March 16, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer Review

Etude House Miss Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer is an exciting release for me. It was one of the first things that popped up from this collection that got my attention and intrigued me. The idea of a primer housed in a cotton pad, well, it sounded kinda different and exciting.

Let’s check it out and see if it REALLY brightens!

A primer that contains tangerine extract brighten skin!

I love these but they probably won’t be something everyone loves.

They come housed in a peachy jar, quite cute packaging love it! I wanna say there about 30 pads per a jar but can’t verify as it isn’t listed anywhere. I’m just happy I got two of these but I may indulge in more before they disappear. UPDATE: There are 40 pads in the jar.

Those of us who are germs freaks will love the fact that Etude House included a cute little set of plastic tongs to pick up each pad with rather than using your fingers.

The pads come soaked in a tangerine essence. Each pad is super saturated so much so that they kinda feel like a facial sheet mask with the amount of product dosed in each pad. They are made up of a cotton blend and have a nice thickness to them.

To use you simply swipe a pad on your clean face and follow up with your regular skincare and makeup. Granted your face will be damn dewy after use so I highly recommend doing your hair or something else prior to following up with other product. I don’t feel these make my skin sticky or tacky nor do they leave a film behind. They have a super bright tangerine scent, I love the smell!

What do they actually do?

Well, not brighten. I didn’t really feel like my skin was any brighter after several uses. I do feel like they add an extra layer of hydration so they make a great prep for moisturizer and allow it and my foundation to go on more smoothly.

I admit I was kinda disappointed they didn’t actually brighten my face.

If you’re sensitive you might not love the scent as it is a stronger tangerine. The acidity of the product makes my skin tingle ever so slightly but if you’re sensitive you might want to patch test first just in case!

  • Anyone with dry skin that prefers toning prior to moisturizer and foundation application (these can take the place of your toner and prep for other items in your regime).
  • Those with oily skin who want a lightweight hydrating experience without making their skin more greasy (use these for a hydrating effect that’s lighter than moisturizer).

  • Those expecting a brighten complexion (I didn’t experience any brighter, whiter skin after use).
  • Those who aren’t interested in online shopping or airmail fees, etc…(these are available exclusively in Korea).
  • Those sensitive to heavily fragranced products!
  • Those with sensitive skin.

Overall, I really liked these. They don’t quite do what they promise but they make a damn nice prep for the rest of my skincare and makeup. Each pad is heavily saturated so it’s a really hydrating experience. And I’m shallow enough to admit the packaging is really darling! They may prove a pain to track down online but I’ve seen deals on E-bay for around $9.99 which isn’t too bad.

They deserve a Muse Approval!

Loves ’em!

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  • Kylie

    As a primer, did you notice if it made your makeup last longer? 🙂

  • tiffany

    I know that I’m definitely adding this onto my list – I love citrus!
    By the way, this image says that there are 40 pads included. 🙂

  • Pooja G

    where do you buy etude house? i know but they dont have this collection.

  • addy

    I think it’s 40 pieces in a jar. As stated on the box, right below the ingredient 🙂

  • Anni

    HI Muse! I love your blog.. ’tis awesome…
    Just wanted to point out there were 40 pads… It says it under the ingredients. (Qty 40).
    I really love the cute packaging of all these asian brands! <3

    • the Muse

      thanks anni, tired mind here ;-D that was so tiny I didn’t see it until I blew the photo up ;D! thanks!!!!!

  • Bailey

    sounds neat!
    I’d totally buy them if they were more assessable (eBay maybe?) the little tongs are just too cute!

  • Kari

    I admit I was intrigued by these too when I first saw the product pictures! But now I see it’s like a toner… and I still have an unopened bottle/can of Etude’s First Snow Ice Cotton Toner waiting for me. I’d still check these out in the store, though! And those tongs are really nifty.

    • the Muse

      omg kari I have some ice toner left too! thanks! that reminded me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D!

  • Melissa

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I can not wait for my effin package to come! Thanks for the review. Hey do you think I could use this place of a foundation primer? I’m super combo skin at the moment and don’t need too much moisture.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure melissa update me, curius what you think of these! naaaa if you need your primer to keep your face matte and your foundation wearing longer, this won’t do it :-/

  • Kim

    I was so excited to see this review, because I had no idea what this was actually. xD
    How many more product reviews do you have in store for this line? 😀

    • the Muse

      hi kim, um…’bout five more I think? shower lips, mineral veil, one more palette, and something about four ;-D

  • Cara

    Well, I recently went to Taiwan and I bought it at Etude there, so it’s not exclusive for Korea.

    Anyway, I am loving this primer! It has a cute packaging and a citrus scent which are bonuses for me! 🙂
    You guys should buy, really worth it and cheap!