March 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Beauty Say Hello Happy Fun Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

I was in traffic court earlier today to pick up a mate for lunch. Funny story as I was waiting for him in the back of the court room (he’s a cop) and his phone goes off as the Judge is speaking and starts playing the The Defranco Family, Love Beat.

I had haul ass out of the room fast because I was about to burst out laughing and was highly in danger of saying WTF?


True story.

Word to the wise, always turn down the ringer on your phone particularly when it has bad 70’s ring tones on it!

How about you guys?

Any of your friends have embarrassing or weird ring tones? I guess mine can be considered completely goofy, Doctor Who Theme Song.

Anyway, back on the top of makeup! How’s Hello Kitty Beauty been treating you at Sephora?


I was trying out the Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette Happy Fun Palette this week.

Here’s my word.

A tiered compact with four eyeshadows and four lip glosses featuring everyone’s favorite cat!

Call me immature but I love the packaging! I have no problem whipping out a Hello Kitty shaped palette in the ladies and proceeding to touch up! The kawaii factor has my inner little girl squealing in joy. The palette is shaped like Hello Kitty’s sweet little head and features her famous bow in a silver design. The palette has a soft iridescent pink finish over the white compact which gives it a nice sheen of pink in the sunlight but predominately the shade is white.

It’s a tiered palette so you flip it open to reveal a mirror plus four shadows and proceed to flip it a second time to reveal the four lipglosses that snuggle up in the bottom of the palette. It’s a medium size palette that fits comfortably in my hand. It isn’t too big nor is it too small. I find it stays open during application and I’m not left feeling like it’s too awkward to use. I would have loved if they included some applicators, that’s about the only thing missing from the palette.

The shadows include:

  • Ice Cream (pearl white)
  • Airplane (taupe)
  • Chocolate Milk (brown)
  • Peppermint (sage green)

I like they took time to name the shades as too many palettes don’t bother, drives me bats when they do that plus the cute names add to the whimsical nature of the product.

They did this really brilliant look on Sephora which you can see below but I was unable to pull it off for some reason. The shadows are pretty pigmented and they blend well enough but they come across like a low calorie version of a Stila Shadow making them one part cream and one part powder, kinda velvety. On my eyes I get alot of frost plus a bit of chalkiness. They also tend to crease even with my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion in place.

The lipgloss shades include:

  • Baby Pink (pink)
  • Peach Pudding (peach)
  • Strawberry Jam (dark pink)
  • Springtime (apricot)

These are pretty sheer but you can build them up and mix ’em up for more intensity. I expected a harder gloss as most palettes have really bad gloss formulas but these start out hard and warm up easily so you get a nice melty, glossy finish on them. They apply nicely to lips and for added pop a slick of lip stain underneath will do the trick!

I definitely had a hard time with the shadows. The formula lacks a little something plus the frostiness turns me off, I so can’t pull off frost. I imagine on oily lids they will be dangerous as I couldn’t get them to stop creasing on my dry, properly prepped lids never mind the drama of oily lids!

  • Hello Kitty lovers (no brainer, fans of the kawaii kitty will love this).
  • Those who work frosts well (if you like frosty finishes, you’ll like this).
  • Kawaii makeup lovers or collectors!

  • Those wanting cute yet functional makeup (if you’re buying for the cuteness and the quality and function of the palette, well, you might be disappointed in the quality of the shadows).
  • Those who are more polished and sophisticated when it comes to their makeup purchases (If you’re a “grown up” with “grown up” tastes needless to say Hello Kitty Beauty isn’t for you).

As cute as the Say Hello Palette was I was slightly disappointed in the overall performance. Packaging has alot of quality behind it but the actual contents lacks the same consideration. I think sponge applicators would have been a nice extra, a little bit of a lower price tag (maybe $25 instead of $35), and more forgiving shades of color would add a little more to this palette. The greens and browns aren’t really what I’d think of when it comes to Hello Kitty and I think looking at the palette you’d expect to open it and reveal shimmering, delicate shades of white and pink perhaps eh?

Hello Kitty proves a cute addition to Sephora’s offerings but I wasn’t impressed with the palettes so far.

Have you tried them?

Love them?

Not so much!?

Do share it!

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  • kawaiinailart

    What a shame the shadows are pants because it is too kawaii!
    Stacie xoxox

  • SusanT

    Muse, I had to tell you I just bought the Hello Kitty brush holder with brushes — it is the cutest thing. I love the Hello Kitty packaging of this palette, but I do not like the colors of the eye shadows, but the lip glosses are pretty.

    • the Muse

      Susan I purchased it too! I couldn’t resist. I’m shameful as I find it’s too cute to use it! ;-D the glosses are really nice but it was a bust for a shadow for some reason!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    I love crazy phone rings!! I can’t wait to see the hello kitty line at sephora, but have to go without my daughter. I tried to take her last week, but ended up running out of the store as she screamed ‘Mine. Mine. Mine.’

    • the Muse

      LOL aleya I don’t mean to laugh but I could just picture that OMG!

  • Eve

    Just have to say that my mom also has the Dr. Who theme for her phone too! lol! Dr. Who FTW!

  • Christine

    It’s cute, but even more expensive in Canada 🙁 The whole collection is extra expensive here, sigh. So I’ll have to pass.

  • dark nyx

    I totally agree with your review. I bought this strictly for a collectors sake. The texture of the shadows are quite buttery but they all look like frosty white on lids. =[ I didn’t notice too much creasing under my UDPP…actually, maybe there was but I forgot. I think the lip glosses are pretty good too! A lovely, melty texture. =D And I heart the packaging! Would totally whip it out in public. Have you tried the purple themed palette? I had my eyes on it…but changed my mind after swatching on my hand…it looked a bit…umm…hooker-ish.

    • the Muse

      hey dark nyx! same here def love how sweet the packaging is and totally love the hello kitty design but the shadows are, I dunno, quite frosty and off. They have good pigment but they apply badly on my lids and crease a bit. 🙁 sigh. But agreed glosses are good! ;-D ha hooker-ish? I thought the promo model looked good with it but I def can’t pull it off sadly ;P

  • dark nyx

    Yeah, the promo pic looked adorable, it just swatched hooker-ish on me. Maybe it’s just me…sad. =[ The look is actually done with products other than the palette, I was reading the “Get the look” thing on Sephora since I couldn’t understand why the colours looked so different on me, haha.

    • the Muse

      hey dark nyx…they did that look with other products!? damn lol no wonder it looks brilliant haha! I’m still peeing myself with the hooker-ish comment ;D ha!