May 23, 2011

Face Q Peony, Snow and Sake Yeast Whitening Masks Review

As you know I’m quite the fan girl when it comes to My Beauty Diary Face Masks so when Face Q (made by the same company) started popping up on the scene I made double sure to haul a few boxes and see what all the hype was about.

If you’ve never used a face mask they are truly a treat. Sadly, the Western market hasn’t quite caught the facial mask bug and they aren’t something you’d easily have access to at your drugstore unlike Asia where they are available at both high end counters with large price tags and drugstore for mere pennies.

Let’s take a look at the Face Q Peony, Snow and Sake Yeast Whitening Masks.

I purchased a box of Face Q Peony, Snow and Sake Yeast Whitening Masks a few months ago for obvious reasons, WHITENING! My dull, dehydrated Winter skin could definitely use a pick me up and these were a welcome addition to my facial mask stash.

I was a tad put off by these as I’m not keen on full facial and neck masks. Basically they not only wrap around your face but your upper neck and throat as well. But turns out the fit is perfect and it fits the contour of my face and neck brilliantly. The mask has ear loops which allows the mask to fit snug around your face and your neck. The fit is very comfortable and I really like how the mask adheres perfectly to my face so the essence can easily sink in without dripping all over the place. Each mask is saturated nicely with lotion that’s both moisturizing and hydrating although I admit that some Face Q masks leave my face a tad tight after use.

Face Q Peony, Snow Lotus and Sake Yeast Whitening Mask contains peony and snow lotus as two of the main ingredients which supposedly have anti-aging benefits as well as whitening ones. It promises to brighten and whiten your skin while repairing and moisturizing skin.

I’m on my second box and can’t say it whitened my skin but it does brighten it, soften it, and keeps it less than dull. As far as anti-aging that remains to be seen. I did get a tight feeling after but following up with moisturizer definitely helps.

If you’ve never used an facial mask before it’s pretty fun and very relaxing. Each mask is individually wrapped so you simply tear open the package, remove the mask, and place it on your face. In this case you can use wrap the ear loops around your ears to hold the mask snug to your face. Now sit around for 20-30 or more minutes and allow the mask to do the work. Each mask is made of a heavier cotton which is saturated in essence/lotion so it’ll feel kinda wet and cold on your skin. I normally sit around with it on my face for an hour and proceed to pat my skin after use and allow the product to sink in.

That’s about it!

You’ll wake up with beautiful skin in the AM or sometimes you can see almost instant results with some masks.

If you like My Beauty Diary masks I do suggest trying out Face Q. They have a very comfortable fit and the product seems to work quite well overall although some formulations of the mask do leave a bit of a tight feeling behind.

I purchased mine from Sasa a while back ago and replenished my stock by swapping with a reader who lives in Taiwan. However, Sasa no longer carries them but I do recommend Imomoko who sells a box of 10 for $15.99 where I recently purchased a few from.

Have you tried Face Q Facial Masks?

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Imomoko.

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  • Josh :D

    I’m so interested in Japanese beauty now! I took Japanese for 3 years in high school (Not that a remember any of it now) and I loved the culture — how did I miss out on the beauty part of it?

    Oh, I tried my BB Cream! I lovedddd the color coverage, ease, and finish…however, it made me itch like NO tomorrow. I recorded a video about it where I mention your blog :] — It’ll hopefully be up tomorrow!

  • Courtney

    I love the ear holes! Too cute. I’ve tried the My Beauty Diary ones but not this one. I may have to try it out!

  • Melissa

    I have a diary variety pack and every now and then ill use one but so far i have broken out from 3 of the 5 i tried. They feel nice on but afterwards i get an odd bunch of bumps. They go away in a day or two but I’ve stayed away from the heavily scented masks maybe I’ll try a different one tonight.

    • the Muse

      mmm Melissa I hear alot of probs with diary masks so don’t try these….they seem to not play nice with sensitive skin. I’m not bugged by them but have heard a few folks say they broke out after use 🙁

  • Qi Hua

    i love My Beauty Diary Face mask!! fortunately for me living in Malaysia, i can get this mask at the price of $1.50 a piece… I have not seen Face Q yet, but will prolly check out Sasa one of these days!

  • rachel

    hi muse 🙂 would you recommend these masks over my beauty diary? my cousin uses these, and i;ve always used my beauty diary. and i’ve never had a problem with my beauty diary so i never switched. but i’m thinking maybe i sohuld try something new?

    • the Muse

      Hey Rachel…they are about the same hun…although I notice instant results with some of MBD masks but not so much with these, seems the AM after use I notice the difference. I think they are just as nice but MBD are better for me…I do however like the fit of these better ;D! You should try them!

  • zang

    Hi, Muse. Actually, I was at Forever21 a couple of weeks ago and I saw that they carried face masks from Korea for about $1 or so, each, I think. It’s been a while so I forgot how much they sold them for.

    Well, as you all might know, Forever21 is a Korean-American brand, so I think they are trying to support and introduce masks to their American shoppers. I thought it was totally cool to find some of my favorite things, masks, at Forever21!! 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey zang, really? which forever21? which city? interesting! I’ll have to check out my f21! that’s brilliant ;-D!

  • zang

    Hey, Muse!
    I actually live in Wisconsin, so they have them at the Forever21s here. I’m not sure if they are of the quality we are used to, but the masks are of a Korean brand. Also, they didn’t have just the masks, but they had wash off masks and blotting papers made from Korea, too.

    • the Muse

      whoa zang I’m off the F21 to check that out ;-D that’s rather awesome!

  • zang

    cool! please do check it out. i didn’t buy any that day because i have a bunch of masks already, but i was really tempted. haha. let us know if you checked it out. oh, btw, 2 GREAT k-drama i’m watching right now is The Greatest Love, and Baby-faced Beauty! you can watch them on hd on or on!!!!!!!!!!

    • the Muse

      hey zang read about both of these but def gonna wait for the dvd hate sitting slumped over my pc to watch :-/ grrr! ;-D I’m particularly excited about Baby Faced beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m currently trying to watch That Love Comes, a friend gifted me the DVD. I was looking ALL over the damn place for it and she randomly sent it over, completely hyped! Sadly, I haven’t had time to really concentrate on it as I’ve been swamped….GRRR must have week off to watch drama ;D!

  • ally

    I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but in New World mall, which just opened in Flushing (you’re from NYC right?), there are two beauty stores that sell My Beauty Diary Masks. One has a larger selection, but is more expensive, and that one also has a decent selection of Face Q masks. Most of the MBD ones are $12. The other store has MBD masks for $10, and right now, they have them for 10% off, so it’s $9 for a pack of 10. The first store also carries some BB creams and some majolica majorca makeup, but the prices are ridiculously jacked up! (But I was pretty excited to see that here in America 🙂 )