March 29, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Review & Swatches

Guerlain Rouge Automatique will be available this April (I’ve seen them on counter already wink!) and is Guerlain’s first capless lipstick. Fun times, a slide up and down lippie, it appeals to my inner gadget girl dontcha know!

The packaging isn’t the only appeal but the long lasting hold formula also had me highly curious.

Let’s take a look!

An innovative and delicately sheer lipstick formula that offers a second skin texture with a long lasting hold!

Guerlain Rouge Automatique comes packaged in a lightweight slide tube design. The design itself isn’t new by any means as many budget brands embrace a similar style compact however to my knowledge it’s the first high end brand that features such. The square tube features a slide mechanism that allows the lipstick to rise and lower with a quick up and down movement. It does not feature a cap but merely a slide close hinge that hides the lipstick when it’s not in use.Β  This allows for a design that does not have a cap or extra parts to worry over, I lose the cap to my lipstick constantly so this is kinda ideal for me. It’s simple, elegant, and should appeal to those who like a bit of gadgetry with their beauty.

I was surprised by the weight of the lipstick as Rouge G de Guerlain are heavy weights and have a good deal of craft behind them. Guerlain Rouge Automatique is far lighter (and cheaper at $35) in comparison. Going into a purchase you may be disappointed at the weight behind the product however the quality of the lipstick should lighten your mood up.

Guerlain pulled out all the stops here and you’re truly getting a very long wearing formula. The texture is lightweight and smooth as butter with a glide that’s oh so soft and offers impeccable coverage with a single stroke. The lipstick is not too thick or heavy but feels, as promised, like a second skin. The real trick here is the long lasting hold that allows the lipstick to adhere to lips and wear long and strong throughout a cup of tea or through an entire dinner course. I wore mine last night through dinner, a movie, and popcorn and it still looked as fresh as when I originally put it on. You’re looking at an extended wear here so if you’re not one for touch ups, this is the lipstick for you. I’m thinking I could get through eight hours here and not worry about my lipstick migrating, fading, feathering, or disappearing!

The shade I tried was Vol de Nuit which is a coppery bronze. The shade is bold, pigmented, and works well with warmer shades in my opinion. The formula doesn’t run extra shiny but it does leave behind a certain glossiness however for more pop clear gloss is recommended.

$35 makes me wince slightly and isn’t in everyone’s budget however for a long lasting lipstick of this caliber you may not feel too badly by indulging!

  • Those seeking an extra long wearing lipstick.
  • Those who want long wear but do not want an ultra thick, heavy formula to get it (this is lightweight and comfortable to wear).

  • Beauty budget types unwilling to dish out $35 on a single lipstick.
  • Those who want a heavier lipstick packaging (the lighter tube could prove disappointing when compared to past Guerlain Lipsticks).

Overall, Guerlain Rouge Automatique is a posh lipstick experience to say the very least. The long wearing formula will tempt many over to this makeup’s dark side plus the incredible selection of 25 colors to choose from should please. The formula pays for itself in this case, count me impressed with this wear time.

(Wearing Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Vol de Nuit)


Rouge Automatique will be available shortly at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and at Bergdorf Goodman.

Learn more at

Will you be indulging?

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  • Polly

    Ohh, this is what you were using on the feminine palette picture! Its gorgeous! Almost sounds too good to be true, I’ll have to indulge!

  • Jillybean

    i’m assuming since its so longwearing, there’s not a lot of transfer…what did you find? i kinda want to splurge on it for my wedding…even though i already bought a mac prolongwear… ooh i want this! lol

    • the Muse

      jillybean no problems with transfer at all, my cup remained free of a lip line ;-D I’m not a big fan of pro long wear, for some reason it always looks like I was playing in my mommy’s makeup when I try wearing it lol

      • Jillybean

        gahhhh i want! lol. i like the prolongwear for a few hrs, and then it gets clumpy and flaky… which is so not attractive. sooo…. maybe i’ll have to splurge! all in the name of wedding day beauty πŸ˜‰ do you know if sephora will be getting this?

        • the Muse

          mm I had the same prob. it would chase around my upper lip ;-D mmm no, believe it’s select locations only at saks, etc….but not Sephora. but I’ll double check and post it here if it’s a yes! πŸ™‚ When are you getting married?! congrats!

