March 16, 2011

First Unretouched Ad Campaign from Make Up For Ever

I admit that I love airbrushed images. Seriously! I like to be completely conned into believing I’ll look that incredible if I buy so and so product.

Go, admit it, you kinda like it too. We’re gluttons for the beauty punishment that promises us smoother, ageless skin or big, pouty lips or perfect blush to make us glow!

It’s part of what makes us beauty junkies, we buy into the gimmick sometimes. No shame in my game, been there, done that.

But most times what we really want is the truth. We really want to know what we look like if we buy that foundation and we really want to know if we’ll get those luscious lips if we buy that lipgloss. In a search for the truth in beauty Make Up For Ever presents its first ever Unretouched Ad Campaign.


Make Up For Ever believes that theirs are the first even unretouched make up ads you’ve probably ever been privy too because honestly most of them are touched up to perfection.

Their goal is to empower women and remind them they can look flawless too without being digitally enhanced.

Make Up For Ever is launching a print ad and online makeup campaign that includes images that have not been digitally retouched. The looks were created recently, December 2010, and were conceptualized by Make Up For Ever Creator, Dany Sanz.

It’s a campaign that’s design to make woman more comfortable with who we really are and gives us a stepping ladder for attainable beauty rather than reaching for the mirage that we are fed daily thanks the handy little programs like Photoshop. Each model is photograped using the Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Collection which provides flawless results that don’t require a retouch up to see!

What do you think of an unretouched beauty world?

Do you like perfection?

Prefer the real deal?

I’m on both sides. I admit I love good images of perfect models wearing perfect makeup and I also admit such images lead me around by a leash sometimes as you can definitely fall into the trap of thinking how amazing you’ll look in such a foundation or blush or lipstick. I also do love the idea of an unretouched beauty world where we can get the real deal so I’m kinda feeling the love for both sides here.

I think Make Up For Ever gives us achievable makeup goals because let’s face it, we are probably buying into alot of perfect but not actually seeing those results when we use the products ourselves. The photos below are all unretouched images using Make Up For Ever’s HD range.

And you?

You can experience the full unretouched experience including photos and videos by visiting

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  • Cj

    I really like this campaign! I’m not like totally anti-retouching but I think it’s cool that their showing what their makeup actually does instead of their pto photoshop skillz lol. One thing I can’t stand is mascara commercials! They always have like 50 pairs of fake lashes on it’s so stupid lol

    • the Muse

      I’m not either CJ, I actually like seeing some retouched imagery ;-D ha! def. like Covergirl’s Lash Blast ;D!

  • Cait

    it’s a cool idea, but hardly too convincing since they picked gorgeous girls who look like they had near flawless skin anyway lol. A better and more convincing ad would have been to do the unretouched thing, but make it a before and after with girls who actually have real skin problems. just my two cents lol.

    • the Muse

      cait true some of these girls def have good skin it looks like ;-D but before and after of them personally would be interesting too!

  • auroragyps

    Yeah, this is ok, but it would make more impact if they showed things that weren’t retouched big time. Showing examples of more subtle retouching, ones that are enough to see in the video, would make more impact I think. The tattoo and the roses on the dress.. why not just have Spielberg put in some dinos? Show us the kinds of stuff those in fashion industry really do.

    • the Muse

      auro you’re a harsh critic ;-D but true! I didn’t see before/after shots on the site, I wonder if they have them available maybe?

      • auroragyps

        LOL. yeah, I know.

        Suddenly I’m picturing them giving the models tails or horns and then being like, “That’s not real, it’s retouched.” and taking the tail away. All for no other reason than it would be funny as heck. Hee hee. 😀

  • Susan

    I like this. I think it is a step in the right direction. I hope other companies follow suit.

  • Brooke

    I enjoy airbrushed, too 🙂 Especially glowy, dewy looks which I am always duped into believing, buying the product, and end up looking greasy 🙂 That being said, I do think this is a great idea, however, I think it would have been better if they would have plucked some average joe people from off the street or something.
    On a side note, I find that the HD foundation does photograph really well. In real life, however, a completely different story!

