February 23, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball Review, Photos, Swatches

I love the scene of the commercial for Etude House Miss Tangerine when Dara starts munching on the little powder puff from the Cheek Ball.

He! I crack up when I see that part. So cutes!

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball is one part blush and one part highlighter housed in a tiny little ball with a puff for application. It was released as part of the new Etude House Miss Tangerine Spring Collection in Korea.

Let’s check it out!

A small container of multi-colored pigment balls in various shades of tangerine to use as a blush or highlighter on cheeks and face.

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball is rather tiny and will set you back around nine bucks Korean retail (bit more from various online shops sadly).

The packaging is a ball shaped dome which houses tiny multi-colored beads (much like Guerlain Meteorites only smaller!) in graduating shades of tangerine. You get a small ribbon’ed puff for application as well.

The beads or balls graduate in color from true tangerine to lighter peachy orange to a creamy golden shade. I’d say there are about three to four different shades total in the package. The puff isn’t entirely conventional for application but you can firmly press it down into the balls and proceed to come back with some color that you can buff, “puff”, or smooth on your face. The effect is a golden tangerine shade on cheeks. The product isn’t pigmented enough to be loud or vibrant so you’re merely looking at a very subtle highlight of peach which is why it might be best to apply some of the Cream Choux Blusher (review coming shortly) first and follow up with this for more pop!

I dunno if I’d call it shimmery but it does have a kiss of sparkle to it that can easily be blended out so it won’t be too noticeable.

Unlike the other products in the collection it doesn’t smell like tangerine. Count me disappointed! The Peach Collection had a pressed powder and a primer that both smelled like peaches! Aww shucks! Oh well!

Packaging is a bit of a pain to open as a small plastic insert keeps the beads from juggling around and you have to wriggle it off with a bit of difficulty since it catches on the rim of the jar.

  • Those wanting a different shade of blush for Spring/Summer (you might own peach, you might have coral, but do you have tangerine in your stash?).
  • Those wanting a subtle blush that warms your face up without appearing over done.

  • Those unwilling to order online and deal with airmail costs and possible higher prices than retail.
  • Fairer skin with redness might find the tangerine shade is a bit too much!

I actually liked this alot. It’s subtle yes and doesn’t have a ton of pay off but it does add a little something special to my cheeks if I use a cheek stain prior or a cream blush! It really makes cream blush or stain pop with a nice glow of tangerine! Rather a fun one to pair up with my peachy or coral shades of cream blushes or stains.


Worth a pick up in my humblest!

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  • Nikki

    I’ve seen Dara’s commercial for gazillion times! I love her dearly and the blush shade looks really pretty!

  • Tiffany

    Yay, thanks for the review.
    I’m going to Seoul at the end of March, and these reviews are super helpful. I’m just worried that if I go to Skinfood and Etude House that I’ll go crazy and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. ^^;

    • the Muse

      tiffany with 20 bucks you can have an entire new color wardrobe lol so with hundreds you’ll have enough makeup and skincare for a small village hehe. prices are SO cheap in Korea!

  • Eve

    So cute I can’t stand it! XD Where do you order Etude House products from? I think you said you got this from a friend in Korea but where’s a good online place to look?

    • the Muse

      Hi Eve

      Yup a friend of mine lives in Korea and she got them for me. I don’t recommend online sellers. They rip people off with their high prices :-/ Sorry! If I ever find one that I think has a good deal will def post however most I come across are absurd and I def don’t want to endorse a seller who’s basically tacking on $10 or more on makeup that’s very inexpensive 😛

  • M


    Although in 2NE1, CL has swagger, Dara is just too adorable.

    I’m really lemming the Miss Tangerine collection! I was afraid ti might be too orange for my NC30 yellow-toned skin, but to quote TIm Gunn, I gotta ‘make it work’.

    • the Muse

      agreed M ;-D Dara is too cute! lol M that’s how I felt about it, HAVE to make this work ;D!

  • kat

    ooo i like, i really want an orange blush because that color is more natural for me

  • Viki

    The little cream blushers doesn’t smell like tangerine neither. I guess it’s only the lip items that do smell like tangerine.

  • bebe

    I just adore Miss Tangerine and wish Etude House would bring it back if only for a limited time along with Aloha. They are and always will be my favorite Etude House collections. I scour Ebay occasionally hoping to find something but haven’t had much luck. Perhaps they are still available in Korea?

    • Isabella Muse

      i missed out on the aloha palette and I’m always looking through ebay listings for it 🙂 nope, it was LE, isn’t available in Korea either sadly!

  • bebe

    Well I’m going to keep looking, and if I ever find the Aloha palette, I’ll grab one for you, too. 🙂