March 10, 2011

Tarte 8th World of Wonder Best of the Amazon 7 Piece Clay Collection June & October Installments/Shipments

Note: Please do not repost these images on other sites or forums without e-mailing me first. Thank you!

Ok, I was going to wait on this post because I wanted to get ALL the info before I posted it. But I’m going to burst if I have to sit on it for much longer!

Click ahead for images of the next installments of the Tarte 8th World of Wonder Best of the Amazon 7 Piece Clay Collection!

As you know if you’re purchasing the Tarte 8th World of Wonder Best of the Amazon 7 Piece Clay Collection from QVC you have the option to lock in the low price ($48) and get additional sets sent to you in June and October. You won’t be able to get these sets again as they are only available with the Auto Ship during the Today’s Special Value premiere on QVC. Of course, if you want the one time shipment you can go with that as well but the better deal is the auto ship in my humblest. Each auto ship is billed separately at the time of shipment so no worries you have to pay in advance for them.

ALOT of curiosity was generated about what would be in the next two installments and I’m happy to say I’m the first to post exclusive images of the next upcoming sets.

I don’t have the full details on shades yet but I was bursting and couldn’t wait to post the images so I’ll follow up later today with official word on the shades.

One thing I noticed about the sets is each has a new brush! I was quite happy about the idea of getting a different brush with each of the three shipments along with new blush, eyeshadow, lipgloss, and new eyeliner shades but not only the brushes and shades change, you also get a new bag with each shipment!

I can’t post high res images within this post as it would overtake the entire page but you can click on each below and it will bring you to a FULL resolution of the images for each kit so you can get an extra up close look of the colors!

Wow! This really is turning into a killer set in my humblest.

Anyway, I promise to update later today with the full details or tomorrow on the shades.

To order the set early you can do so by using item number A212775 for a one time shipment or to get the additional sets as shown above use item number A216307 at

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  • Jen

    Nice! Guess I will be keep my AD order. HA!!!! Thanks for the sneak peak!! *clapping*

  • Lisa

    Would def like to know the names of the blush shades. Was just about to place an order from Sephora for Blissful, Tipsy, and Natural Beauty so don’t want to get a duplicate.

    These sets have me giddy like a school girl!!!! I can’t wait till June and October!!!!!!

    • the Muse

      will def update lisa ;-D promise!!!!!!! me too! ha! Haven’t been this excited about a TSV in a while!

      • Lisa

        I quit buying tarte after receiving a set that had a bag with glued on glitter and a palette with hot glued satin ribbon. The tacky packaging litterally sent me packing. That was almost 5 years ago. In the past week alone I have purchased this set, and Maracuja oil. And I am eyeing the Achiote duo and some blushes from Sephora. I cannot say enough about the complete 180 that tarte has done in my opinion!

        • the Muse

          Lisa that’s a great success story! so sorry to hear about the crummy packaging 🙁 Perhaps it was a fluke!? They def have changed considerably in the last two years or so! The line has been almost had a complete revamp 😀

          • Lisa

            Def not a fluke. I think they just chose tacky packaging. Like arts and crafts style. But worse. They were on par with Stila and Cargo and Urban Decay but tried to cut corners with packaging which made them almost worse than a drugstore brand. As much as we pay for these products, they should spend time designing something we’d be proud to show. I love the bamboo look. They are on their way back on top. I love the new Tarte!

          • the Muse

            aw so sorry Lisa 🙁 I can’t believe it! Never had that experience with Tarte before 🙁

          • Laurie

            The bag that comes with this set is nice and cushy and a quality. It is much better than the flimsy pink bag that came with the Mally TSV in Dec.

  • Susan

    This is great!! Thanks for posting! (I caved and preordered on A-D yesterday)

  • Kelly M

    Wow! Woweee! YAY! Thanks! Different brushes & bags. This is totally a keeper! The foundation is a little drying for me but I’m going to keep on playing with it. Maybe I’m putting it on wrong or something. Either way this set is totally worth it even if I don’t use the foundation! Thanks for the sneak peak now the trouble is waiting =)!

  • Kat

    I was teetering on this….You have officially pushed me over to the buy it side (actually it was more of a shove than push!)

  • Julee

    Thanks Muse! You are the best! I wish there was a little more variation on the colors though. They are kind of all in the same range. I will be keeping my AD though! I found the foundation a little drying too but it goes on easy and blends well. I think I will like it better once the warmer weather comes and my skin is less dry.

    • the Muse

      My pleasure Julee looks like the one, for me, that stands out is the 1st shipment ;-D the colors are really pretty…but the others look more nude which I’m cool with as lately I’m going out of my bolder makeup looks ;-D haven’t tried the foundation yet Julee but I’m like you my skin gets alot less dry and a bit oilier in the summer ;-D so I may experience the same!

      • winni

        I even called QVC to make sure there isn’t a problem with my order! haha. And with clay in the foundation I’d kinda expect it to be good for oilier skin…which is ME! yay!

  • KayKay

    Thanks for this post. You and my fellow beauty lover and friend Jen made me cave and place my order. Jen even emailed me your post to make sure I was paying attention! Thanks Jen! LOL!

    I can’t wait to get it and the future shipments. Thanks for providing the close-up pictures.

  • Carrie

    Thanks for sharing this info!! I can’t wait to find out more about the blush, eye and lip shades in the upcoming shipments. I already have my 1st shipment, and I’m thinking about ordering another because I love it so much! I’m very pleasantly surprised that the brush changes each time. I also love that we get a new bag each time- for some reason I thought we only got a bag in the first shipment.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure carrie ;-D did you see my updated post it has all the deets for the shades ;-D! So happy to hear how excited you are :D!

  • Andrea

    Oh, Muse…I love you. 🙂 You know what the ladies want and you give it to ’em! I’m really excited about these other shipments, especially for the brushes.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for all of the info Muse! I have run into a problem though on QVC’s end…they are saying the “Fair” and “Light” shades on Auto Delivery are sold out!! Conveniently the “Fair” and “Light” are available for single purchase, but not at the TSV price. I hope that they will become available on Monday!

  • Chelsea

    Do you know if the June shipment is the olive palette, or the brown?

  • Joan

    Do you know the name of the shade that is going to in the October collection? I’m hoping it’s a new shade exclusive to QVC and not one that’s available in the market already.