    • the Muse

      ditto brooke ;-D that would make it even more fun, some everyday girl would really make the promo! ;-D I tried a little bit of it and thought it was too greasy 🙁

  • Lucy

    I think the re-touching in the video was really out of context. They’re talking about retouching in fashion with women’s faces, skin, etc, and they’re doing it with stupid things like dresses and tattoos? It doesn’t feel like they’re so proud of their actual make up, but trying to flaunt around this idea of no touch ups to look like they’re creating some sort of fashion movement.
    I want to see before and afters of their faces, and see how the fashion industry edit even the most pathetic things as everyone is so shallow, us included! >:O I like seeing my pretty models being all perfect and glimmery. I like getting sad i’m not like that! Lol it’s given me a new hobby trying out all sorts to achieve such perfection!

  • Marina

    I like this idea. It’s nice to see a makeup company showing some integrity. I also like the concept behind the shots–the cameras are cute and kind of emphasize that they are unretouched.

  • Julia

    I wish they hadn’t chosen to make the models look through their lashes at the camera, it gives them dark circles that they wouldn’t have if they were looking at it straight

  • winni

    I like the idea, they should take it further by photographing them in daylight! We all know high noon = harsh lighting, let’s see how their makeup holds up to that, since, you know, not all of us get to walk around in perfectly lit studios, or have ppl with lightboxes folowing us around. 🙂 But I give the concept 2 big thumbs up.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    Makeup Forever did a nice job with this campaign. I don’t mind retouching because I know that those beautiful girls have been sitting in a makeup chair for over an hour. On an average day, I look average, but on a few very special occasions when I got my makeup done professionally I looked like a goddess. Either way, I like to be sold on a product because I feel that it will make me beautiful. It’s why I buy it.

  • Lauren S.

    of course they would choose women that have flawless skin anyway!

  • Alyson

    mufe is absolutely my favorite brand, and they’re stuff is always fantastic. but yeah, it would have been good to use some before/after pics with girls who have skin problems

  • Gloria

    I like the idea but I’m not sure the video was the greatest commercial. Like others have said, the things being retouched didn’t quite show how the makeup is really superior. The models could also have worn some of the brand’s awesome false lashes!

    All in all, great concept but better execution is needed.

  • Amanda

    Really love this idea, just wish it could have been on more “normal” girls. LOL

  • Quinctia

    Now if they’d take the false eyelashes out of mascara advertisements…

  • Casey

    Good for them! I like this campaign.

    However, it’s still due to the fact that they chose pretty models with nice skin already, plus the strategic focusing of the camera, combined with (most importantly), great lighting. You don’t get that in real life.

  • Melissa

    I’m already being suckered. I so do not in anyway shape or form need a new foundation but I do like the hd primer and I’m totally thinking this would be good coverage – so I’m thinking the marketing is working on me. (I would be lemming it from good re-touched photos too though so who knows.)

  • katrosado

    As the Mom of two teen daughters I really like this campaign effort. I think it would be better to have before makeup shots and after makeup shots with no retouching or photoshop. Here is the reason why—not only am I the Mom of 2 teens but I have a daughter that is soon to be 31 yrs old. All three of my girls and even myself had our self image impacted in a negative way from ads that showed perfection and only perfection. I met a woman just the other day in a waiting room—there were 3 of us all the same age—we were discussing makeup and then the effects of aging on our bodies and skin. One woman had the nerve to act surprised at the effects the other gal and I talked about—c’mon man. Give me a break LOL LOL. So anyway this is a great campaign idea that I think just might not have gone far enough. 🙂

    • the Muse

      ha katros does she live under a rock or does she seriously think everyone looks as perfect in real life as they do in makeup ads? ;D!

      • katrosado

        LOL Muse! I think her problem was that she thought herself perfect. She said she breastfed 3 kids but her boobs looked like they did when she was 16. Without surgery? c’mon man. Not if you are over an A cup. Who is she tryin to fool? LOL.

  • Saanjh

    Sorry, my inner fourteen-year-old boy is screaming out again — I SEE ARMPIT HAIR in the last pic! I guess that’s the point of no retouch though, just these little details actually guarantee the honesty of the campaign.

  • Giselle

    I sooo hope this becomes big enough to catch on with other companies! I think the opposite of what you do when it comes to makeup… If I want a new foundation I go straight to youtube and find reviews from regular girls or I google swatches of the product. I REFUSE to fall for those mesmerizing ads!! lol And if I can’t find any pics or videos then I just forget all about it