April 11, 2011

Super by Dr. Perricone Super Bright Eyed with Melon Carotenoids Review

When I was little my mum always told me to eat my carrots because they were good for my eyes. Of course, she was referring to maintaining good vision but I kinda wish she meant that it would keep my eyes bright, wrinkle-free, and youthful!

Super Bright Eyed is one of several new skincare products that launched in the Super by Perricone Collection. The line features skincare products with superfood ingredients that deliver unsurpassed antioxidant potency to improve overall skin health.

Super Bright Eyed promises a hydrating, puff-free existence….

Does it work?

An eye treatment packed Cartenoids that primes, hydrates, and de-puffs making eyes look wide awake.

Super Bright Eyed lives a pareben and mineral oil free existence which makes it a very lightweight eye cream that will offer adequate moisture without feeling heavy or causing other under eye woe such as milia or a hooded eye look. Grabbing yourself a heavy duty eye cream to perform double duty at erasing fine lines and making you look amazing is always the order of business as you start noticing the first signs of aging but you should probably already be preparing for such by the time you’re in your twenties. Preventive measures help your skin to stay in tiptop shape but you don’t want to go too overboard and jump into an eye cream purchase that will cause problems. Richer eye creams tend to create a hooded effect or cause milia, tiny seeds similar to acne that develop around the eye area.

Super Bright Eyed is an excellent choice for those who want to start the anti-aging process and want a lightweight eye cream for daily use. I’m starting to experience the first signs of aging myself with finer lines under my eyes and puffiness that simply won’t ease up. Super Bright Eyed isn’t hydrating enough for me in general but I can easily get away with it as a lightweight AM eye cream as it’s very gentle and hydrates enough to give my concealer enough glide so it doesn’t crease. I like the product because it’s so light as many eye creams I use are very rich and cause a tired effect due to the strong ingredients in the product. Super Bright Eyed is a nice lightweight that performs well at easing puffiness slightly, making my eyes look more awake, and offering just enough hydration that my eyes look refreshed.

The formula is very refreshing. It’s light, a bit loose but not runny or watery, just thinner. It absorbs in a snap and leaves behind a dewy finish. I feel like my eyes look considerably less tired after application and fresher. I haven’t yet noticed any help with my finer lines but puffiness does ease up after use so that alone is well worth it for me!

I personally like this as an AM treatment and feel it’ll make a very good eye cream for Summer because of its a lighter formula.

It’s not as hydrating as I would like since my eyes are terribly dry but as an AM treatment it does just the trick to prime eyes for concealer.

  • Those in their early to late twenties.
  • Those with maturing eyes who want a lighter formula that won’t cause them to look more tired.
  • Those wanting to begin the anti-aging process.

  • Those with super dry eyes (you may need a bit more moisture).

Overall, Super Bright Eyed pretty much does what it’s names for, gives eyes a refreshed, brighter appearance. I liked how well it eased some of my puffiness and felt like it made a great daytime eye cream. For what it lacks in the moisture department it more than makes up for it in the depuff area plus makes my eyes look wide awake and happy. It’ll make an excellent pick for younger eyes as you really don’t need much more than this for more youthful eyes. Mature eyes will find it lightweight and refreshing and just right for daily use however may want to indulge in a bit more moisture to make up for it in the evenings.

Quite a likey!

It’s worth trying out a formula such as this are kinda rare.

The Super by Dr. Perricone Collection is available exclusively at www.sephora.com

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  • Mary the muse Militant

    That is scary about milia and hooded effect !!
    It is hard to know what sort of eye cream is good.
    Too rich as you said can cause problems, yet you need one rich enough to fend off dryness.
    I started using Macs Vibrancy eye and am sure it tightens the skin as it sure felt like it.
    It also seems to brighten under the eye.

    • the Muse

      mary I really have issues with stronger eye creams, totally get the tired hooded eye look if it’s too strong! I like vibrancy but I need ALOT more moisture than it offers!

  • Regina

    is there a good night eye cream for someone in the early twenties that wasnt to start the anti aging process?

    • the Muse

      that wasn’t to start regina? I don’t understand? most eye creams are anti-aging……

      • Regina

        oh, i dont know that i never used one before >< very inexperienced. so this eye cream can be used as night cream too right?

        • the Muse

          hi regina, you might wanna re-read the review as I gave alot of tips the best way to use it, so it might help to go over it again so you’re familiar with what it does and if it’s suitable for the problems you might have under your eyes such as dryness, fine lines, etc….Hope this helps!