May 18, 2011

Essence Sun Club Summer 2011 Collection


Summer’s almost here kids! w00t! Any blockbusters you’re wanting to see this Summer? This morning I was looking at the trailer for Fright Night and proceeded to yell in outrage that Colin Farrell had more scenes in it than Ten. No fair people….this is his first time in a Hollywood flick (HP doesn’t count) , give him some air time plus we are all lovin’ on that rather rad Criss Angel look he got going on there (not!). Yeah, well, after seeing their clothing of choice for him I’m thinking we need to haul this pic back out again!

Regardless, I’m such a fond fan of the original I’m really looking forward to the hot mess of a remake, it could be good…maybe?

How about you?

Any movies you’re looking forward to this Summer?

Or better yet what Summer 2011 Makeup Collections are you hyped about?

My beauty budget side wants to peep Essence Cosmetics Sun Club Collection, it looks cute!

Check it!

Essence Sun Club Glamour-To-Go Eyeshadow $3.49

  • South Beach
  • Long Beach

Essence Sun Club All Over Shimmer for Eyes, Face & Body $3.99

  • Blondes/Lighter Skin
  • Brunettes/Darker Skin

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder $3.99

  • Blondes/Lighter Skin
  • Brunettes/Darker Skin

Essence Sun Club 100% Splashproof Ultra Length & Curl Mascara $3.49

Essence Sun Club 100% Splashproof Eyeliner Pen $2.99

The Essence Sun Club Collection will be available at Ulta and is already available online at

I wants the palettes.

Anything for you?

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  • Tina

    I just got some Essence things the other day. 🙂 Sadly, my Ulta’s don’t have those items in store yet and online those eye palettes are out of stock. (wails)

    Their new nail polishes are to die for though…I see myself owning most of them. haha!

    • the Muse

      tina I am looking all over for them, wants ;-D! they look cute!

  • lexi

    I somehow stumbled upon these blonde-brunette bronzers a while back…I think they’re avail in the UK already (of course, right Musey?!?! we Yanks always miss out). I was immediately interested.
    I would like to check out these bronzers since they are matte. also, I just ordered a new Royal & Langnickel brush that it supposed to be awesome for bronzer/contouring – like a large version of the MAC 109. It is their SILK line C180.

    bully for me 🙂

  • Daisy

    The products are great but I can never find the trend products at the Ulta stores near me. 🙁

  • auroragyps

    Looking forward to Fright Night too. The original scared the bejeesus out of me. I was thrilled to hear Tennant was going to be in it thinking, “Oh, I can totally see him in the Roddy McDowall role (which I loved). Stuffy Brit in tweed… very Rupert Giles.” Then I saw the pics & thought it was a cool & modern twist. The fact that you hardly see him in the trailer is an insult. Please, we know who Colin Ferrel is & we get he’s a dangerous vampire, but please. Now I’m kind of worried they may have botched this, making it more of a “crazy psycho neighbor” movie instead of a classic “vampire next door” one.

    Also, loving the Essence stuff. Hoping to get to the most local Ulta next month.

    • the Muse

      auro that’s EXACTLY my thoughts…I was thinking Roddy all the way…it would have fit Ten to tee!!!!!!!!! You see a brief glance of David towards the end..WTH is that all about!? OMG I was so pissed…! I hope his part isn’t as small b/c I’ll jump off a bridge in rebellion ;D ha! i think it’s more oh look at Colin he’s so sexy movie……with no plot..yay hollywood for screwing up my childhood, fright night rocked, nothing like Roddy Mcdowall! ;-D! Wish my Ulta would start carrying the special collections :-/!

  • emily

    I don’t know anyone else who loved the original Fright Night- it’s kind of a random choice for my favorite movie of all time, but it’s there nonetheless along with Heathers and (inexplicably) Grease 2.

    • the Muse

      omg emily heathers is my fav too! and I loved Grease 2…so many people I know hated it ;-D You’re so COOOL BREWSTER! ;-D

      • emily

        AWESOME- I like you a whole bunch more and I already liked you quite a lot :). Evil was the best part of Fright Night!

        • the Muse

          LOL emily aw ;-D! hehe! God his laugh totally cracked me up! Best horror flick evahs!

  • JoElla

    ooh I want those shimmer bricks and the bronzers! I love a cheap priced shimmer bricks! I don’t care who makes them, I actually find them to be on par as my Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks! (Honest and truly!!)

    And those bronzers look like they will promise not to turn orange on me!

    • the Muse

      your so damn cute Jo ;-D hehe “honest and truly!” ;-D!

  • Miss D

    Welcome to Fright Night…for real! XD
    Oh my gosh, Fright Night is one of my favorite movies- I pretty much know the whole script! And Chris Sarandon is so hot in it (why the “Charlie” character in this so ugly I’ll never know).
    Anyway, I’m seeing this w/my cousin b/c she’s such a big fan of Colin’s but we both think this won’t be nearly as good as the original.
    *sheds a tear*
    BTW- Thanks for posting the trailer Muse! 🙂

    • the Muse

      swoon Miss d on CS ;-D he looked amazingz in it. I’m not really a CF girl to be honest but I’m all over Christopher Mintz-Plasse, that kid can do no wrong ;-D ha my pleasure!

      • Miss D

        Okay, because you like Christopher so much, I’ll have to pay close attention to the Evil Ed character (I have never seen this actor before). 🙂

        • Amy Winehouse

          That mascara is sooooo NOT GOOD! D:
          so 1 tip, don’t buy that !!! it has hairs on it…