today! I really like this product alot… I just hope that bacteria doesn’t become an issue… so far, my somewhat sensitive face has not been fazed by it.

  • Mina

    I never got ‘That gal’ to work for me, but will definitely try this one. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, so I wonder if it will hide or highlight large pores 😮
    As for hygiene: I keep my YSL Touch Eclat without it’s cap, and use a spray brush cleanser once a week. That should work with this brush too. Or simply cut the brush off, I tried that with a YSL foundation as I couldn’t figure out to apply it with the brush.

  • Rachael

    I just picked this product up this morning and am doing my trail makeup for my wedding, I love the way it made my skin look but the big test is how long it will make my make up last – especially my eye make up. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good eye makeup primer?

  • Kate

    Hi there, I know this is an older post, but I have a tip for those who think the brush is a little “ick”. Sephora has a cheap antibacterial spray you can use between washing it.