May 25, 2011

Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette Memoirs Of A Kitty Review, Swatches, Photos

I didn’t have the best experience in the world with the Hello Kitty Beauty Palette I tried recently but I really had to have to Hello Kitty Memoirs Of A Kitty Palette…somethings just beg to be purchased and this was one of those things!


A double tiered palette featuring eyeshadow and blushes in a sweet Hello Kitty design!

My first experience with the Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette in Super Fun wasn’t particularly great as the shadows were a tad too frosty for my taste plus pigmentation and overall formula was not the greatest I’ve ever tried in my makeup life but it was easily excused because…honestly, need I embarrass myself and admit it was the packaging that really sealed the deal here? They could slap just about anything in a Hello Kitty shaped palette and call it makeup and I’d be all over it.

I live a sad beauty existence…!

They went ahead and really did me in with the Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette in Memoirs Of A Kitty because it not only features my favorite kitty but also had a sakura print…..O. M. G.

Needless to say they did a delightful job with the packaging here. The palette is a double tiered design which flips open to reveal two layers of makeup and a full size mirror. It comes packaged in a sakura printed box with a big old bow on the box. The compact matches the outer packaging design perfectly as it too features the full sakura design which is imprinted all over the palette which is in the shape of Hello Kitty. Although you can’t see it in my images Hello Kitty’s eyes and nose are there and of course, she sports her customary hair bow in a crisp, wintergreen color. I love the palette as they paid special attention to detail here.

Inside the first tier contains four shadows and a full size mirror. Shadows included are a Pinky Beige, Tan, Honey, and Brown. They call the shades pearlized but I call them a downgrade of Stila’s velvet-y formula. They aren’t the best shadows in the world as they come across a tad too frosty to me and a bit on the chalky side. Color pay off overall is decent but I’m a bit meh on the overall shadow formula to be honest. It just feels like a cheapened version of a Stila eyeshadow. It’s not necessarily bad really but it’s not good either.

I was happy they kicked the glosses out of this palette and instead included two blushes. The second tier, bottom layer of the compact houses both of these. The formula is kinda along the same velvety feel as the shadows but they apply wildly better and blend out very nicely with very good pigmentation. You get a warm peach and a warm shade of dusky pinkish rose. I enjoyed both shades very much.

I used the pink beige as an all over highlighter, the golden honey on my lid and crease, and lined with the brown for my look below and added the peach blush to my cheeks. The palette is a nude, natural affair so you can get some very nice work, friendly looks out of it. It deserves to be mentioned that the other two palettes in the collection are bolder (greens, purples) so this particularly palette is a nice change from those more vibrant shades.

Where the mirror is on the top tier you’ll notice a blank canvas on the bottom lower lid area…they have a beautiful sakura design here but I couldn’t help but wish they included some sponge applicators in this empty spot.

The formula of the shadows is a bit uneventful overall. They aren’t terrible but they aren’t crazy good either. 75% of the $35 price tag is probably going towards the awesome packaging and 25% or less was actually applied to the makeup inside. The novelty here is obviously the cute packaging.

  • Hello Kitty fans (it’s a given, us crazy fan girls will dish out for this).
  • Those wanting a nude, natural look that don’t mind a frosty finish and are willing to forsake quality makeup for cute packaging.

  • Those who like more mature, sophisticated makeup (this isn’t Chanel girlfriend!).
  • Those who don’t like nude, natural, earthy tones.
  • Those who are easily embarrassed (don’t buy it if you’re shy about whipping it out of your purse for touch ups).

I ranted a bit here and I had my second guessing moment where I even considered on returning this but overall I did like the completed look the palette created so I think it’ll be happily joining my stash for good. I think the palette does offer some decent work friendly looks and will be used easily daily. That is, of course, if you don’t mind using it…because hey, makeup packaging like this kicks in our need to hoard it away! The shadows are a bit sheer but they build very easily and the blushes are definitely a highlight of the palette.

I’m not recommending a purchase here but I think if you love cuter packaging and perhaps nude, earthy tones it MIGHT deserve a check out your next trip to Sephora. They put alot of effort into the pretty packaging but I couldn’t helping wishing the makeup recieved the same attention.

Just a quickie note I used Boscia’s BB Cream in this photo and the Body Shop Honey Nectar Gloss in Sand if you read those reviews and were curious how they looked on.

It’s available now at Sephora with a huge rave in the user review section.

Have you indulged?

Love it?

Leave it?

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  • Moxie

    I’m not embarrassed to admit I love the packaging, too!
    <3 Hello Kitty and the MUSE!

  • Tammie

    Argh I want ittttt. I’d want it more if the eyeshadows were amazing, I would literally use all the things in this palette all the time. I love BOTH the blushes, I love neutral eyes for work… SHOULD I GET IT X_X. If only there weren’t so many other things I want to buy with that $35…the packaging is SOOOO cute too.

  • Hannah

    Want this so much! Adorable! Too bad we don’t have Sephora in the uk.

  • addie

    I wish that the hello kitty line would sell the blushes separately. They are such beautiful colors.

  • Phyrra

    I’d been eyeing that palette, mostly because I wanted the Honey shade. Kinda glad to see your review, because I’m going to skip it.

  • Sarah S.

    I completely agree with your review of this palette, Muse! And I’m keeping it for the same reasons ^.^;;
    Side note, OMG Phyrra, I would DIE to have that pink hair! But my office job only lets me get away with a saturated auburn.

    • the Muse

      sarah me too..I wanted to return it but I’m kinda digging it for some odd reason ;-D Also concur on Courtney’s hair…it’s absurdly brilliant ;-D she always seeks out the bloody best shades!

  • Majick

    Muse, your skin looks flawless and the colors work extremely well for a natch day look. I love the packaging but alas dare I say it, I’m not a Hello Kitty fan.
    Did you see the silver hello kitty compact mirror at Sephora? I ordered it for my friend to save her some shipping and when I checked it out I was impressed. It’s a really well made little mirror and the silver didn’t even hold the fingerprints. It was really nice if you’re a fan. (just sayin’)

    • the Muse

      majick totally wanted the mirror ;-D My best friend has it and I was tempted to rob it from him ;-D it really is well made but I felt like I’d never used it so I convinced myself I didn’t need it…so stop tempting me damnit ;D!

      aw and thanks for the lovely comment…my skin is dull as hell lately thank you makeup gods for good bb cream!

  • Sara

    OMG I saw this at sephora and just had to buy it. Total sucker for cute packaging. As a whole I’ll agree though that aside from the cute factor, the Hello Kitty beauty line is a little disappointing =(
    I am actually really satisfied with the palette thankfully. I love the blushes and the eyeshadows look nice on my skin tone =)