February 1, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner Review

A “wonder” edition of MAC’s PenUltimate releases with the MAC Wonder Woman Collection. It’s the last piece I have to review for you in the collection and not necessarily one you’ll need if you already snatched it up with MAC Venomous Villains unless of course, you absolutely have to have it due to the special packaging.

Let’s take a look!

I personally like the size as it is considerably larger than its original release. It could prove bulky for some but I think it gives me a nice grip and allows me to easily create a precise line.

This is basically a felt magic marker type liner. I’m not a whiz at applying with these but I find the point makes it super easy to get a straight line however I do faithfully remain a gel or pencil user however on a rare occasion I like to use these.

The larger, chubbier size might appeal to some and others might find it a bit too bulky. I personally liked it and recommend it as an indulgence if you haven’t tried lining with a such product before.