  • Courtney

    Your lips look gorgeous! LOVE! Unfortunately my hubby would have a conniption if I spent $35 on a lipstick but I can still lust!

    • the Muse

      courtney, Sephora FF? πŸ˜€ he couldn’t rant about 20% off hehe! Just a few months to wait eh? ;-D!

  • Anitacska

    The packaging is a bit lame imo, reminds me of the Avon ones froma while ago (although I’m sure it’s 10x better quality), but the formula sounds like a dream! I love my Guerlain lipsticks (Rouge G and Kiss Kiss alike), so I’m very keen to try these. One question: if it’s that longlasting, is it also drying (a bit maybe?). If you say no, I will run to my nearest Guerlain counter and buy up the whole range, lol.

    • the Muse

      no surprisingly not Anita. It doesn’t have a BIG time moisturizing feel but it isn’t dry either, it feels kinda like a second skin but def not drying or matte feeling more like a light hydration that’s not over the top which I assume allows it to last so long as more moisturizing and it would prob migrate around on me.

      • Anitacska

        Wow, sounds amazing! I’ll be sure to check them out when they arrive in the UK! (Or maybe in Florida next month!)

  • VampiressDoll

    Wow, now that’s pretty. I love push-up lipsticks, that kind of mechanism is pretty rare now. πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      agreed vampiress ;-D kinda a first for a high end brand to use this design!

  • Lorraine ER

    You look fabulous in this picture!! The combination of the lippie and the liner is so nice. I’m sorely tempted by these now that I know how long-lasting the formula is!

  • Cathryn

    I’ve never tried a Guerlain lippie before, but if I ever get the chance to splurge, this might be the lipstick to buy for me! The price is a little easier to swallow in comparison to their other lipsticks. That colour is very lovely on you, btw! Quite vampy πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      aw thanks cathryn you’re too kind. I agree, def cheaper than the other lipsticks in the line ;-D if you’re going to splurge, this is a good one to go with, incredibly staying power ;D!

  • Sara

    Ugh, I want one of these lipsticks so bad. I blame Pink Sith. $35 is really steep for a lipstick, but I don’t actually own any lipsticks (just gloss) and plan on treating myself to a fancy lipstick at some point. Doesn’t get much fancier than Guerlain. Thank you for the swatch *and* the pic of you wearing it! I always appreciate a full face photo to get a good idea of color. πŸ™‚

    “The packaging is a bit lame imo, reminds me of the Avon ones froma while ago (although I’m sure it’s 10x better quality)”

    Oh man, it reminds me of Revlon lipsticks back in the day. Street wear? Or am I way off? I had two lipsticks in cheap silver plastic packaging that had the push tab and the top flipped up…. That was a million years ago though.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure sara ;-D hope it helped you decide if you wanna take the pluge! mmm I don’t remember those ones but remember the street wear ha that was ages ago ;-D they didn’t have a push up packaging though, or at least I don’t recall that ;D!

  • lazeny

    I can’t wait for this to come out in our country. I love Guerlain lipsticks and I just know I will splurge on a couple of these! Rouge G’s have never let me down and I’m happy that Guerlain released another line on a relatively lower price point!

  • Soo

    I really like that color on you! also, your swatch of it looks so smooth and buttery. definitely don’t like the price though πŸ™

    • the Muse

      soo yeah, price is a big high! but the formula really does live up to the $35!

  • Melissa

    Holy moly. I like guerlain but thats more than most Chanel lippies. I might go play at a saks counter and see if I have to have one or two or one.

      • rose

        just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. da dum da dum da dum…. πŸ™‚

          • rose

            pleasegodpleasegodpleasegodpleasegodpleasegodpleasegod no more winter… beach beach beach beach

          • the Muse

            agreed rose ;-D! tired of the cold! this city has been freezing these past few days :-/

  • su-pah

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the G range, I find the G tubes obnoxious. All ”ooh, look at me, I be a rich bitch.”
    Yet I’m kind of drawn to these, and hearing they’re lighter in weight and a wee bit more economical in relation to G, I think I’ll definitely be grabbing one. And that formula sounds like it’s to die for.

    Question mark: The lipstick shades are named after Guerlain fragrances — does that mean they’re also scented like the fragrances? Just curious. I think it’ll be a nice touch — personally speaking.

    • the Muse

      nope su-pah very subtle taste, no existent really in my experience with ’em :D!