March 23, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher Review, Swatches, Photos

So has anyone successfully gotten their hands on anything from the Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection? If so, what did you think so far? I gotta admit it was a tad disappointing thus far for me aside from the eye palettes which I’m absolutely lovin’!

Today I have the Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher to review for you!

Let’s take a look!

A cream blush available in four shades released with the Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection.

There are four shades available of the Cream Choux Blusher but I only hauled three as one shade, Miss Grape, was terribly strange in regards to a blush as it’s a pale lilac shade that would best be suited as a primer of sorts rather than a blush.

The other shades include:

  • Miss Tangerine (A bright orange, tangerine shade)
  • Miss Peach (A pale creamy peach)
  • Miss Berry (A pale, true creamy pink)

The formula has a paste-like quality that blends brilliantly well. It’s soft, creamy, and quite a nice little blusher. The blush wears like a stain so I got a nice long wear out of it, possibly eight hours without fading. The finish is that of a cream so it lacks shimmer or sparkle of any kind and has a matte formula but no worries it doesn’t look or feel dry.

I do think…

The shades are suited for more Asian skin with yellow undertones and overall fairer skin type. The only shade that really had a good color pay off was Miss Tangerine and it does take a special kinda of person to pull it off since it is a pretty loud shade of neon. It’s fun but but doesn’t come across as natural as I had hoped for.

Miss Peach could prove a nice slice of color for those with extra pale skin but most won’t be able to see much in the way of pigment from this one. And Miss Berry also has a very subtle color pay off.

If I’m honest, I’d say most of the shades proved difficult for me to wear.

  • Those with fairer skin and possibly yellow undertones.
  • Those wanting a long wearing cream blusher.
  • Those with fairer skin (Miss Berry and Miss Peach are subtle shades that should suit paler skin nicely).

  • Those unwilling to deal with shopping online, airmail fees, possible jacked up prices, etc…(these are available exclusively in Korea and a few select Asian countries).
  • Those with medium or darker skin (most of the shades are unsuitable for many tones outside of really fair ones).

I liked the blush formula alot but the shades prove a tad difficult for me to pull off. Most are best suited to a fairer skin tone. I can probably make Miss Berry and Miss Tangerine work with the addition of other products but on their own they aren’t up to my standards in the pigmentation department.

Anyone try them?

Do share!

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  • Meredith

    I’m normally not a fan of cream blushes, but I love these. Probably because they are subtle (I don’t like or wear strongly pigmented blushes, my skin is too pale for them to look anywhere near normal on me).

    I have Miss Tangerine and Miss Peach, and I have to say, Miss Tangerine is amazing. I’m caucasian, but I’m really pale with yellow undertones. Orange-based blushes look best on me, and I knew I had to buy these when I saw them, as good orange blushes aren’t exactly commonplace in the US (well, at least not good, SUBTLE orange blushes).

    I did try Miss Grape in the store, and it was less weird than I expected it to be. Still odd, but it blended nicely. Not sure what the appeal of lavender cheeks are, but I suppose the same could be said of orange cheeks 😉

    • the Muse

      just as I suspected Meredith! I thought it would look best on a more paler, yellow undertone. I think it’ll pop brilliantly on such a skin tone ;-D I look a bit odd as I’m fairer with warmer undertones. Interesting about Miss Grape! It seemed off, perhaps a highlighter ;-D!

  • Anna Crystal

    Can you believe I almost used all three of mine up!? Like how insanely did I use them by accident, I can’t even explain that to myself. I soooo loved those!

      • Anna Crystal

        First week of February, as I pre-ordered them in December XD;

        • the Muse

          I was looking at your fotds just now, amazing!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D are you wearing this on your first post? as it looks AMAZING on your fair skin if so.

