May 2, 2011

OMG A Most Frustrating Hero!

Zhi Shu is the most frustrating hero I’ve ever had to watch in a drama. He’s Mr. Darcy, Edward Rochester, and Conan the Barbarian all rolled into one. I want to:

  • A. Hug him
  • B. Slap him
  • C. Kiss him
  • D. Make him cry like a little girl
  • E. Tell him to GROW THE EFF UP, you’re the man damnit!
  • F. Repeat A and C.

What drama heros have had you so preplexed that you were shouting at your tv screen?

Share ’em!


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  • hana

    omg you read chinese? I never knew 0.0

    also, what drama is that coz the guy looks pretty cute to me heh. the tag says kdrama but they look chinese to me so i’m not sure.

    • the Muse

      sorry hana my tag is wrong ;-D they are Taiwanese ;-D haha no….I read VERY little Chinese but I do speak a little Japanese ;-D You’re giving me WAY to much credit. Actually the English subs just didn’t get into the shot when I snapped it, they flew by! That’s Joe Cheng, the drama is They Kiss Again, the sequel to It Started with a Kiss aka Itzura na Kiss/Playful Kiss (you might know the Japanese/Korea title of the Taiwanese one isn’t familiar).

  • jen

    i uber love dis taiwanese drama!!and als0 the prequel..i’m glad u’re watching it to0..

    • the Muse

      hey jen! I’m more of a kdrama fan but I’m slowly lovin’ on Taiwanese ;-D I loved it started with a kiss too! ;-D

  • AngelicBetrayal

    It Started With a Kiss was the first Taiwanese drama I ever watched and I LOVE it 😀 && I don’t even watch many dramas besides Hong Kong ones ^^ I also wanted to do everything on your list to him (cept kiss him since he never looked good to me haha)

    • the Muse

      ha I thought he was kinda cute Angelic….although Danson Tang and Figaro Ceng were cuter ;D!

      • AngelicBetrayal

        Yup! Danson and Jiro were much cuter in my opinion 😀 I had a major crush on Arron Yan (Ah Bu) years ago but he only had a small cameo in this drama as Chun Mei’s boyfriend ^^

        • the Muse

          Jiro is an absolutely doll and doesn’t show his age at all! He looks like a boy of 17 ;-D And Danson was so fun as the girly boy ;-D Arron Yan is quite handsome ;-D but yup, minor part ;(

  • Mimi

    You’re watching the tw version!!!! it was very draggy, but I found the storyline developed a lot better.. while the korean one was a little too quick and the storyline jumped around a bit. aaahhh.. watch tw season 2 as well 😀

    • the Muse

      mimi this is season 2 ;-D It was draggy though as well in some places and I got very very frustrated with it at times ;-D I agree k and j version were over too quickly and tw version was just too long..haha maybe we are better off with the anime version or just the book ;-D!

  • Maria

    Muse, I blame you for my current addiction to Kdramas! It all started when you mentioned Playful Kiss a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve watched PK (soooo cute!!!!), First shop of the Coffee prince (Best EVER!! I’m so in love with this!!) and You’re beautiful! (Love it!!) If you have any other suggestions please let me know…Since I hold you responsible for my addiction I figure you should keep enabling me. ^_^

    PS. most frustrating ever for me was angry face guy (Taekyoung….?) from You’re Beautiful, but since he was also the most hilarious I forgive him. : )

    • the Muse

      yay maria! that’s brilliant ;-D and you picked great dramas to start with too! Coffee Prince is a fav of mine ;-D Def watch It Started with a Kiss and They Kissed Again (this is the first and second part of Playful Kiss the Taiwanese Version) also you watched the Playful Kiss Sequel on youtube right? It’s several parts that they did as a special youtube series showing their married life. You might like Boys Over Flowers, Mary Stayed Out All Night, and my lovely sam soon too! 🙂 Tae Kyung is child’s play compared to some heros ;-D hehe but he was so beautiful to look at I forgive his moods ;-D

      I love that you’re getting into dramas now <3!

      • Maria

        I had no idea there was a PK sequel on youtube! I just watched the first season on Hulu. I’ve watched the Japanese version of Boys over Flowers (LOOOOVED!) but not the Korean version…must get to that! ^_^ I’ve heard of My lovely Sam Soon so I’ll be checking that out soon, but I hadn’t heard of Mary Stayed Out All Night. Thanks for all the recommendations!

        Someone really recommended I watch Shinning Inheritance as well. Have you seen it? Is it worth it?

        PS. Tae Kyung is so cute! The few times he actually smiled I just melted. His face changed COMPLETELY! I swear I felt like Go Minam, I could totally see little fireworks bursting all around him. *sighs*

        • the Muse

          YES yes maria! Few fans do for some reason!? at least outside of Korea anyway. here you go! Subtitles as well if you need them!

          I watched the Japanese version to and the Taiwanese but loved the Korean one the best, I’m bias though as I’m a big fan of Hyun Joong! SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll enjoy My Lovely Sam Soon, It’s really cute, it’s about a regular girl…not perfect or terribly gorgeous…it’s pretty fun!

          Mary Stayed Out All Night is with Jang Geun Suk same guy who played Hwang Tae Kyung in He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful so if you’re crushin’ on him you should like that drama ;-D

          def check on the Taiwanese version of Playful Kiss…it’s considerably sweet and sexier in some cases than the Korea version, culture clash, for example the bed scene is quite heavy compared to Playful Kiss’ ;-D Check it out:

          I have it on DVD but haven’t sat down to watch it, I kept pushing it side for other dramas ;-D

          Oh you should check out Cinderella’s Sister as well and My Girl, Lee Jun Ki OMGZ! ;-D

          Awww me too! seriously when he did that little smirk grin it was like a little boy…ugh so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    the very first asian drama that was aired here in my country was a taiwanese one entitled ‘meteor garden’..the lead male characters were soooo damn h0t!!especially jerry yan..he’s such a yummy!!XD but that was years ag0..but i h0pe u ‘ll find a way to watch that to0..oh! and i highly recommend u watch the kdrama ‘fullhouse’ to0!rain was such a h0ttie!and song hye kyo was hilari0us!of course she’s def g0rge0us!it’s my alltime hg kdrama!!LOL

  • zang

    if you’re interested in t-dramas, you should check out why why love***, devil beside you****, mars****, meteor garden***, wish to see you again****

    these are just some dramas.

    oh, but if you’re interested in thailand dramas, check out oum rak. i love ken theeradeth!! and ann!


    • the Muse

      hey zang! I actually have devil beside you ;-D Meteor Garden I have the korean version of. Thanks for the recs….!!!! I seen autumn concerto as well ;-D! yes please go right ahead and recommend some more love to hear ’em ;D!

  • zang

    oh and another t-drama i love is fated to love you and autumn concerto!! omg!! i hope you check them out!! if you need more suggestions, let me know!! i’d love to help out hehe

  • sunflowery

    Watch Devil Beside You or Why Why Love…….seriously they have the same actors and actresses(seriously, just pulled the mains out of one and put them in the other) so the plot is the same to me but oh well, I still watched both lol.

    Oh Oh Oh!!! A must see, you HAVE to watch Pi Li Mit to stare at Aaron Yan and realize just how sexy he can be……minus that one solo mv of him slightly stripping that recently came out lol.

    • the Muse

      got both sunflowery ;-D already seen DBY and got half way through WWL ;-D Pi Li Mit? I’ll look that one up, thanks!!!!!!