April 18, 2011

Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup Review, Swatches, Photos

The new Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup Palette is making its way around the Beauty Blogsphere. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard about it a bit already eh?

When I originally saw it I thought it was some sort of massive palette but was pleasantly surprised it was quite small and travel friendly. It basically includes an entire week of makeup in one super easy to use palette so you’ll have a brand new, fresh look starting on Monday and following right through to Sunday.

I think they released the kit at such a great time as you might be preparing for a Spring Break holiday soon or even a Summer one and this gives you the essentials for several looks without heavy, bulky packaging.

Let’s take a look!

A palette featuring 21 eyeshadows, 7 cheek powders, and 8 lipglosses for a makeup look a day, all week!

I think the size of the palette was a pleasant little surprise for me. I saw it in stock images but it appeared larger.  Turns out it’s all of six inches in length, think of a CD case but a bit longer. Mind you, I don’t mind a large palette but they prove clumsy to use and bulky to travel with sometimes so the size of this was quite ideal for carrying on shorter holidays and trips. The palette is the traditional light green Pixi shade with a sweet rose design on the cover. It flips open to reveal a full size mirror and Wednesday though Thursday’s makeup in neat little rows. Two stealthy side drawers with ribbon pulls are located on either side of the palette which feature Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday’s makeup. The palette is designed in way that when it’s fully open you can view the days of the week in order.

For whatever reason Wednesday thru Friday feature two lipglosses where as Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Friday share a single shade. Dunno why…

The palette is made up in a way that you’ll have three shadows, one blush, and either one or two lipglosses to work with for your look. The looks you can create are simple and easy to do. You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do the looks and the shades are pigmented yet subtle enough that even those with a heavy hand can’t over do it. The shadows work in a simple three step system that allows you to highlight your brow and contrast two shades on your lid and crease, easy, done!

The shadows are soft and velvety with quite a nice punch of pigment. The blushes are a finely milled powder and blend out easily and leave behind a very nice flush of natural color without appearing overly done. I was surprised at the lipglosses as normally this is where palettes tend to fail and you end up with a hard texture gloss. Not the case here, the glosses are creamy and pigmented so they leave behind a nice bit of color with a glossy finish. The colors are soft enough to flatter fair skin yet pigmented enough to work on darker skin.

Quality wise you’re not lacking anything here unless you really love bolder shades. Most of the shades included are very nude and natural. Alot of browns, golds, and softer buttery beiges and yellows make up the palette. You also get traditional smoky shades which include black, silver, and gray however the most vibrant you’ll see here is a purple selection.

As you can see from some of the looks I created below all the shades are super work friendly and softly focused. I really have a soft spot in my heart at the moment for natural looks lately so these shades are so very me.

Although I love the size I find it slightly irritating that the shadows prove difficult to get at with a regular brush or a sponge applicator. Each well is very small so it’s difficult to wriggle your brush in to pick up color. The glosses and blush do not have this issue however the shadows do.

The glosses housed with the powder do make for a messy makeup experience as the makeup is very close together making powder kick up into the gloss. Since each divider in the palette features a plastic film to protect the colors I simply place this over the glosses when using the powders to avoid cross contaminating the gloss with powder kick up!

  • Aging eyes (the soft shades are very flattering and won’t age eyes further).
  • Those with dark circles or tired eyes (the softer shades will compliment your eyes but not emphasis problem areas).
  • Those who need work friendly makeup (the nuder, natural colors are ideal for the office environment).
  • Those heading on a quickie holiday or a weekend at the boyfriend’s (the size is so easy to travel with and takes minimal space but still gives you 21 eye shadows, 7 cheek powders, and 8 lipglosses to work with!).
  • Makeup newbies (the palette features shades that are easy to create looks with and contrast with each other easily taking the guess work out of pairing up various shades).
  • Those who like no nonsense makeup (If you wear lighter makeup this is really no nonsense and easy to apply)!

  • Those who do not like creams and powders to be housed in the same palette.
  • Those wanting more for less (At $34 this isn’t particularly cheap compared to other palettes of a similar size)

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with the Week of Wakeup Makeup Palette. I thought it was a refreshing change from the normal range of palettes that are out there and was quite delighted with the fact that they housed so much in such a tiny place. The shades proved easy to work with which I got on board with since sometimes I really don’t want to think too much about what to wear on my face in the morning, this takes the guess work out of makeup application.

I admit I did get slightly upset over the size of the shadow wells but it wasn’t so bad that it took away from the overall love I was feeling for the palette. The price of $34 seems a bit much considering the size of the makeup products inside however I’m disregarding that and just thinking of the quality and ease of use but I wouldn’t complain to much if they shaved say $6 or so off the price tag!

I’m kinda loving this little guy at the moment and feel like throwing a Muse Approved on it. I think anyone who loves simple makeup in lighter shades can easily love this.

I’m sorry for the lack of swatches but the palette proved difficult to swatch do to the smaller wells.

The Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup is available now at Target stores or online at www.Target.com and of course at pixibeauty.com

Do you think you’ll indulge in this palette?

Seen it at your local Target?

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  • Allysun

    Haha the shade named “Friday” got me stuck on that stupid song in my head! arghh xD

      • Jessi (Lacquered, Painted, Polished)

        Oh Musey! To be so innocent again! She isn’t taking about THAT song (and it is a fab song!). She is talking about the ear splitting lyrical masterpiece by 13 year old YouTube singing “sensation” Rebecca Black. I warn you not to listen to it; your life will never be the same. In a bad way.

        • the Muse

          oh gawd that song jessi? groan LOL I automatically think the cure when I hear Friday ;-D!

          • Jessi (Lacquered, Painted, Polished)

            And that’s the way it should be! The Cure made Friday awesome and that witch Rebecca Black took it away!

          • the Muse

            ha Jessi ;-D amen sis ;-D bless Robert Smith <3!

  • Isis

    my that’s pretty , as usual you look amaxing in the bronze shades;-)

  • Jessica

    I’ve been looking at this lately going hmmm should I? I already have their wakeup kit and as with all large palettes some things were hit or miss. I love Pixi products though. The tinted moisturizer is probably my most used product.

  • Esther

    Hi Muse, I just ordered this from ASOS.com last Thursday and can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂 Thanks for this lovely and detailed post 🙂 Have a great Easter weekend! 🙂

    • the Muse

      oh that’s great Esther, let me know what you think after you tried!