April 5, 2011

Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Night Recharge Review

I’ve been testing out the new Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone range that recently launched at Sephora and feel like donning my big girl underoos in celebration to feel extra “super” ya know?

Must be my geeky good nature as the world super always translates into super hero and the Night Recharge from the Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Skincare is just that, totally a super hero.


A night treatment that brightens, smoothes, and renews.

I’m not sure whether to dub this a moisturizer or a serum. In formula it resembles a very lightweight moisturizer however not nearly hydrating enough for my dry skin thus I’ve taken to using it as a serum of sorts that I apply after my normal skincare or if possible (and the results are best when used this way) I use it on its own.

The product promises to increase moisture however it doesn’t quite do that for me. It feels really nice on my skin, absorbs easily, and does a little something particularly brilliant that I’ll share with you in a sec however in regards to increasing moisture, well, I didn’t actually see that happen.

The product has an interesting scent kinda herbal and fresh, very nice without being overpowering. To test it out I started using it as my only treatment in the evening aside from eye cream. As the weeks progressed I started doing my normal Philosophy Miracle Worker Regime and using this as a last step in my skincare.

What does it actually do?

I literally makes your skin glow. One of the ingredients, astaxanthin (abundant in red algae), is a powerful antioxidant that gives salmon and shrimp their pretty pink shade and that’s kinda what it does for my skin. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl but skincare takes patience and time before you actually see results however Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Night Recharge is an instant result. My skin turns a rather delightful, healthy shade of pink after use and my dull skin eases every so slightly. I loved the results so much I started using this in the day on a freshly cleansed face and just left the house sans makeup (a touch of concealer was in order).

The product comes housed in a pump style bottle which distributes just the right amount of product without excess. On first try I noticed my skin tingled a bit and they do recommend doing a spot test prior to applying all over your face so do practice caution when using this.

The end result is a freshly scrubbed face look and honestly, for me, that natural, just cleaned look is always a great base for makeup!

It doesn’t quite hydrated as much as I’d like it too.

I’ve had a hard time implementing it into my nightly regime since I already have alot going on. I wish it had some anti-aging benefits.

To maintain your makeup optional skin you’ll have to use this daily otherwise dullness, lackluster skin, etc…will return.

  • Anyone seeking makeup optional skin (used daily your skin will have a beautiful glow!).
  • Anyone seeking a lightweight night treatment to ease dullness and make your skin blush beautifully!
  • Women in their mid to late twenties who are experiencing dullness (if your skin is still in its prime and doesn’t quite need anti-aging skincare this is a nice way to ease dullness and give you makeup optional skin).

  • Those looking at an anti-aging night treatment.
  • Those who are sensitive (be sure to spot test prior to application all over your face)

I really enjoyed Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Night Recharge and felt it gave me a really gorgeous glow and makeup optional skin particularly since my skin is so terribly dull and needs something to make it glow again. The product is best suited for women ranging from 25-35 that are experiencing dullness or tired, stressed out skin. If you’re one that wants “right now!” results this will deliver.

Likey alot.

Has a few quirks I didn’t love but overall deserves a Muse Approval for delivering super fast results plus a formula free of mineral oil, parabens, and not tested on animals should make it extra appealing!

Anyone try the Super Skincare Collection?

Any favs?

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Available exclusively at sephora.com

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  • Vijaya

    I smelled this and OMG, I fell in love with the scent. Didn’t wind up buying though. xP

    • the Muse

      it smells rather awesome right? At first I was like mmm what is that not sure I like it but as I started using it I kinda started digging it. Any idea what the heck it might be Vijaya?

      • Vijaya

        The salesperson told me that it was the smell of Red Algae, actually. I was fascinated, because I never thought of algae as having an attractive smell.

        • the Muse

          me either vijaya I’m thinking gross seaweed smell ;D! but this smells amazingggggg!

  • Larie

    Intriguing! I had a sample of the Perricone face finishing moisturizer though, and I am not a fan…but I guess that doesn’t mean all of their products are mediocre. I’ll have to give them another shot ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the Muse

      haven’t tried the face finishing moisturizer Larie ;-D but really love this ;D!

  • Sarah T

    I’ve tried out a few products from Super and so far this one is my favorite along with Daylight Savings (being released this week) and Bright Eyed. I also am IN LOVE with their body toning serum as my daily moisturizer. Since it’s paraben free it’s one of the only moisturizers I’m not afraid to drench my body in!

    • the Muse

      Hey Sarah about ready to indulge in Daylight Savings myself, it looks amazing ;D!

  • regina

    im 21 does it work well for early twenties or do you recommend a better nighttime product for my age?

    • the Muse

      regina it’s find for your age however be aware if you’re sensitive and do a spot test.

  • Cara

    I love the SUPER line…everything smells so great and its natural! ๐Ÿ˜€ Haven’t tried this product yet though. MUST GET!

  • Audris

    Interesting. I’m taking Krill Oil that has asthaxanthin in it ๐Ÿ™‚ Never tried a skincare product with it though.