March 10, 2011

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Lemon Scented Sticky Bat Perfume Oil Review

I love smelling like a sticky bat!

Maddy is Neil Gaiman’s 16 (nearly 17) year old daughter. A few years ago he reposted a journal entry on his blog about her waking him one morning to tell him a bat was at the kitchen window. The endearing story goes on to say that Neil promptly turned around and went back to sleep but proceeded to wake up to discover that indeed a bat had gotten stuck on some gluey clear plastic paper which was kept on the ground floor windows of his home to trap flies (they’d peel them off and chuck them after the paper had enough flies on it ew!).

The little bat was stuck on the plastic facing into the room and was assumed dead by Neil’s assistant but what was quickly realized he was not as he hissed!

This adventure led to how they would get the dear bat off the paper without hurting him. Some citrus solvent works it’s way into the solution and was quickly dripped onto the bat as they edged him off the sticky paper. The Happily Ever After of the story is that a lemon-scented sticky bat crawled away unharmed into a woodpile in the yard and hopefully survived his interesting, “sticky” experience.

When I first read the entry it made me smile. Maddy supposedly drew a photo of the bat which Neil had hopes of finding and posting but it never came to be, I think I’d have loved to see that childish sketch drawn by a than five year old Maddy.

This story was the inspiration behind the new Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Lemon Scented Sticky Bat Perfume Oil.

The oil is $26 for 5 ML, not cheap by any means but all for a non profit venture as proceeds of every single bottle goes to one of my favorite charities, The CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund).

The joy of the bottle of oil is not only that the profits are going to charity but the craftsmanship that actually went into the making of the oil. It’s probably one of my favorite BPAL oils of all time at the moment. They really nailed it.

If you loved Bath and Body Works Hello Sugar! this is exactly that scent but in a more potent blend. Sweet, custardy lemon comes through here. It smells like a lemon pie of some sort. Tart, very sweet, and a bit foody. BPAL oils are notorious for morphing once they hit your skin but this smells as good in the bottle as it does on your skin during its final dry down. The notes comes through crisp and clear and the lemon stays fresh but also pastry or cake-y like so you aren’t left with a bad dish detergent lemon smell but more of a true tart lemon with touches of custard and cake.

Although I don’t personally know Maddy I think I’ll smile every time I wear this scent and think of her drawing that sticky little bat that was glued to the window.

The scent somehow captures the tale completely and brings a wide smile to my mouth.

Perhaps I’m too much of a fan girl.

Loves it!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

You can smell like a Lemon Scented Sticky Bat too by visiting and indulging in a bottle or two (two is more like it, completely an addicting smell).

You NEED this!

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  • Larie

    Lol, the first line of your post made me laugh! So cute. The fragrance sounds intriguing (love lemon, love pastry, it’s all good) and I actually think bats are really, really cute. I’ve never heard of BPAL before – I will have to check ’em out.

    • the Muse

      hehe sticky little bat stench larie ;-D! I think they are adorable ;-D my smallest dog looks like a little pat b/c of his big black eyes ;-D I have alot of posts and intros to the brand in the archives if it helps! 🙂

  • Susan

    The name and label are not appealing but the story is the cutest! Love it!

  • Susan

    Ill give the bat this, its not the ugliest bat Ive ever seen 😉

  • Gina (prim and polished)

    Sold!!!! I have been dying to try BPal but I am overwhelmed by the scent menu! This sounds perfect to me, I love Hello Sugar! Those lemon pastry scents are my favorite. I now know where to start

    • the Muse

      Gina YOU are going to love this if you liked Hello Sugar! 😀 plus the proceeds to to a very worthy cause imho!

        • the Muse

          lmk what you think when it arrives btw don’t be alarmed they take a hot second to ship so you might be waiting a week or two ;-D they have an long wait time due to how popular the launches are 🙂

          • Gina (prim and polished)

            Good to know! I will absolutely let you know how it goes!!

  • Tracy

    I’d ordered some scent samples from BPAL after reading a previous post you did about this brand! I just love their whole concept, from product names to packaging to product descriptions. I’m not a citrus gal, but I actually love the little bat on the label & the concept behind the fragrance. For some reason I imagine this smelling like Lemonhead candies, which I’m sure isn’t what you meant, lol..

    • the Muse

      hey tracy awesome! so glad you’ve been introduced to the joys of bpal ;-D brilliant! not really lemonheads, but def has that tart lemony goodness of the candy :D!

  • DaenaCat

    I’m really tempted by this one — being that I love lemons, bats and Neil. But I have such bad luck with BPAL — most of their scents that I’ve tried turn horrid on me — think bug spray or rancid baby powder. And their citrus scents disappear within minutes on me literally. 🙁 Sad. (That said, their “Wrath” scent is my signature fragrance.)

    Still, it’s for a good cause, so maybe I should just try it anyway. 🙂

    • the Muse

      get it Daena ;-D totally gorgeous ;-D this is quite strong and lingers nicely plus it doesn’t morph, lots of their scents morph on me too! ;D if it doesn’t work at least you have a good collector’s item on your hands!

      • DaenaCat

        Well, you’ve convinced me! (Not that it was TOO hard to do, ha!) Hopefully it’ll smell lovely on me — I love citrus scents in the spring/summer. 😀

  • Quinctia

    I very briefly debated ordering this when it launched, but I need more BPAL like I need another hole in the head. Given what I hauled between Halloween and Yule, it’s more true than ever.

    • the Muse

      ha tell me about it story of my life quinctia I have over 100 bottles, but you NEED this ;-D it really is amazing!

  • GIn

    I got 3 little lemon sticky bats today, and I *love* them. Best lemon ever!