May 20, 2011

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Cleansing Bar for Face and Body

While the rest of the world’s mothers were telling them NOT to wash their face with soap, my mum was probably the spokesperson for doing it. The lady has never used fancy cleansers, moisturizers, or skincare of any kind. She’s always been a really no nonsense kinda mum and I love her for it.

As for washing her face with soap? Well, my mother would probably heartily recommend it but I personally avoid doing so.

But of course the masters behind simple skincare, Philosophy, have created a bar of soap for your face and your body…Purity in a bar?

The new Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Cleansing Bar for Face and Body gets back to the basics by creating a bar of soap that can be used on your body and your face (although I don’t recommend cleaning your body and proceeding to lather up on your face hahaha…). This mild cleansing bar is formulated with naturally based cleansers to gently melt away dirt, oil, and makeup with a rich, creamy yet mild lather that’s gentle on the skin and contains eight essentials oils to help condition skin and leave it feeling soft and clean from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Are you ready to start washing your face with a bar of soap?

Philosophy thinks you are!

Bars are $20 and available now at Nordstrom.

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  • Jonnie

    Er… not so sure I want to rub this over my body and my face. I’d be down with using it only as body soap if it wasn’t $20 though…

  • Cj

    My mom is no nonsense too. I finally got her doing a (very simple) skincare routine recently, and even a little makeup πŸ˜› How funny is it that I’m more girly than my mom lol!

    • the Muse

      awww cj! ;-D I swear I’d kill to get my mom into makeup/skincare. She really loves fragrance but skincare and makeup, no way ;-D Not even concealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come over and convince her too!?

      • Cj

        Lol I saw my mom using some 15 year old cover girl foundation (as a concealer) that had to be atleast 4 shades to dark for her.. I almost had a heart attack lol! I took her shopping the next day ;D

        • the Muse

          LOL CJ omg! ;-D noooo! My mum wouldn’t even know how to use a concealer, she claims she wore eyeshadow in her hay day but I’ve always seen her with a clean, bare face for years and years I can’t even imagine it ;D! We should get the two of them together for lunch and a lesson in beauty!

  • kiwikiwidragon

    Although I will probably not use this philosophy bar of soap, I do use a coconut castile soap on my face. It does run a tad drying but I have reactions to sulfate and other surfactant based cleansers. Cream “cleansers” build up on my face and leave odd patches of, for lack of a better term, hazy areas of makeup, oil, and other….sorry, that was kinda graphic, but its the truth. I do follow with either burts bees orange oil scrub or toner (witch hazel) and complex15. I cannot deviate from the current regime listed here, i have reactive skin and get rashes and dermatitis. Strangely, makeup, with the exception of foundation and primer, don’t bother me. it’s normally the onslaught of all the ingredients in cleansers and moisturizers.

  • Aimee Pan

    This might be nice for the Clarisonic… I always find the regular Purity a bit runny so if I could rub this in the bristles in the brush and then use the clarisonic normally it might work well.

    • Kady

      I bought this from Macy’s when I was like 22 and it was 20$ there also however I was looking for something to help me with breakouts and tame my skin at the same time since my skin is really sensitive I have to watch what I use but lemme tell you it works pimples blemishes dark spots uneven skin tone it works !!! And don’t judge for 20$ it’s a big bar of soap like 4 doves together and it lasted me almost 4 months so it’s worht it so glad I found it I’ve been looking everywhere for this I will definitely be buying !!!!!

  • jen

    here in my country, we have a c0mmercial that g0es like this..”i’ve been through u’re br0ther’s feet,u’re father’s back,u’re sister’s armpits and u’re younger br0ther’s wh0le next destination?u’re face”

    • the Muse

      HA I love that Jen! Exactly my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Hmm I love purity and use their cleansers, but bar soaps always seem wasteful to me. I feel like in the process of lathering, using the soap, and then having it dry somewhere (kinda gross…) I’m losing half the product!!

  • kat

    Haha, no. I read somewhere that soap bars that lack glycerol (usually clear soap bars have it) and look moisturizing are the least so.

  • Donna

    Ehhh, why? I use PMS since it is one of the few cleaners that doesn’t sting my eyes. But what is the point of a bar form??

    • the Muse

      I used to swear by it donna but I started realizing it made my face really dry so stopped ;( I guess the bar is just something easy to travel with!? or use in the shower!

  • tiny

    The face/body soap reminds me of the friends episode where Joey and Chandler realize they’re sharing a bar of soap.. “Think of the last thing I wash and the first thing you wash”… lmfao.. GRODY! πŸ˜›

  • DaenaCat

    I’d be tempted to try this as it would be great for travel. But honestly, do people actually rub bars of soap on their bodies? I mean, I’ve never done such a thing — was always taught to soap up by rubbing the soap on a washcloth and then applying the washcloth to the body.

    So the soap itself would never actually touch any skin and would remain clean.

    Maybe I’m the oddball here and everyone is just rubbing soap all over themselves…? Heehee — glad now I’ve never shared a bar of soap with anyone! XD

  • Tohnia

    I will admit to using a bar of soap for my face. I’m back home from school and started using bar soap to wash my face after I ran out of cleanser and was too lazy to go out and buy some. Its done wonders! My breakouts have minimized to almost nothing, and my skin is glowing. The philosophy price tag is a bit much for me, but its intriguing! I’m still looking for a good facial bar. πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      tohnia, damn girl you’re lucky maybe my mum’s idea of using regular soap on my face is a good idea hahah!

  • Liane

    My mom is like yours. She does wear makeup but all of her skincare consists of things she got for free or as gifts. Last month I talked her into buying Urban Decay Primer Potion and that was a BIG deal. She had a Sephora gift card, but she shouldn’t bear the though of parting with more than like $10 on any beauty product. It’s been so long since she’s bought anything she thinks that’s what all this stuff costs.

    • the Muse

      Liane, I don’t even think my mum would be familiar with UDPP is ;-D hahaha!

  • JoAnn

    I actually purchased this on QVC today, for I think $24ish for 2 bars. . My hubby get’s a bad case of back-ne in the summer. I hope this helps him. Plus, I think this will be GREAT for the clairsonic.

    • the Muse

      oh Jo you should try one of the bliss bars for him! those monster bars are fabs!