February 23, 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash Pomegranate & Orange Zest Review

I have a rather sickening stash of various shower gels, I won’t admit to how many, even to myself. I’m not super keen on drugstore shower gels because most of them have those tiny beads in the formula, know the ones?

Those things are lethal. Seriously! I’m scared some of ’em will slip into my butt crack a la a day at the beach rolling around in the sand. Not comfortable dude, not comfortable at all. Yes, I went there. Be honest, those little beads are totally unnecessary and can end up in all your nooks and crannies if you aren’t careful!

The new Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash is a rather brilliant shower gel but damn those stupid beads….

Clean & Clear has a brand new Morning Burst Body Wash available in three scents. I recently showed you the display at my local drugstore of these. They are actually quite a nice little shower gel and a budget price too for such a large size (over 16 oz for $5.99).

I got the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash Pomegranate & Orange Zest scent which is a sweet, tart orange-y blend with hints of pom wonderful. It’s a really invigorating scent for morning use and has a strong scent. I like using it during my AM shower to wake myself up! It lathers up well and doesn’t strip or dry my skin out.


Those stupid shower beads. The formula is a thick gel with tiny beads in the mix. Grrr! So bloody unnecessary!

Nice one for those on a budget that want a powerful shower gel with a bit of zip to wake them up! The fruity, tart orange and pom is a gorgeous scent.

Love the shower gel, could so do without the beads!

Anyone try?

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  • Cj

    “Those things are lethal. Seriously! I’m scared some of ‘em will slip into my butt crack”

    That seriously made me bust out laughing irl lol, Pomegranate and Orange zest… That sounds like it would smell soo good lol ;D I don’t think I’ve ever used a shower gel that had those beads in them, what are they supposed to be? Exfoliating bits?

    • the Muse

      LOL CJ! ha it’s true though right!? I HAVE NO IDEA! Whoever thought it was a great idea to put them in a shower gel is MENTAL! ;-D they are supposed to be exfoliating and sometimes they “burst” for more moisture and all this other crazy craptastic stuff…I say FAIL!

      • Cj

        That even sounds gimmicky lol Mabye this would work good as like bubble bath? Or would the beads still survive lol

        • the Muse

          are you kidding? a tube full of those beads? my butt would never survive! they actually don’t really melt they just slip and slide around :P! danger, danger, danger!

          • Cj

            Oh rofl, I was thinking they’d melt if they stayed in the water a bit, How dumb. Who thought of the idea to put those in shower gels lol

          • the Muse

            they NEVER melt for me ;-D they kinda slip and slide around my body but never melt or burst!

  • Kylie

    Oh dear, I sometimes wondered if I was the only one who felt that way after showering with those beads… Yes, it “exfoliates” (though I wonder how good a job it does at exfoliating), but once… I found a bead in my armpit and I had showered the night before! DNW EVER!

    • the Muse

      ha kylie just think where else they might have slipped! EEP! scary! beads in our lady bits and our butt lol!

  • Lindsay

    I’m curious, because this is from clean and clear does it contain skin clearing properties like salicylic acid? If so, than this product might be of some serious interest to combat my once monthly evil bacne >.>

  • Phyrra

    I have the same problem! I’m not buying any more shower gels until I finish off at least 10 of the bottles that I have. Pomegranate & orange sound divine.

    • the Muse

      court me too! put myself on a ban after I got this ;-D I really don’t need more!

  • Christina

    i was wondering where you found this, i went to my local walgreens and couldn’t find them

      • Christina

        i ended up going to a different walgreens today and i found it, and i got the one you got 🙂 im excited to try it

  • Pattoty

    i like this stuff i have it (the blue kind smells soo good) LOL but the only thing i dont like about it is the PRICE?!?! its like 4-6$ a bottle 🙁

  • Ani

    Just wanted to add that those little plastic beads are actually terrible for the environment. They flow right into the oceans and take forever to degrade.