February 23, 2011

Does Jennifer Aniston’s New Bob Age Her?

Jennifer Aniston bid her long layers sayounara and debuted a new shorter do. I think the shorter layers are nice but I’m really not loving the color. It’s a lighter, frosty blond that kinda adds a few years to her face.

What do you think of her new hair?



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  • lara / the glossarie.

    i thought the same thing! definitely makes her look younger. i remember seeing her on conan a few weeks ago and thinking she looked amazing for her age (and for any age!) but this change definitely matures her quite a bit.

    • the Muse

      lara she added a few years on with the shade!? the cut is good but the color…mmm not retro Farrah Fawcett no likey!

  • dina

    yes agreed, don’t like the color at all! cut is cute, she had a similar cut before no? (near the end of friends?)

    • the Muse

      hey mama d ;-D how’s the baby? yeah, I think so!? but the color is kinda so retro!

  • Carrie

    JA is stunning and gorgeous, but I do think the color ages her a bit. I’d go darker, but I do love the cut!

      • Cj

        I wonder if the color was her idea or like did she have a stylist or someone talk her into it. I would so stop listening to that person lol

        • the Muse

          cj prob a stylist. I doubt she thought of it herself. I wonder if she LIKES it…? ever have those moments where you get a hair cut, look in the mirror, and proceed to gasp in horror…I wonder if Jen kinda had that experience!

  • Sam

    Adore this website!
    Its always nice to see different beauty products available around the world.

    Keep it up 🙂


  • Jen

    I think she looks older. It also has the air of “I’ve given up” going on, imo.

  • Mel

    I don’t think the heavy eye makeup does her any favors. Maybe if her makeup was a bit lighter it wouldn’t make the cut/color so dramatic or off. I like the shorter doo – maybe some layers would help it out…?

    • the Muse

      feels like a rocker tousled look mel but ends up coming across very mature..? a bit of makeup would help, louder lippie maybe?!

      • Cj

        I actually hope she likes it lol otherwise I feel really bad for her… Time to find a new stylist! Lol

      • Mel

        Her eyeliner seems to harsh on her eyes. Maybe too edgy and maybe I’m just used to seeing the softer side of her. The hair is different and I think in general, the public isn’t used to seeing much difference with her. Regardless, she’s still beautiful!

  • katrosado5

    She is such a beautiful woman that I don’t think her hair here is aging her it is just showing exactly what her age is which is early 40’s. She looks fantastic and is so fit I am completely envious! LOL no I’m not, but I do know exactly how hard she has to work for that body and especially in her early 40’s. I hope she continutes to rock her 40’s hard and does it with grace, dignity and with her amazing 40+ yr old face. We have two choices, we get older or we die. I think Imma get older 😉

  • Tracy

    Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful actress out there. Gorgeous body too ! And her hair is awesome, it’s like she can pull out anything ! Even a simple ponytail looks amazin and elegant on her. So haircut or no haircut, still gorgeous !

  • Paula

    I prefer her with the longer locks. I do think that she looks older now. It’s nice that she finally did something different to her hair but was it the right choice?



  • Nunuiviet

    I don’t think it’s her new hairdo, but her skin, which seems too be less elastic and slightly sagging. She’s just aging like every human being that is all!

  • Quinctia

    I don’t think it’s necessarily the cut…her hair just looks all dry and friend and there’s something going on with the volume where it looks stupidly poofy on top while it’s pretty limp on the bottom, which seems like a styling issue.

    Definitely looks like it’s been way overstyled. She should probably go back to a natural hair color for awhile, get a haircut with layers to help with volume (if that’s the issue), and let her hair rest for awhile.

    • the Muse

      hmmm quinctia maybe you’re right maybe it’s the way they have it cut and not so much the color!!!!!!

  • Casey

    I don’t think it’s her hair.
    Look at her expression in that photo. Even if she had her longer hair, that expression plus the lighting makes her look older.

    Although I do miss the classic Jennifer hair.

    • the Muse

      casey I dunno what it is maybe you’re right, the lightening makes her skin orange-y! She normally looks so flawless but the blond…it just makes her look strange! maybe she needs a bit more makeup?

  • Nia

    It looks good, but to be honest I like that she finally changed her look. She was always the same style and I think that might also be the reason why you think she looks older. She had the same haircut since forever.

    Agree with you on the colour, looks a bit off, but that might also be the lighting.

  • Promise

    I love her, and I love the cut, but I def think she looks better with dark hair, like when she was “pregnant” on Friends. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and the best back then.

  • Tigress

    She does look older, but still not much different from how she always looks – unhappy. I don’t like her in the least anyways

  • stacie

    Do not like. Colour, cut and styling are all off on the hair and the eyeliner is wrong on Jen A too. I normally love everything she does too! I even liked her messy hippy hair XD

  • Phyrra

    I think the cut is pretty but i’d tweak it to add a bit of darker caramel in or something. I think you’re right about the color.

  • Aging_Beauty

    Oye, it’s about time she changed something! She’s been pretty boring for a while IMO. I like her hair; I don’t like the heavy lining and waterlining – makes her look like poor Tara Reid, no?

  • Jane

    The hair looks fine – it shouldn’t age her. I think she overdid the fillers – not trying to sound negative here, just objectively speaking. The chin, jaw and cheeks look taut and somewhat squarish – I think this is the trend now. I wish she didn’t, it made her look masculine. I hope she stops with the fillers and tweaking…

  • Jeni

    I like it, but I liked her old cut better. Her old haircut is how I wish mine looked. This cut does make her look older, not that she even looks her age.

  • Lottie

    I just read an article on MSN or Yahoo homepage that said she did NOT do anything to the color… her stylist specifically addressed that topic in the article. The color just looks different because of her drastic cut.

  • Kira

    The heavy eye makeup, face draped with hair, lighting, and stark clothing make her one thing … a Heather Locklear clone.

    Black is not a great color for Jennifer.

  • SJG

    Big honking YES, it ages her, and while you’re at it Jen, get out of the tanning bed. She already has so many freckles on her chest she could be the spokeswoman for Old Speckled Hen beer.

    And Kira…you are right…being Jen’s age and having worn black CONSTANTLY since around age 18, it’s such an easy go to and so hard to give it up…but the truth is after 40 it just isn’t as flattering around the face as it used to be. We thought our grandmas were full of poo when they said that but as often happens, they were not.

  • Sarah

    Yes I agree with everyone- too frosty blonde. Too tan also! She will look younger with paler, luminous skin and darker hair, like she naturally has. In my opinion, you can’t argue with nature!

  • reeny

    shes had a lot of great hair looks, this one, i dont like much…
    but regardless she still looks great! always has a nice “glow”!