March 2, 2011

Baviphat Alaska Mineral Eye Stick Review

I’ll buy just about anything that promises to hydrated by dry eyes. I call it selling me snow in the Summer because honestly, let’s face it, none of these promises come true and none of these products actually rid anyone of dark circles, puffiness, and hydration.


But I keep trying!

I recently hauled Baviphat Alaska Mineral Eye Stick in the hopes that glacier water from Alaska would be the next best thing to wake my tired, stressed eyes up and moisturize them.

Yeah, sure, mineral water from Alaska and I think I just saw a pig fly past my window.


A treatment balm that offers intense hydration from the power of Alaskan glaciers.

I’ve tried a few of these stick balms before and haven’t seen any dramatic effects to be honest. Baviphat’s version features is a cooling blue balm which is supposedly made from Alaskan glacier water. How a product made and disturbed in Korea has excess to glacier water is beyond me but hey I’ll buy into it if it works.

The stick has a slight cooling sensation and a nice smooth, balm-y feel but it’s not particularly hydrating.

The bad news is…

My eyes look the same way coming out as they did going in.

Smooth it on, feel a tiny bit of cooling yes, and a bit of a balmy, sticky texture under my eyes but nothing that really aspired shouts of glee. I actually find it’s fab for overnight treatment or even when I’m not wearing concealer but if I’m following up with makeup it proves messy to apply my concealer on top of.

It does hydrate my eyes a little but I can see way better results from my eye cream. I was hopeful it would ease my puffiness a bit and darkness but it does neither.

  • Younger eyes might feel it’s good for waking up tired, party too hard eyes.

  • Older eyes seeking intense moisture for dry eyes.
  • Those wanting a hydrating formula that eases puffiness and darkness.
  • Those unwilling to deal with airmail charges and tracking product down online (this isn’t sold within the US so a little online shopping is required).

Overall, Baviphat Alaska Mineral Eye Stick is a cute little gimmick. I didn’t think it did anything particularly special but hey I like the packaging, that counts for something right?

Oh well back to the drawing board on this one.

Anyone try it?

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  • The Beauty Alchemist

    Have you tried the Eliz . Arden Prevage Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15 ? I adore this and didn’t expect too. It has shea butter and all winter has really kept my eye area well moisturized. I don’t have circles or puffiness( thankfully) so can’t say there. but I think it smoothes a little( as much as anything can) but the big selling point is uber moisture and SPF for me. Used it for the past 2 months everyday.

    and yes Alaska water in Korea? I think the stick looks and sounds cool, but we beauty geeks will try anything won’t we ?

  • The Beauty Alchemist

    PS time for a Muse chat 🙂 would be fun to catch up, buzz me and lets set up a time.

  • Shellie

    Any idea how to shop their site in english? i can’t understand anything!

    • the Muse

      shellie they don’t ship to the US hun sorry. You can browse it to see the products and such but the actual site isn’t available in English nor do they ship to the US.

  • Shellie

    BOO! there’s nowhere in the US to buy their products then? through another store or anything?

  • Alex Piedra

    I’ve been using the Mary Kay rolling eye revitalizer atleast once a day for two and a half years. You roll it under your eyes (similar to the Garnier version) and within about a 10 minute span your dark circles and puffiness diminish slightly. I think it may have a bit of a brightner added to it. Also, over time I have noticed that they’ve made my dark circles lighten and my eyes naturally less puffy. So even if I were to skip a day of using it, or right when i wake up, my eyes look better than they did before I started using it. If you’re looking to get rid of dark eye area, I’d give it a try 🙂

  • Nunuiviet

    I love those Korean products with their very creative concept hahhahahahah. Plus it seems to be pretty convenient… An eye stick… Anyway, I don’t have much trust when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of the products itself. Baviphat is to me some kind of skincare for teenage girls…

  • neutralgirl

    Lol. I also have an ocean front property I’d like to sell u Muse! I agree with you, they don’t live up to their promises. If anyone knows of an eye cream that actually diminishes (even by a bit) the first sign of fine lines around the eyes…please let me know.

    • the Muse

      ha neutral if you tack on the property will depuff my eyes I’ll buy it ;-D!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying Lancome’s new wonder at the moment and one day later I’m not convinced it’s going to do much ;D!

  • Victoria

    Very interesting 🙂 It seems like it would tug at the delicate skin under the eyes. I, unfortunately, have more mature aging eyes so I would probably fall under your “who might not like it” category. Bummer, it looks so cool.