March 25, 2011

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Review

This is just a follow up post from my recent Etude House Missing U Lip Balm review. Some of you had e-mailed asking if I had the hand creams and I do indeed.

So here’s a little look at them!

A sweet little hand cream from Korean brand, Etude House made with shea butter and herbal waters.

There are four of these to choose from to match up with the four lip balms that they released. I only kept two and gifted the others away.

The scents include:

  • Green Tea (Seal)
  • Baby Powder (Penguin)
  • Peach (Panda)
  • Pig (Floral)

Each hand cream comes housed in what appears to be a small matryoshka doll-like packaging. They kinda remind me of those toys Weebles, “Weebles wobbles but they don’t fall down!” not sure how many people remember that but yeah, that’s kinda what they remind me of.

My favorite is the peach for sure as it has a juicy peach scent but also a bit of floral that gives it a fresher scent rather than a full on fruity one. It’s really quite pretty, I’d love a body mist in this scent!

The baby powder smell is quite true and fresh. It proves a tad overwhelming if I use too much, think toilet paper smelling (no, not the used kind) but a little bit and it comes across very fresh and clean like a newly washed baby.

I keep these on my nightstand and some on my desk as I apply hand cream as chronically as I apply lip balm! The formula is a gel-like formula that absorbs easily and leaves hands feeling nicely hydrated without a greasy, oily feel however if you have super dried, chapped skin these probably won’t do much good!

The smaller size is a tad unconventional if you apply hand cream alot as you can easily go through one of these very quickly but they are nice for tucking into your tote or purse for a quick way to hydrate your skin!

Dipping into the pot is definitely not for the germ-a-phobes (I understand, I’m with you) but if you can get past that they are a nice little hand cream to have around.

  • Anyone who adores kawaii beauty products.

  • Anyone with super dry skin (although hydrating they aren’t nearly enough for very rough skin).
  • Anyone that prefers a squeeze packaging for hand cream.
  • Those unwilling to deal with online shipping, airmail prices, etc…(These are available within Korea and a few Asian countries but not the US).
  • Anyone who goes through hand cream quickly (these are pretty small and don’t house alot of product but you can refill ’em!).

I’m a big fan of cuter beauty products so these appeal to that side of my nature although I am somewhat wary of the packaging but I’m just careful that my hands are clean prior to dipping into the pots. Overall, I thought they were rather cute which is why I had a friend pick them up some months ago. You can find them easily on E-bay at really low prices just be aware who you’re purchasing from.


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  • Lucy

    I’d get one just for the packaging and shove some cocoa butter in it once I’m done to show off at college. I love wowing my girlfriends with the crazy packaging from asia XD And opening my make up bag to see everything so pretty and cute melts my heart. <3
    But I really want to green tea one! I want to know if it smells like that popular perfume green tea or proper matcha green tea.

    • the Muse

      hey lucy ;-D I love showing friends cute stuff haha! The green tea is a bit floral a bit matcha, it’s very fresh ;D!

  • Deb

    Happy Friday Muse ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually have a question for you: I’ve started paying more attention to your posts on Asian beauty products and was wondering if you’ve had any bad experiences or if there is a particular brand you would avoid? It looks like you’ve tried most of them and tested them out pretty thoroughly. I don’t really know anything about quality control in products from other countries and I’m thinking about trying some of them out. I just want to be aware if there are any that should be avoided due to suspicious ingredients or poor quality. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi deb, happy Monday ;-D little late replying. I can’t speak for suspicious ingredients sadly as many of them aren’t listed in English however I’ve never had any bad experiences with products from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Etc…it’s always been great and rather high street for drugstore brands and such.

  • Giovanna

    OMG!! i wanted to buy these few months ago but i was just spending a lot in that period…so i didn’t. soooooooooo cute!! :3

  • katrosado

    This is the most adorable packaging! Just so sweet and gives me the warm fuzzies! Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anya

    “Pig (Floral)” <- not going to lie, that cracked me up. putting "pig" first definitely made me do a double take XD

  • Chai

    They are extremely cute.
    I want some now hehe
    Thanks for the review~

  • Julia

    Hey muse, just a question. Do you know if the major asian brands like lioele, missha and etude house test on animals? Although I use products that do, I still like knowing. I must have the panda! Even if only to look at it lol

  • Ruthless

    I just wanted to complain about one thing-it’s supposed to be sort of an endangered species theme from what I understand. (Hence missing u thing) but Harp seals aren’t endangered. In fact we Canadians club them frequently. Oooo yes I did , I went there. LOL

    I still want these. Want.

  • Calipso

    Oh my god!!! how cute are these!! I can’t find them in Spain , otherwise I will for sure buy them!!!

  • janet

    i just got the panda lotion and lip balm for a friend’s birthday present the other day! it really does smell awesome. they were on sale too, i might just go and grab one for myself… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • plue

    no likey if i have to dip my hand into it >_< it's not very hygienic!

    why can't they just make it into tube forms! The Bodyshop and The Faceshop should really do tube ones instead of tubs. Sigh.

  • Tigress

    These are so flipping cute! I don’t even care about the product, I’d buy it for the packaging! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mallory

    I have the penguin one and it definitely works! I have really dry hands so it’s a MUST for me to have around. I think the one thing I hate about it is the small size. I wish there was a bigger size.

  • Katie

    Awww, so cute =D I could almost buy these just for the packaging! Alas, I prefer my hand creams in tubes, not tubs.

  • Candice

    SO CUTE! I just got the Panda one and can’t wait to receive it. I’ll just put it on my desk at work as a cute accessory. I don’t mind the dipping so much since it’s such a small pot, it won’t last for years or anything, I can’t see bacteria multiplying in there to the point of being bad for me in the time it’ll take to use up the product. If I do feel iffy about it, I have some paddle-spoons that came with another cream I have.