April 18, 2011

Mark Change is Gonna Come Foaming Body Exfoliator Review

Scrub a dub, dub time to get Winter’s dead skin off this body. My knees, elbows, and legs have been hibernating under warm Winter clothes and suffering the dry, flaky effect for most of the cold weather. It seems impossible to get my skin enough moisture and hydration during the cold season.

Time to shake the dead skin off and start getting softer, smoother skin for Summer.

Mark Change is Gonna Come Foaming Body Exfoliator might do the trick?!


A foaming body exfoliating scrub to get dry skin back in shape!

This chubby little bottle houses a brown sugar scrub that has finely milled grains of sugar to get dry skin back in order again. At $12 this will prove a nice budget option for getting smoother skin.

The formula has a very, very subtle fresh scent. It’s a runnier brown shade with bits of grainy brown sugar embedded in the mix. I really like grainy scrubs but don’t like super chunky bits and bobs in the mix which is why this is considerably nicer as the grains are very tiny which makes the scrub easier to use and less abrasive on my skin. I use it on my knees and elbows (the driest parts of my body) and it gets them quite smooth without stripping my skin or leaving it drier. As you scrub the formula lathers up a bit which makes it even easier to work with in my opinion as it doesn’t feel greasy or oily and glides easily on the skin.

No bad here, worked a treat at smoothing our dry, flaky areas, what more could a girl want?

  • Those who like a finely milled grainy scrub with smaller sugar grains rather than larger, abrasive ones.
  • Those seeking a scrub that doesn’t have a greasy, oily feel (this lathers up nicely without oil).
  • Those with sensitive skin (if you prefer a scrub with smaller grains of sugar rather than larger, abrasive pieces of sea salt this is for you).

  • Anyone who prefers an oily scrub (if you prefer your scrub with an emollient, oily feel this might not be for you a la Philosophy Body Scrubs)

Overall Mark Change is Gonna Come is a refreshing change from my heavier body exfoliaters. The texture does just the trick at removing drier areas without over stripping and the lack of oils in the formula makes for a safer shower experience (those Philosophy scrubs are lethal, hello slip and slide action). The smaller grains of sugar are also gentler on my dry skin where as some scrubs have chunkier salt which leaves my skin raw or red.

This is a nice lightweight scrub that gets skin soft and won’t kill your wallet.

Quite a likey!

Mark Change is Gonna Come will be available from www.meetmark.com in May!