January 25, 2011

Stila Prime Pot Review, Swatches, Photos

Stila has two brand new primers available for Spring 2011 called Prime Pot. Taking a quick glance at ’em you’ll instantly think, “oh Stila Smudge Pots!” That’s at least the first thing that entered my head when I seen ’em!

These come in two shades so you have a choice for lighter or darker depending on your skin type since they aren’t only working as a primer but also as a lid concealer of sorts a la Benefit Lemon Aid. I’m personally a die harder when it comes to Lemon Aid however I like to dabble around with various products to see what works better.

Let’s have a peek at Stila Prime Pots and see what the good word is!

A creamy eyeshadow primer for setting shadow and keeping it wearing long and strong.

First off, I know you’re curious if they feel anything like Smudge Pots and I personally feel they have a more creamy, whipped up texture compared to Smudge Pots which are thinner in consistency and a bit silicone-like. They blend fairly easily however they do have a super fly fast dry down so you have to work quick to get them in place where as Smudge Pots have more lean to them and alot less quickier of a dry down which allows you to move them around a fair bit before they set.

They come in two shades which are Taffy and Caramel. Stila dubs Taffy as a pale pink, I feel it’s more a beige pink and Caramel is a rather muddy orange beige. Taffy obviously works the best on my skin tone however not near as nice as Benefit Lemon Aid which brightens and awakens eyes. It leaves behind a nice finish for shadows and prevents them from creasing and fading however not nearly as well as Urban Decay Primer Potion which sets shadow for REALLY long wear. I’d say you can get about 8 hours in and than you’ll see a little itty bit of creasing however with UDPP I’d never experience that. I was hopeful Taffy would also work as a nude, natural look just to brighten my eye up when I’m not wearing eyeshadow however it doesn’t quite pull off the trick and I feel like I get way better results with Lemon Aid.

It does seem to mattify a fair bit and creates a shield of sorts on your lid. You can feel it in place once it sets (which is very fast) unlike Urban Decay which is virtually weightless. This isn’t to say it’s uncomfortable but you can feel it on your lid. I do think the fact that it mattifies will appeal to those with oily lids since Urban Decay doesn’t perform this feat.

This a huge pot at 0.14 oz at $20 so you’re getting considerably more product compared to Lemon Aid so if you love it, you are getting a good deal to work with here.

I thought the Caramel shade was terribly unflattering not only because it looked awful but just because I think it’ll look crummy on even darker skin types. The color is a rather sad shade of orange-y beige. But don’t count me an expert here…!

  • Anyone who likes to use MAC Paint Pots, Stila Smudge Pots, or Cream Eyeshadows as a base (this brings the world of cream eyeshadows to a new primer level).
  • Anyone who needs a base that will help prevent fall out, mattify oily lids, and hold shadow in place for at least eight hours of wear.

  • Those seeking to use their primer as a shadow (if you’re looking to use this as a replacement for Lemon Aid or as a way to brighten your lids up it sadly doesn’t work out so well).
  • Those not interested in dipping into products with their fingers (I find best application is swiping and blending out with fingers however bacteria would be an issue so you might wish to use a brush).

I liked Taffy alot. It won’t change my mind about UDPP or Lemon Aid but it’s a nice one for creating a good solid layer to work on particularly when using loose shadows and pigments as it prevents fall out quite well. Those will oily lids should probably give it a whirl as I think you’ll be impressed with the way it mattifies. It’s a decent product and works well although I do think Caramel is a touch off but don’t quote me there. All in all Prime Pot does what it says it will however I can’t help but wish it would also brighten up my lid for minimal makeup wearing as well as priming!

Oh well, can’t have it all can we?

Available now from www.Sephora.com and www.stilacosmetics.com

Have you tried Stila Prime Pots?


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  • Tigress

    I would be interested in purchasing Taffy (I’m very fair) if it wasn’t so pricey.

