March 31, 2011

SinCare: Are You A Skincare Sinner?

Not drinking enough water? Smoking? Going without SPF? Not washing your makeup off at night?


Well, we all commit one sin or another against our skin in some shape or form, hell, some of commit more than one, for shame.

Sincare calls us out on our deadly skin sins and gives us a way to correct our skin in the form of a booster serum that you can use prior to moisturizing to enhance your skin and erase the signs of aging, that second cocktail you had during the weekend, or the stress of a long day.

Let’s check out the eight skin sins you may be comitting and the eight ways that Sincare promises to help you!

Sin #1 Smoking
I’m personally not a smoker but I’m around alot of people that are. One of my x-boyfriend’s was Dutch and the man was never seen without rolling papers. Complete Euro experience to the max when I was with him but not so great for my skin, clothes, and hair.



This concentrated serum targets the impacts of smoking on your skin! So if you’re a smoker or you’re around smokers this will do the trick at restoring your skin (or so it promises).

Key Ingredients
Moringa Seed assists with purification, Germinated Rye Seed helps to prepare skin for the stress of smoking while Hibiscus Seed Extract assists with limiting muscle cell contractions –helping to reduce wrinkles. Smokers’ Secret also contains a cocktail of vitamins, herbs and antioxidants to assist with supporting the skin.

Sin #2 Sun Damage
I’m SPF’ing myself to an early grave. Rain, shine, or snow, SPF is always essential as far as I’m concerned but some folks aren’t as religious with it. Meet my sister who has the perfect olive skin and thinks SPF is completely unnecessary, GASP!



Exposure to the sun is the number one cause of premature aging and skin damage. This little gem promises to help skin that’s been overly exposed to the sun!

Key Ingredients
Sun Goddess contains cosmeceutical ingredient Phytosphingosine, which has been tested on photo-aged skin. Phytosphingosine aids in increasing collagen synthesis and assists with reinforcing the (DEJ) dermal-epidermal junction – a must have for improving sun damaged skin. Also contains a vitamin and antioxidant cocktail.

Sin#3 High Sugar Diet
I’m not a terribly big sweet person but take me to Britain and I get a little crazy. I have a serious problem when it comes to Lion Bars, Cadbury Clusters, and just about every other lovely little chocolate found in the UK.



According to Sincare…

Sugar consumption is a major cause of premature aging and is believed to cause almost as much premature aging as the sun. Sugar causes collagen within the skin to stiffen, which in turn causes wrinkles, a process called glycation. Sugar consumption can make skin look sallow and increase free radicals, the natural enemy of beautiful skin.


Key Ingredients
Glycogen and Uva Ursi Leaf assist in protecting the skin against sugar intake (glycation).They also fight free radicals. Lychees assist with promoting a revitalised, brighter and more radiant complexion.

Sin #4 Stress
My father says you’re not American unless you’re stressed out. He’s obviously testimony to a true laid back European as the man never so much as hiccups in sticky situations. I’d like to think I took after him because very little gets me upset or stressed out even though my job can put on alot of pressure. For the most part, you prob have some stress factor in your life or another so this serum is for you!



Key Ingredients
Marine Glycogen assists with stimulating oxygen consumption, helping to restore energy to the skin. Lychees assist with stimulating radiance, Pineapple helps to reduce signs of fatigue while Rosemary assists with combating skin stress and assists with neutralising free radicals. Chlorella Vulgaris and Lupinus Albus assists with strengthening the cellular complex and stabilising the skin.

Sin #5 Fatigue/Lack of Sleep
Guilty as charged. There aren’t enough hours to get it all done. Work, my life, and my blog don’t allow for alot of sleep but I try to get my eight hours or I’ll end up grumpy. The weekend comes and I seriously get very little sleep. So this serum might be the one I need!



Key Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid instantly moisturises and aids in decreasing the appearance of fine lines, while Lychees help to promote radiance and improve the complexion. Horsechestnut assists in reducing puffiness. Pineapple assists with revitalisation and helps to diminish signs of fatigue while Rosemary combats skin stress and aids in neutralizing of free radicals.

Sin #6 Sports Fatigue
Overexerting yourself with exercise and sports? Can’t say I’m a big sports person but those who are might find this serum will help add extra support to your perfect diet and great exercise regime!



Key Ingredients
Glycophosphoprotein aids in restoring the appearance of vitality and youthfulness. Natural anti-wrinkle ingredient Hibiscus Seed Extract gives the skin that extra boost helping to keep skin toned. Laminaria Digitata and Chrondrus Crispus increase suppleness and supply mineral salts and oligoelements to the skin.

Sin #7 Time Poor
Want to rewind time and start reversing the signs of aging? This serum is the one for you particularly for those too busy to take proper care of their skin!



Key Ingredients
Natural cosmeceutical Hibiscus Seed Extract (Myoxinol), aids in limiting muscle cell contractions which are a main cause of mechanical wrinkles, helping to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles. Lychees work to increase the appearance of radiance by brightening the complexion.

Sin #8 Smog/City Living
Smog, City living, traffic….Yup, I’m a New York girl so I’m dealing with all that and more!



