January 21, 2011

Yay or Nay: Snooki Cosmetics

Wanna go all Jersey Shore with your makeup look? Desire that gorgeous Snooki glow (a-hem…”desire” used loosely)?

Well now you can have it!

The New York Post reports that Snooki, star of the MTV hit snow Jersey Shore, has signed a deal with SRG Ventures for her own line of beauty products, clothing, and more!

The deal will include beauty products, handbags, personal care products, sportswear, swimwear, home goods (Snooki plates, cups, and saucers anyone?), sunglasses, and more!

Snooki is creating an empire here! Soon you’ll walk into your local supermarket and see Snooki smiling at you from a bottle of salad dressing!

“Snooki has a passion for a lot of different products. We’re being very strategic and selective about who we partner with,” says SRG’s Stephen Goodman.

I guess they aren’t that selective eh?

Snooki recently partnered with a company called Happy Feet to market a line of large fuzzy slippers that she supposedly wears on the show, having never seen the show I can’t confirm what girlfriend is wearing on her feet but yeah, Snooki Slippers too biatch!

If you came across Snooki products, cosmetic, or otherwise, would you buy ’em?



Big nay here. I never watched the show and never even paid much attention to the cast members however something about Snooki and all the rest of ’em just get under my skin in a major way!

Your thoughts?


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  • Wendy


    is this an early April Fool’s Joke? I can see her clothing line now… or the lack thereof.

  • Kerry

    good for her! I don’t think i’ll be being any of it because I don’t typically go for that look lol

  • Jenn

    Ewww most definitely a nay! I don’t understand people’s obsession with this chick and that show…

  • Donna

    I’m with the rest with a “no”, BUT… I also thought it was idiotic for there to be Britney Spears fragrances, I still don’t own any, but I hear that they are surprisingly good scents. So if her marketing team is better than she is, her makeup line might actually be wearable. Then I’ll just ignore the fact that her name is on it. LOL

    • the Muse

      I feel the same..gulp…about the Paris Hilton scents…some are actually good Donna ;D!

      • mon

        *shiver* I’ve been kinda scared of trying to smell the Paris Hilton scents or any celebrity scent since I sniffed and actually liked Britney Spears’ Curious. I have a sample vial that I’m afraid to wear in case someone asks what I’m wearing. There’s a higher chance of me trying the Paris perfumes than of me ever listening to her music again though.

    • Telle

      Both actually smell really nice (boo!)- Spears fragrance is actually under Arden cosmetics as is Mariah Carey’s fragrances; I don’t know about Hilton but in the case of spears that is probably why they smell so nice! 🙂

  • Jeannine

    Nay, nay, nay..

    However – having said that, I have to give it to her. She knows this is her 15 minutes of fame and is capitalizing on it in a big way. Most likely in a few years she’ll be irrelevant and (hopefully) way out of the public eye so she’s doing what she can now before that happens. Smart business move, if you ask me.

  • Courtney

    Orange foundation, fake eyelashes, and lots and lots of black liquid liner? I think I’ll pass.

      • harleygirl

        BTW, I went out for lunch today and next door to the restaurant was a little bakery which sold croissants.

        The croissants were a little overdone as they sported the same faux glow as Snooki, however, I think their burnished appearance was due to a careless baker. I tried to imagine Snooki-croissant with the sadly drawn- in racoon eyes. Then I felt a little heartburn coming on.

        I bought it and ate it anyway. Crispy.

        Do you s’pose I’d have to orange-up in order to wear her make-up successfully? Our neighbor’s cat thinks so…

  • MC

    Forget nay, HELL NO. I’ve could never stomach a full episode of Jersey Shore (despite one of the guys being a former bagger at a grocery store I use to go to in Rhode Island) and I can’t stand any of Jersey Shore madness Snooki looks like a massive train wreck in any picture I have seen of her..

    • the Muse

      ha a bagger? omg mc which one?! well actually scratch that as the only one I know is…um the dude with the six packs…and obviously I don’t know him at the moment as I was going to call him J wow but that’s the other girl right?! *scratches head and looks confused*

      • MC

        The guy with a Brandon Walsh haircut ala 1992, DJ Pauly D lol. He went to high school with some friends of mine in Rhode Island and worked at a local grocery store with another friend. Rhode Island is a small place that’s like playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. 🙂

  • Brooke

    That’s a big N-O! Especially if she comes out with a fragrance – she looks like she would smell of a mixture of cheap men’s cologne and a bar. Classy.

  • Samantha S

    i won’t knock it until i see/try it! i gotta admit i’m hesitant about her workings as a business woman but who knows.. here’s to hoping it’s good!

    • the Muse

      imagine she comes out with super cute stuff Samantha and we all eat our snarks? ;D ha!

  • Jess

    the only products that should be branded by Snookie are ciggarettes,
    cheap liquor and birth control. But that’s what that show is for me. Birt control

  • Maggie

    AHH MY BRAIN IS MELTING O_o I can’t think of anyone’s clothing/makeup line I’d want to see LESS. Snooki makes Kim Kardashian look classy…

  • Jen

    I didn’t know what a ‘Snooki’ was until I saw the episode of South Park taking a joke out of the show she’s from. Sigh. Horrible.

  • Phyrra

    I’m not into reality tv, so I’ve never seen the show. I’ve heard people talking about this girl on twitter, and it wasn’t flattering.

  • Eve

    Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww, grodey!
    I don’t understand the infatuation with that girl! Are people really that drawn to trash? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Even if I think something she produces is awesome I still won’t buy. I’m stubborn like that. ;p Ugh that means we’ll see her orange rat face plastered everywhere!

  • mon

    Whoa, the line will most likely include bronzer huh? The photo reminds me of this phrase I heard while on a boat tour in southern Thailand. The tour guide kept saying that anyone could go up and sit outside on the “sun bake”. I won’t knock her products till there are reviews of them though. To me, all products are innocent till proven sucky.

  • allison1998 @ The Center of Attention

    Can I just say~ HELL TO THE NO!!!!?!?!??? Am I allowed to say that Muse? I have never watched the show granted, but I know way more than I want to know about this cast of characters. I will probably end up eating these words after seeing swatches and pics…only time will tell.

    • the Muse

      sure allison ;-D say whatever you like! Ha I have a funny feeling I’ll turn around and eat my snark as well watch the makeup line be outrageous cute or some such irony!

  • Jess

    Well if the line is amazing, I will attribute that to the company and not to the
    celebrity name they put on it. i’ve always got it covered so I don’t have to
    eat my words later (-;

  • breyerchic04

    Snooki and I have very different style and coloring, so no.

    Now I’m trying to think of a celebrity whose style I respect, that I’d be able to wear their makeup choices.

  • Olga

    omg just horrible. she is way to yellow, way to much makeup, wrong haircolor and her dess looks from a red district….no actually she looks in all like from a red district

  • electronicfly

    I would buy a Snookie costume for Halloween… but I think that’s about it. 😛

  • Maureen

    Not a chance I would purchase her cosmetics. It is not a look I aspire to.

    What exactly do they mean by personal items? Can I expect Snooki tampons to show up on the shelves?

  • BeautifullyUnique86

    Um I’ll take HELL NO for $500 Alex. There’s no way that I want to look like a real life Oompa Loompa. I’ll pass.

  • Tigress

    A very emphatic Nay. The point of cosmetics is to look lovely, not ludicrous.