May 9, 2011

Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos


So sorry I didn’t take a sec to say Happy Mum’s Day to the moms out there! Belated, but I sure hope you all had a beautiful day spent with your families.

My butt is dragging today……I hate Mondays. I needed extra concealer this morning after overindulging in weekend fun so I reached for the new Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer.

That Josie, she laces everything with Argan Oil lately!

Let’s take a look at this new concealer.

A two-shade Argan Blend Concealer with organic argan oil.

Josie’s long over do for a concealer as when she originally launched the line she only had a lipstick style concealer available. I think it’s great that she’s been slowing updating her catalog to not only include essentials but also some rather fun LE items as well.

Argan Blend Concealer comes in a slim brown compact palette. It’s honestly not too small so if you’re more for traveling light with say a pot concealer this might prove a tad bigger but not necessarily bulky as it is light. I liked the packaging alot as it has a rather large mirror plus it contains not only a concealer but a corrector as well.

The formula is supposedly anti-aging thanks to the Argan Oil in the blend and yes, that oil does indeed make the formula very emollient. The palette is split down the middle to reveal concealer on one side and a correct on the other. Apply the correct first and proceed to follow up with the concealer or combine the two and pat into place. The product is available in three shade selections and each one has the same range of shade in the corrector. This is an orange-y beige which proves excellent for concealing dark circles.

The formula and the actual concealer have a few quirks I personally didn’t like.

First off, I wasn’t partial to the texture of the product. It feels like a grease paint of sorts as it’s very emollient. At best I should be raving that it’s quite moisturizing under my dry eyes but the emollient texture proved a tad difficult to blend out in my experience. I was also disappointed in the overall lack of pigment. The concealer felt like it had very minimal color payoff and didn’t quite conceal all the under eye woe I was wanting it to.

The shades are limited to three colors and the lightest shade proved way too dark for me. The shades all have a heavy beige base with alot of orange to them. The color selection will be fabulous on olive or tanned complexion but fair, porcelain, or medium fair skin types may feel the shade selection ages their eyes or makes them appear more tired, that’s at least how I felt about the color I selected.

  • Olive or tan skin with dark circles (I think the orange-y base will be great for diminishing darkness on such skin types).
  • Those who favor a more emollient concealer (texture feels like that of a grease paint, heavy and a bit oily).

  • Those with fair, medium fair, or lighter skin (I thought the shades were too beige for many lighter skin tones).
  • Those who need a pigmented concealer (I thought this lacked pigment and left more of a subtle finish behind).
  • Those with dry eyes or creepiness around their eye area (it seems to blend rather badly if you aren’t work on a smooth, hydrated under eye area).

I’ve seen some raving reviews on the product but I personally didn’t love it. I’m normally a fan of emollient concealers but this just felt rather off to me and blended all kinds of badly plus the color seemed to make my eyes appear more tired rather than brighter and fresher. I love the idea of argan oil in the mix but I do think the ingredient is a tad over used lately in Josie’s Makeup line…I think it has it’s place with certain makeup users and I do think those with a darker skin tone and heavier darkness with enjoy the orange-y base but I personally didn’t love it in the end sadly….

Anyone try it?

What have your experienced been with it?

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Available now at Sephora.

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  • kate

    Hi Muse!! Ah!! Thank you so much for doing this review! I have been thinking about this concealer for way too long…the “should I?!” I actually got a sample of the DiorSkin one and I love’s like so.. awesome!!! Gosh, I hope that’s one of your faves, too! Anyway, I like that this JM has the anti-aging stuff and the other healthy stuff for your skin but I’m so light and you said this wouldn’t be good for lighter skinned peeps. Sigh, now I can go to sleep at night finally knowing that this would’ve been a return in the end at Sephora. Thank you!! <3

    • the Muse

      my pleasure kate!!!!!!! glad to hear DiorSkin is working for you chica! I like the Dior one ;-D! mmm if you’re super fair it’s way too peachy orange to use imho! even the lightest shade is too dark. haha ;-D I def don’t think you missed much hun!

  • Gina

    Hey Muse! I did not like this concealer at all. I should have waited for your review but I wanted it so badly and when it actually popped up at my Sephora I went crazy and got it. I was in denial for a while about it but I knew that it didn’t work for me at all, especially under the eye. It actually accentuated flaws under my eye I never even seen before. Big fail but I returned it. Makes me feel better that you did not care for it either.

    • the Muse

      same here gina. It actually made me look worst instead of better. I blame it on the color and also the very greasy, heavy formula :-/ I’m def returning, simply not worth keeping sadly 🙁

  • Gloria

    I’ve stared at this a lot since it came out, but it just looked too oily that I never bothered to touch it. Plus the colors all look just a tad off. I love peach color correctors, but I was just never attracted to it.

    Thanks for the review!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure gloria. I’m attracted to them too but they always age my eyes :-/


    i love this concealer. i have dry skin and a light-medium skin tone but i like my foundation a little darker so i normally go with medium. i use pinky color under the eyes(similar color as benefit erase paste #1 only darker). i warm it up on the back of my hand first and it blends perfectly. then yellowy color can go all over for spot concealer and under the eyes on top of the other color. it looks great, cant tell if was wearing anything. it stays on all day, doesnt crease. i wore her argan foundation (the one that goes white and then changes color. i mixed med and dark color) for a day and loved it but havent bought it yet cause it would be pricey to get both colors. concealer i use is sand. its supposed to be the lightest color, says light on it, but its not light. in the best case its light-med.looks medium to me. so overall, both products are amazing.go to sephora like i did, put it on in the morning, wear it all day and then deside if you want to get it. her mascara is good too, lasts all day