March 15, 2011

Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs

And you said they’d never make a crunchy, solid toothpaste….!

Meet Lush Dirty Toothy Tabs the first solid toothpaste I’ve been privy to.

These toothpaste tabs look like a breath mint but they are actually a solid toothpaste. Pop one in your mouth, crunch down, grab your wet toothbrush, and go to town! Rinse and you’ll have sparkling pearly white teeth plus minty fresh breath to go along with those new clean choppers.

What do you think?

Solid Toothpaste?



Count me on the yay bandwagon, sounds so interesting, wonder if it works!

Available now from Lush UK (and hopefully soon from Lush NA).


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  • Mary the Muse Militant

    This is the way to go !
    Brillinat idea for travelling.
    I had to buy toothpaste when I was away this weekend gone because I only took a carry on case and couldn’t take toothpaste.
    They charge £40 to check in a case so that’s a no no.
    I’ll definitely check those out.
    They would be great at home for kids too as they make a mess of the tube.

    • the Muse

      hey mary ;-D how are you? I have a few comments I need to publish and reply to from you, sorry very swamped and haven’t gotten to ’em ;-D Lucky girl where’d you go? I need a vacay ;D! I agree, so portable and travel friendly ;D!

      • Mary the Muse Militant

        Hi Muse, no worries about replying to my comments. I don’t expect you to as I know you get hundreds.
        Only went to Ireland but it’s great to get away.
        America, next stop ! I wish !

        • the Muse

          hey mary aw thanks for understanding but I def like to get to them all ;-D!!!!!!! yay! Wish I went ;-D ha come on over, tea’s on me ;D!

  • Courtney

    This totally intrigues me. Not sure if I’d like it or not, but my interest is piqued. These would be nice to carry in your purse for emergencies.

    • the Muse

      courtney dying to try, appeals to my techy side for some reason lol!

  • Fey

    As a dental germaphobe, I’m constantly brushing my teeth throughout my school day/work. I’ve had so many exploding toothpaste tube incidents, it’s not even funny. Here’s my solution: dry toothpaste! Brilliant! Thank you for posting, Muse!

    • the Muse

      ha fey no problem ;-D I normally carry those small wisps around with me, have you tried those? Good one until we can get our hands on Toothy tabs ;D

  • Eli

    Not really sure what the purpose is, except for travel issues. And, hey, wasn’t Gorilla a perfume?! How come they’re scented with a perfume?

    • the Muse

      eli they aren’t scented with a perfume, it’s a spearmint/mint taste like toothpaste. Hope this helps!

    • Jennifer

      Dirty is a fragrance line from Gorilla Perfumes (Lush’s perfume side of their company) The range has a proper spray and solid perfume, hair gel, shaving cream, shower gel, body spray and these toothy tabs. Each part is supposed to be layered together to create the whole Dirty scent (in the perfume form) so the gel, shaving cream, body spray and shower gel each have part of the scent components in them to make up the full scent. The scent itself is spearminty so these toothy tabs are in the same kind of scent but isn’t perfume at all.

      • the Muse

        I think most of us know this already Jennifer. I remember when Dirty was part of the B Never. thanks for the update though for those who haven’t been introduced to dirty before.

  • rowan

    they’re quite good. they taste like herbal minty medicine haha, but there’s no aftertaste. left my mouth feeling very clean, and teeth looking shiny and bright!

  • Kristen

    Ooh, I won’t endorse this until I see that there is fluoride in them! I am in the dental field and using toothpaste without fluoride is a big no no, no matter what people say about it being bad for you!

  • Catheryne

    Hi from Germany, I just used them today and they are great! Very minty, a tad grainy, but your teeth are squeaky clean after you used them. Plus, for a moment the scent od their “Dirty” perfume lingers in your mouth – which is quite minty itself. Overall, a nice to have product, but no necessity. It will be great for festivals or spontanous weekend trips though.

    Kindest Regards, Catheryne

    PS: Love your Blog! I follow it for a couple of weeks now and discovered violet primer here – the perfect solution for my fair and sometimes dull skin :-D! Thank you!

    • the Muse

      omg catheryne how awesome ;-D that’s fab news! ;-D I use it religiously as my skin is way dull particularly this winter ;-D Yay! Thanks for following, nice to meet you! I think it’ll make a fun travel item ;-D thanks for telling us more hun!

  • Cara

    haha such a space saver and great for travelling! My fiance is actually a dentist and he thinks its a great idea. 😀

  • aysha

    im usin one right now lol cost £1.97 for a pack of 19 (why not 20 i dont know lol!)
    they taste kinda weird, i gess coz its alotttttt more natural than normal toothpaste, n i dont like the dry chalky feeling against my teeth as i crush it up.. but im gona use the box up n see if they make my teeth any whiter 🙂

  • aFLOORable

    I’ve tried these tabs and they’re brilliant!
    There are quite a lot of different flavours but I bought Dirty because I like mint for toothpaste. After brushing my teeth my mouth felt really clean and fresh. And it might be my imagination, but my teeth seemed a bit whiter too! So I’ll definately recommend this product to anyone :).

  • Lisa

    i have the sparkle ones and they are amazing they make your teeth so white where other toothpastes recommended by dentists don’t i love them, i haven’t tried dirty yet but if they are as good as sparkle i will =]

  • kitkat

    Plus it helps keep the empty tubes out of the landfill they don’t biodegrade.