March 17, 2011

NYX HD Foundation Review & Swatches

As you know NYX has a new range of HD products including a brilliant primer that I’m loving! Have you tried? Whatcha think?

I’ve been a little slow getting my review forward on the NYX HD Foundation as it was kinda a testing process that took me all over the board. I’ve been wearing it on and off for several weeks and had a reader ask me about the review….

I think it’s about time I gave the word!

Check it!

Foundation formulated from HD photogenic synthesis. This foundation reflects the light to make skin appear smooth and reduce the appearance of pores. The foundation covers skin flawlessly with tri-peptides infused to promote collagen generation, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate skin.

I think price point is a good way to lead into this review as many of you are concerned and possibly shocked that NYX, which is normally a budget friendly brand, has a $15 price tag. OMG! Everyone run in circles and scream. Let’s not panic. Broken down you’re looking at 1.26 oz of foundation for $15 versus say your favorite Make Up For Ever foundation at a mere 1 oz for $40. See? We are still very much on the budget friendly track here.

Unlike Make Up For Ever’s HD range, sorry peeps, have to say it, I did not feel like NYX HD Foundation was greasy. Yes, yes, yes, I feel like MUFE’s version feels really greasy and oily on my skin, of course this is when they first launched the range maybe its change since than but my first try with it was “Ew! Oily!” I didn’t experience that with NYX’s version.

The formula has a runny texture which mimics that of the primer. In some aspects I want to say that the foundation and primer have the same texture and feel, kinda hard to explain, but sort of rubbery, like a second skin. It smooths on brilliantly well and absorbs oh so easily while smoothing out imperfections pretty well but only minor ones.

On top of the primer, it wears a solid 6 hours at the very least. That’s alot considering foundation outside of BB Creams normally oxidize fairly fast on me. Without the primer? I’m looking at about the same wear time. It just has a certain knack for sticking around rather well.

Pigmentation is good but correct me if you opinion differs here, I personally felt like it was somewhat sheer. It didn’t feel very buildable and the color perfects skin but doesn’t necessarily conceal problem areas should you have them. Don’t quote me there, but that’s how I felt. The formula absorbs a little too quickly and doesn’t leave enough color pay off behind to really conceal issues should you have them. I wouldn’t say it was medium or full coverage but leans towards lighter wear. The formula wears very lightweight unlike other HD products I’ve tried, it feels comfortable sans a greasy, oily feel or finish. The finish feels semi-matte but has a hydrating formula that works well with my dry skin.

The foundation comes in a pump which worked perfectly well. No worries about pumping out enough foundation to cover your body with.

I got the shade 3 aka Natural to try out and was sorely disappointed that it was so orange and muddy. Natural should have been right smack in the middle of where my skin normally is, not quite cool toned and not quite warm toned, just in the middle of the two. Snooki orange was not what I expected when I though of Natural 3.

I haven’t seen the other shades so not sure how those will turn out.

  • Anyone seeking a cheaper HD foundation for taking photos or looking for a base that perfects (the product actually photographs really well and it’ll blur out minor imperfections in front of a camera but in real life, well, you’ll pretty much see your problem areas such as fine lines, pores, etc….I simply think the product is too sheer to actually cover these types of issues up).
  • Anyone wanting to perfect their skin but not necessarily wanting to conceal problems (if you already have a fairly woe free skin type this will make it look better but won’t conceal problem areas such as acne scarring, acne, larger pores, finer lines, etc…).
  • Those wanting good, strong and long wear from their foundation (six hours in isn’t too shabby).

  • Those used to NYX’s normally cheaper price line (yup, $15 could prove a little too much for some if they are already used to paying 65%-75% less for their NYX but compared to other HD products, it’s a steal).
  • Those wanting an HD foundation that will make them look flawless on and off camera (I wouldn’t call this complete perfect but it does ok for itself).

I’m somewhat torn here as NYX HD Foundation has some finer points and some quirks that prevent me from saying, “YOU need this!” It’s a good foundation that performs fairly well particularly because of its long wear but I just felt like the coverage was a little lacking here which isn’t necessarily bad for me as I don’t like to wear heavy foundation but it could prove a deal breaker for those that depend on foundation to conceal minor to major skin problems.