Key Ingredients
Anti-Pollution System™ (A.P.S) containing hydrolysed wheat protein, Biotin and Tilia Cordata Wood extract helps to reduce skin stress. Oxygen Complex™ aids in stimulating oxygen consumption and helps to restore energy reserves. Ginseng extract enhances skin vitality. Yeast assists the skin’s defense system while antioxidants protect against free-radical attack.

Each serum is $71 and change and available at

I haven’t personally tried the line but count me curious as I can see several sins I’ve committed on this list.

What about you?

Are you committing any serious skincare sins?

Think these serums might help?

I’m dead curious as I’ve tried it all by now, something new sounds good!

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  • Frankie.N

    Hmmm, Im an insomniac and I am WAY too stressed out 99% of the time. I may buy a few, its a pretty penny though, Id like to know if they work first. Hmmmmmmmm…..

    • the Muse

      aw frankie chill dear ;-D don’t be stressed *hugs* same here, I’m wary of splurging if it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  • Cj

    I’m bad at making sure I’m using SPF :$ Every product I’ve tried with a semi high SPF always leaves a greasy film on my face. Thankfully the foundation I use the most has a SPF 15… Some is better than none right lol? The $71 price tag on these also hurt a little lol

  • Amy

    So what is a girl to do if she is guilty of more than one sin? Most serums take up to two weeks to start seeing effects and I switch up sins faster than that! Forget the individual sin thingys! I need a serums for the really bad girls! I couldn’t limit myself to just one; I need it all. Except smoking. I’m bad to my skin but not stupid.

    • the Muse

      amen amy ;-D I need the age rewind, the sleep one…and a few others…can’t we just get a sin all serum? ;D!

  • winni

    Um hello, can I get all of them?? Except the exercise one, god forbid I break a sweat! Lol!

      • winni

        It’s weird, both of my grandmothers were smokers (oh yeah, and so was Coco Chanel), and they had gorgeous skin and lived to 89 and 93. I’m not a smoker, but I do hang out with some sometimes, and have occasionally indulged while traveling. It’s a thing that makes me go hmmmm. My (french) grandmother used to scoff at what she deemed *american paranoia* of smoking, eating fat and drinking wine! Ha! Not that I’m encouraging smoking, I’m most certainly not. I personally don’t like to smell like a smoked ham! 🙂

        • the Muse

          winni I think I tried once in high school as both my best friends were smokers back than. but it did nothing for me but somehow seems so romantic sometimes or am I nuts? Alot of my friends smoke but I find the smell awful and just feel it’s generally bad :-/ but yup, most Europeans are all about it ;-D!

  • Melissa

    Can I just have the cute boxes? LOL I’m a multi-sinner so they do need an all-sin serum. Remember blue q was your sins away soap? loved that stuff

  • jonnie

    Well, I run a lot, and I don’t sleep enough… but stressssss…. oh boy. Stress is killing my face (among other things). I went into Sephora almost in tears a couple weeks ago, because my skin has been so blotchy and itchy to the point of being painful sometimes. For several months now…

    Anyway, I walked out of there with a Clairsonic Mia, some Peter Thomas Roth serum, some First Aid Beauty cream, and Fresh soy cleanser… my skin isn’t totally itch/pain free but it is helping a lot.

    And that was a long way of saying if there’s a serum that really does help stressed skin, please sign me up…

    • the Muse

      aw jonnie ;-D sounds like the stressed one is for you ;-D I’m dead curious if it’ll work!!!!!! plus all that retail you did at Sephora had to help lol!

  • Cara

    OMG this is hilarious and so necessary! I love the packaging… I hope they come out with some sort of sincare customization cause I need the high sugar diet, stress and fatigue all rolled in one please 😛

  • Jessica

    I’ve tried a few of these. The smoking serum was sort of a joke gift because I’m friends with and related to a lot of smokers and my skin reacts by becoming even more dry.
    I liked the texture of it and how it sunk in to my skin.
    The Smog/City living is great too. I really liked these serums but personally I didn’t notice much of a difference between them, or maybe I didn’t use them long enough because I have a serious addiction to Dior’s One Essential Serum.
    Why did you have to mention Cadbury? Now I want a Curly Wurly.

    • the Muse

      hey jessica! I’m kinda gagging to try them out, they sound terribly interesting ;-D!!!!!!

      ugh curly wurly I’m listening to my tummy grumble!

      • Jessica

        They tend to run specials so keep checking.
        I have a cadbury stash at home! Mmm curly wurly.

        • the Muse

          do they!? THANKS! what sort? Not me, thank god. My best friend Libby tends to over do it when she sends care packages from London, I’m going to start refusing her packages ;D!

          • Jessica

            The first serum was a gift but I was able to get the city/smog one for $32 plus shipping through a special offer email.
            My friends over do it with the cadbury parcels too! I’m like no more guys!

          • the Muse

            ha ;-D My last one was from my mate Rowena for a Doctor Who party I had thrown, she sent enough stuff to feed a small army ;-D oh sweet $32 is very affordable!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Doctor Who! LOVE! I had a marathon of it the other night while playing with some Pop Beauty goodies

  • Charlie

    Gosh I need them all, only can pick one but which one… I’ve eliminated what can easier be found cheaper i.e. stress and sleep. Down to smoke or sun

    As a marketer I simply love the way its sold! They’re $80-ish atm.

    How do you know which one works without a degree like Muffin Lab, or reading up many journals?

    Can’t find your link to the reviews?