February 16, 2011

Kate Walsh Boyfriend Eau de Parfum Review

Kate Wash Boyfriend Eau de Parfum is a most interesting, disappointing, wonderful, unique fragrance experience if ever there was. There’s alot of hype surrounding this fragrance and a hell of alot of ingenious marketing to go along with it.

I was telling you last week I wasn’t quite sold on it when it first launched but soon became interested after experiencing the fun commercials and adverts that went along with the fragrance’s release. The fragrance has a nice buzz surrounding it and I’m slowing understanding why but it has a few quirks to go along with the hype.

I purchased it so I could experience first hand what all the excitement was about.

These are my thoughts.

First sniff, I was disappointed. I hated it on first sniff actually. I merely sniffed from the bottle and proceeded to get a healthy dose of amber but it came across as patchouli to my nose and I simply hate patchouli. Ugh, pure unadulterated stinky hippie goodness here.

However, I cautiously spritzed a little on my wrist and took a second sniff. Wait, something was happening here. Stinky hippie evaporated and warm notes of vanilla came out to play mixed with the amber it creates a very slightly masculine edge but not so much you couldn’t pick apart the jasmine blossoms that created a play for the feminine role of the fragrance.

I started to get spritz happy after that and proceeded to get a little daring by applying to my throat and shoulders. It hit my skin and I got a smoky, sultry edge that reminded me of a lighter version of my signature scent from Dianne Brill.

It doesn’t quite remind me of a man but it has touches of warmth and coziness that will give a romantic, seductive feeling. The scent is unique enough to warrant a purchase particularly if you like sensual vanilla fragrances.

Although gorgeous I was slightly disappointed with the throw and wear time. The scent doesn’t have a strong throw so you really have to get intimate to catch sniffs of it plus it doesn’t linger too long either so a touch up is required as the day progresses. This was a little bit of a let down so I’m hopeful Kate will introduce a stronger formula in the future.

At first sniff Boyfriend probably won’t seem special and heck it might even smell awful to your nose but give it a chance, you’ll be surprised at how truly delightful it turns out. I’m ever so happy I didn’t give up on it, otherwise I’d be out of a wonderful fragrance experience now.

Props to Kate Walsh as she truly created an elegant, classy fragrance that she put obvious though and consideration into. This isn’t another old celeb fragrance, it’s not a quick toss in the pan, it’s not something that she’s cashing in on. It felt like it was something that was created with alot of attention to detail and alot of love.

Overall, Boyfriend won me over.

Absolutely adored it.

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

If you like more sophisticated, classy scents sans sweet or fruity notes but more grown up notes of amber, florals, and vanillas, Boyfriend is for you.


I have my eye on you Kate, I hope to see another release like this soon.

P.S. Isn’t the packaging and bottle just darling? It has various “boyfriend” names on both the bottle and outer packaging.

Available at www.Sephora.com and check out the really fun www.yourboyfriend.com website!

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  • Michelle T.

    I have the pulse point oil in my shopping cart (but I’m waiting to pull the trigger to see if Sephora gets more UD 24/7 15th anniversary eye liners in)…I’ve never purchased the oil versus the eau de parfum…it’s the cheapest option to try it out…would you recommend the oil? What might the characteristics of the oil be compared to the edp?

    • the Muse

      hi Michelle I don’t have the oil sadly. Could prove more potent than the parfum though maybe?! 🙂

  • Etta J

    Ha! Muse I agree with you 100% on patchouli. I’m interested to smell this one for myself. Thanks for the review!

  • Dana

    I must have watched her on HSN for about three hours throughout the weekend. I kept wanting to hear her explain what it smelled like and I would always get side tracked by my computer. But she looked gorgeous and I liked how her solid fragrance looked she was selling.

    • the Muse

      dana I missed that. too bad I didn’t record would have liked to have seen the presentation!

  • crissy k

    O Muse you are my cosmetic idol. I was itching for a review of this product so that I could buy it. Thank you 🙂

  • Maggie

    My friend who works at Sephora calls this “Stalker Perfume”, LOL. The back story behind it is pretty freaking creepy, I gotta say! But it does smell awfully nice…

  • Shalanda

    I sampled this fragrance and I immediately began to reminise…. about my favorite scent as a pre-teen.

    Smells a lot like VANILLA FIELDS to me. Which i thought was very funny.
    I bought the boyfriend anyway tho. Smelled to good to let go and Vanilla Fields is too cheap of a fragrance for me know. lol