Good formula, overall nice finish, damn fine wear time, could use a bit more pigment. If the lack of pigment doesn’t bother you, I’d recommend checking it out. You might be surprised to find yourself liking it more than MUFE!

Anyone try it?


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  • deb

    I also purchased shade 03 (online), it was way to dark on me. I agree with your review, too sheer and somewhat runny. I think if I had gotten the correct shade to begin with I would have been happy with it. I didn’t try to re-order though.

    • the Muse

      deb I think I prob would have been happier if I got a better shade as well!

  • leslie

    I too purchased shade 3 online! I’m around an NC25 and was horrified when I put it on and looked very Snooki-like. Otherwise, I probably would like it as a lighter coverage everyday foundation. Maybe towards the end of summer when I’m tanner I can make it work.

    • the Muse

      leslie same here. the natural I thought would be spot on but it was too muddy-orange. overall, what did you think of the foundation formula?

  • Nunuiviet

    A HD version foundation of makeupforever for those with light wallets!

  • Wendy A :)

    Thanks for the review I always wonder about NYX foundations but I have to say that my mineral makeup looks better by the day especially now that my skin went crazy on me, I do wonder about HD makeup but MUFE is stupidly expensive and these to be honest dont have a shade for me, sometimes I’m better off buying regular foundation from the drugstore because they actually match.
    Thanks Muse-Hugs.

  • mee

    Hi Muse,

    I really want to try this but I’m not sure what is the right shade for me. Can you give me recommendation? I’m NC 30-35. Will natural would work on me?

    Thank you 🙂

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure mee. I don’t use mac foundation so not familiar with the shades. Sorry 🙁

  • bambooflower

    mee, I just got this in 04 (Sand Beige) and it is a little light for me (I think I am NC35) – I am going to get 07 (Warm Sand) and mix the two. those are the only ones with a yellow undertone. I think 04 sand beige is probably nc25-nc30. if you have a cooler or more neutral undertone, 03 natural could work for you. (if you look at swatches, 03 natural is darker than 04 sand beige! misleading, i know) If you want a comparison between colors, you can see swatches here:

    or here:

    (these photos came from the nyx facebook page)

    Muse, it looks like 03 natural is darker than 04 sand beige! their website swatches are waaaay off – I did not know this until after I received my order unfortunately. 🙁 Maybe you’d be better off with 02 – 03 does look very orange.

    HTH! this is my first time commenting on your page but i’ve often visited here for your great reviews!

  • Felicia

    I bought this on E-bay for a total of about $11 a real steal! I have the HD 04 color, and it is just a little bit darker than my skin, just a very, very tiny bit darker. It actually blends really well into my skin. I haven’t taken pictures with it on yet, but it does cover my skin nicely. The pump is amazing, I have not over pumped the foundation yet. I like the pigmentation, it is enough to look natural and cover my small flaws, but I agree with you that this has more of a light coverage, as I still need to use my concealer. What is also great about this is that it doesn’t settle into my creases as much as other foundations do.

  • nancy

    muse, did you use the NYX HD STUDIO PHOTOGENIC PRIMER or just the foundation? I have dry skin, and I don’t know what the function of the primer is. thanks, muse!

  • Sonia

    I got 03 natural n it matches perfect for my nc 30. It doesnt come out orange on me. Great foundation.

  • Jacqueline Nixon

    I bought the 06 and I’m olive skinned with major yellow undertones. Anywhere from an NC25-NC40 (right now I’m tanner, my summer tan hasn’t faded yet). And the 06 goes on perfectly and matches flawlessly but ends up oxidizing a half shade darker and orange-ish. I might go for the 03, since it’s the closest I could find to the 06 but lighter. I haven’t had the issue of a foundation oxidizing weird on me before. I only have experience with foundations from: Neutregena, Estee Lauder, Studio Gear, and MAC.

    You should try the studio gear flawless foundation! It’s great for winter as it’s dewy but with a bit of light powder it stays on for the whole day! I get compliments ALL the time when I wear that stuff, it’s amazing.!

  • Em

    I’m a N3-N4 in MAC (pale, I know) and NUDE 01 fits my skin perfectly 🙂

  • yelitza perez

    Whoa muse! that glob of foundation looks oompa loompa against your porcelain skin. I’ll have to check out if there are neutral tones in the line…