  • Blair

    Etude House Malaysia has yet to bring Miss Tangerine in *grrr* I’m glad that you reviewed them so quickly, these shades look very unwearable =[ I’d hate to purchase them and then realize that I can’t pull them off =.=

    • the Muse

      blair they really are kinda difficult to pull off ;( or at least I thought so! def have a swatch when they reach m’asia, perhaps they’ll turn into a win? ;D!

  • sugar sugar

    i have this n peach and it suits my MAC NC30 skintone. :3 you are right about the pink being a bit too subtle i think and i the orange one reminded me of war paint. =__=

    • the Muse

      sugar I think the mid peach def works great on me but I have to pile it on to get a good color pay off, but agreed, pink is too subtle and the orange too outrageous ;D!

  • Julia

    I just fell in love with that pale pink as my new HG gyaru blush. Melliesh doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Great review!

  • Melissa

    i got my Korea Haul. (fleabay) I immediatly tried the lipstain and it smells yummy tastes super super super mega yucky. just -ew. I’m so sad because its very nice looking and love the applicator. The primer wipes should work as a super light moisturizer over my philosophy serum and under primer du-jour. They smell delish. The shadow pallet is super sparkly but surprisingly low fall out and really soft. I might have to get the other one! LOVE – I also love the skinfood muffin powder. I have the strawberry one and I think this one is supposed to be vanilla it smells nice and is equally good quality. I like these as a quick y easy highlighter. The seller is always generous with samples and I have all sorts of bb-cream and skincare to try before i do another haul.

    • the Muse

      melissa I thought it was me isn’t it digusting? ugh! I love the primer pads ;-D they are awesome and relaly do smell lovely. skinfood muffin powder rocks ;-D I have a few of ’em ;-D they are so fun, remind me of MSF! NICE haul!

      • Melissa

        I just tried the etude mineral bb cream today. It was about 3 shades too light for me but its really nice coverage. I buffed on some mac pressed powder to blend the color but the bb cream was probably one of the better ones I’ve tried. I’m going to see if I can find it in a darker shade. It was thin like a foundation with a tiny hint of shimmer if I looked close (really close) but I didn’t need any concealer at all with it.

        • the Muse

          hey melissa, I like the etude house mineral bb but it def runs lighter :-/ Try out Missha for darker shades ;D!

  • M

    I found the collection so-so. Love their Peach one more! Your swatches remind me of OCC Lip Tars, lol.

    • the Muse

      me too M alot more! god what is with those OCC lip tars anyway they look awful ;-D!

  • lynne

    what about mixing them up a little (with one another, that is). maybe the orange could kick the peach and pink up a notch or the pastel shades could tone down the orange and make it a nice peachy-ish colour instead?

  • Kaja Elisabeth

    I have the last color, Miss Grape which is light purple. It’s so pretty, allthough the color is very cold. I do loooooove the consistensy though, and the packaging of course. I’m definetly going to buy Miss Peach and Miss Berry as well

    • the Muse

      kaja I didn’t get Miss Grape, it seemed so unique but I prob can’t pull it off ;-D!

  • Viki

    I actually like the formula of this and how i can just squeeze a lil’ out of the tube and then viola! Anyway, I do find it hard to pull off the Miss Tangerine color; it’s too bright. However, the only Tangerine blush I can pull off from this collection was the “Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball.” It’s still orange-y but there’s this pearly cute finish that even it out. =]

    • the Muse

      I liked the formula as well viki just felt the colors weren’t very me sadly.

  • saff

    I bought Miss Grape as the saleslady (as far as I understood) was pointing to my (at the time, even under the fluorescent lighting) ruddy cheeks so Miss Grape was like a color-correcting blush, to balance out the red in my cheeks. I haven’t used it since I moved back to the states, but I think I’ll try it again.

  • Jenny

    Hey! how are ya 🙂
    I want to try these, but seeing that you stated it’s only good for fair skin do you mind me asking what shade in mac are you?:)
    Or any foundation of reference ^-^
    I’m like a NC 20-25