April 7, 2011

Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Massage Review

Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Massage is an oil-free massage gel with lettuce and cucumber extracts that provides water and nutrients to skin.

I’m a huge fan of the Lettuce & Cucumber Collection and it’s my skincare of choice for Summer. I’ve had the massage gel laying about for a while but I never actually sit around massaging my face. Anyone actually embrace the technique?

A facial massage facilitates blood circulation and relaxes skin while helping with wrinkles thus a massage gel with good glide is always helpful.

Gimmick? Who knows! Lush Cosmetics had instructions and a video for giving oneself a full face massage which proved interesting and many Asian products and magazines recommend such techniques but I honestly don’t have the patience for it…I’m already doing way TOO much with my skin as is, now I need to massage it too?

A water based massage gel that softens skin and allows glide for a facial massage.

I’ve only used this a handful of times but after my initial face massage try I suddenly just stuck to using it as a way to get a bit more hydration to my skin or as a prep for foundation.

The formula is a runny gel which has a high water content so it absorbs easily and leaves behind a cool, refreshed feel. My dry skin needs a heck of alot more moisture than this can provide but if you have oily skin or normal that doesn’t require too much moisturizer this is a refreshing base for your makeup or just as a lightweight moisturizer.

It has a fresh scent that’s very subtle. The formula is extra gentle and cooling on my skin so those with sensitive skin can take advantage.

The joy of the product would be most appealing to those who actually do embrace a facial massage technique as the product gives a nice glide and allows your hands to move freely around your face and skin.

It’s not a necessary purchase unless you actually do give yourself facial massages.

  • Those who give themselves or others facial massages.
  • Those interested in a lightweight moisturizer of sorts that can act as a prep for makeup or as a lighter moisturizer for warmer weather days or oily skin!

  • Those who aren’t keen shopping online or dealing with airmail (this is a Korean brand available in a few select Asian countries but not the US).

I think if you like and already use the Lettuce & Cucumber Collection you might like this but it is somewhat a useless product unless you’re actually one for facial massages. I happen to not be one of those people so the product is a bit useless. Oily skin might like it as a lightweight moisturizer!

Nothing wrong with it really but it doesn’t really prove useful for most folks.

Do you give yourself a facial massage?

Do share!

Skin Food is sold online at www.skinfood.sg and at www.yesstyle.com and finally Sasa.com also carries some of the line however most of shops DO NOT sell at retail prices and are considerably more expensive plus airmail fees.

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  • Cara

    This looks really refreshing. It’ll prolly feel so amazing after you refrigerate it. I reckon it’ll be great for reducing redness and puffiness!

  • courtney

    where does the lettuce come in? Sounds good but sounds like a gimmick!

    • the Muse

      supposedly includes nutrients from both cucumbers and lettuce courtney.

  • Rose

    face massage can be very helpful for headaches and reducing puffiness (it helps get rid of water bloat) I usually would do it when applying a face oil but this looks like it would be nice and refreshing esp in the summer if stored in the fridge.

    I think lettuce (like cucumbers) is supposed to help with puffiness but it’s not as popular

  • Jean Ski Moo

    If you don’t want to deal with shipping and online shops, you might want to check out your local Korean groceries. Most of the ones in my area carry a lot of lines, like Etude, etc. I don’t know if the sales people speak English, but it shouldn’t be too hard to just pick up what you want and get the price and walk out with what you want. It’s so much easier to be able to check the products out and they generally give out generous samples so you can check and see if you like other products as well. 🙂

  • coconana

    This looks rather interesting but I’d have to read a full ingredient list to see what kind of benefits it would have other than that of the actual facial massage.

    As an esthetician, I can fully speak to the absolute benefit of facial massage, if you’re doing it correctly. Some types of facial massage even incorporate lymphatic drainage techniques which are wonderful for sculpting the contours of the face. Personally, I perform a quick facial massage about once a week, either during the application of a cream mask, or using straight jojoba oil.

    It’s not one of those things you *have* to do, but it does help.

    I’m definitely gonna look into this one further, though, so thanks for the tip!

  • Mia

    Hello i have noticed that you have tried a fair amount of skin food products. i was wondering would you recommended this line as a whole? As is making a routine from their products? Are they really great and make a difference in the skin or are they just ok with adorable packaging? Thanks for any info!