  • cait

    ooh yeah caramel looks nasty. taffy looks ok, but it seems like there are much better products out there for the same purpose. thanks for the review!

  • Steelnpurple

    You enabler! *angry*

    I’m SO buying Taffy as soon as it pops up in one of the online stores I buy from/that ships to Sweden!

    It looks kind of like Painterly Paint Pot but I don’t know how similar they are?

    Yeah, the other one looks a bit bleh, at least for my skin tone.

  • jenna

    i’m with you – all about the brightening of the lid when it comes to these types of products. i wonder what the point was of making these products coloured, two different colours in fact, if they don’t do any good worn alone?
    i gravitate to products like lemon-aid, paint pots, TFSS, and UDPP but the paint pots serve me for brightening when worn alone and UDPP has it all covered in the primer department so i don’t think there’s a spot for these in my life!
    thanks for the review! 🙂

    • the Muse

      My pleasure jenna. Agreed I def pick products like this up for the ability to wear them alone to brighten my lid!

  • susie

    First time to your blog but was turned off when I read –
    “when I seen ’em”
    – please, use proper grammer.

    • the Muse

      I’m sorry to hear that susie. My blog is a fun loving place and I like to talk to my readers, “seen ’em” is pretty much my carefree way of speaking to everyone. You’ll see alot of improper grammar usage around here and I think that’s what makes my site so fun. Sorry to hear you’re so turned off by this.

      • Andrea

        Kudos for not pointing out that she misspelled “grammar” in her critique.

        • the Muse

          lol andrea. honestly it’s cool if she wants a more elegant blog but I’m all about down to earth here and putting my personality into my posts, that’s def what you’ll see here nothing more and nothing less ;-D!

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Ah, I’ve been waiting for this review – thanks !
    They sound perfect for me as the brilliant UDPP burns the lids off me sadly.
    I use Paint Pot in Painterly which is great too with no allergy problems.
    Love that they are matt too. Hope they don’t tighten the skin too much as it dries.
    I wouldn’t need something to make my skin even more like a dry river bed !!

    I will have to check them out on Ebay as no Stila lurking here unfortunately.
    Thanks for this review !!

    • the Muse

      my pleasurez mary ;-D really burns? omg! that’s sad. Not too bad in the tightening department imho. ha tell me ’bout it I’m dry as hell girl! my pleasure Mary 😀 xoxo!

  • Fey

    I think I could pull off Caramel. (I’m pretty yellow lol. Strong beige undertones? Maybe I’m afflicted with jaundice?) I’d love to try anyway, the same way I play with green lipstick and pink mascara. Thanks for the challenge, Muse!

    • someone

      i just purchased the prime pot in caramel, and it works lovely on my skin tone…my eyelids are quite dark compared to the rest of my face, so it really brightens them up, which i like. i guess it really does depend on skin tone… 🙂

  • Erin

    Would you be able to post a photo of your eyelid wearing Taffy? Pretty please? 🙂

    • the Muse

      I can erin but the digital frame on my camera prob won’t pick up very much and you won’t be able to see very much difference without/or without. I’m not too savvy a photographer I fear!

  • Bri

    Aw, I was really looking forward to these. I work 10 hour shifts and have greasy lids so by end of day even with UDPP my eyeshadow is creased and nasty looking. Ive been spraying MUFE fixative spray before and after I do my eyeshadow and it stays but I was really hoping this would last as long as their smudge pots so I wouldnt have to go through all that 🙁

  • Jess

    I was just shopping Sephora.com and they are offering this for 100 Beauty Insider Points with any order. Thanks for your review. I decided to keep my points rather than get this for “free” because I already have Lemon Aid 🙂 THANK YOU for the review!!!

  • Lisa

    Hi, I know this review is over a year old but I was thinking about buying the stila prime pot. UDPP doesn’t work for me, I still get creasing in less than 4 hours. I’ve tried tfsi, elf mineral primer, and nyx primer. I have dry skin but oddly oily eyelids! lol Do you think this would work for me?