May 24, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Eye Brightening and Setting Powder Review, Swatches, Photos

I’m pretty much happy with my Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder and you’d have to wrestle a jar from my cold dead hands….but…as a beauty junkie I’m willing to try new things. I call these new product try outs a necessary evil “for the blog” but if I’m honest with myself I just like trying new shiz.

Prior to discovering Skin Food’s brilliant little powder I was all about just saying no to powder under my eyes as it was aging me terribly due to the fact that my eyes are not only dry but also aging now so adding powder around the area, well, it wasn’t pretty…!

However, Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder restored my faith in a good concealer setting powder that not only set my concealer for all day wear but also brightened up my tired looking eyes.

I decided to give Le Metier de Beaute Eye Brightening and Setting Powder a whirl because I obviously have money to burn, dude, this stuff is $36 for a tiny little compact, yeah, serious head examining needs to be done here.

Let’s take a look!

A lightweight powder sets concealer and illuminates the under eye area for a radiant, smooth matte finish.

This little powder is pretty versatile as you can use it on its own to create a smoother, brighter under eye area, as an upper lid prep for shadow, to set concealer, or in conjunction with concealer to brighten the eye area. The good news is it promises to do a multitude of things and it successfully masters them all!

The powder comes housed in elegant, tiny silver compact which houses 0.13 oz of product. At $36 per a compact this isn’t cheap but you are getting a decent amount here that will last you a long while if it’s any consolation for that higher price tag. Inside is a very generously sized mirror and your powder. Now the powder comes in two shades selections, Revive and Refresh. Since I purchased online I was confuddled which to choose and ended up purchasing both. Revive is the best option for most skin tones as it’s a true nude beige however if you want a brighter finish I’d go with Revive which is also a good choice for fairer skin. Either shade worked well for me however I did feel Refresh was the better option overall for a more wide away, fresher eye area.

The powder kicks up a fair bit of dust when a brush is swatched across it but it has a silky, smooth finish that isn’t terribly drying or overly matte. It sets concealer brilliantly while brightening my eye area up and creating the illusion of a flawless finish while blurring fine lines and darkness. I personally can’t get away with using it without a concealer but some folks will feel it’s perfectly suitable for use without a concealer and instead using it as a concealer of sorts particularly if your sole problem is perhaps some redness or blue-ish veins or coloring under your eyes (fair skin would probably feel it works best as a concealer however those with darker circles will want to use a concealer along with it). Now the formula isn’t incredibly pigmented but it has a sheer to medium pay off that can be built up however you don’t want to over do it in my opinion as a little goes a long way.

Setting concealer with the powder does pretty much turn into an all day event. A single swipe or two and your concealer will pretty much wear long and strong throughout the day particularly for those with an oily eye area as the matte finish will lock concealer in place very well.

I find a little of this above my eye area on top of Benefit Lemon Aid creates a very natural, flawless eye lid which you can follow up with shadow or just head out of the house as is! Heck, I’ve even run some down my nose and across the sides of my face to set my makeup and brighten my face so the product does prove useful outside of a setting powder for concealer.

The price tag is a bit hefty and hard to swallow but the product proves a wizard at multitasking and creating a perfect canvas under eyes as well as setting concealer for long, strong wear…that’s priceless as far as I am concerned.

  • Those looking to brighten their eye area up and set their concealer in a single step.
  • Those who do not wear concealer but want something to brighten their eye area up.
  • Those who want the perfect nude eye lid (this preps eyes for shadow as well as creates a flawless lid for a natural, wide awake look).
  • Those with oily lids who have a problem keeping their concealer in place.

  • Those who aren’t keen on spending $40 on a setting powder.

Overall, I was very happy with the Le Metier de Beaute Eye Brightening and Setting Powder but it won’t take the place of by beloved Skin Food powder but it is a heck of a great powder which I’ll surely indulge in again once I finish these two compacts. The price was a bit hard on my wallet but since the product promises and delivers on some excellent results I didn’t mind the price tag so much. If you feel like you simply can’t wear powder under your eyes anymore or feel like your concealer isn’t lasting through the day I highly recommend picking this up particularly for those with aging eyes in need of a fresher more wide awake eye area.

Loves it!

Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • Lulee

    I was laughing when you said you bought bOth shades cuz you didn’t know which would work. I love how you buy a lot of the things you review… Lol, you are a makeup addict through and through and you got the receipts to prove it haha

  • Melissa

    im having a hard time finding the ingredient list. Is this line sold at saks or barneys or lower end?

    • the Muse

      You can get at Nordstrom, Bergdorf, Neiman…very high end 🙂 Hope this helps Melissa..sold online at these locations too!

  • Licheenut

    INteresting review Muse!…putting all other factors aside, which would you recommend more for dry, aging eyes, the Skinfood or LMDB?

    • the Muse

      go with SF licheenut, the formula is lighter however more difficult to find in the US ;-/

  • Maria

    This product looks really interesting. I have really bad under-eye circles too so I love your concealer reviews. I’ve been using Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for setting my corrector but I may need to pick this up. Is Refresh the pinkier swatch on the left?

    • the Muse

      maria I used LM too, I like it, at first hated but now like but I think that Beaute’s version is more softer and natural compared to LM’s…!that is correct, refresh is the left 🙂

  • Reme

    Oops, I’ve never set my concealer with powder…. will try it out tomorrow!

  • Rosemary

    OMG! Have you tried the Kaleidoscope Eye Kit?
    I wasn’t going to buy the thing because it was $95…but once I tried it, I couldn’t part with it.
    I would love to read what you think of it, as I value your opinion greatly.