May 25, 2011

Review: The Mystery of Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla

My geeky good nature is forcing me to tell you, HAPPY TOWEL DAY! It’s May 25th which means it’s towel day! Gosh, Star Wars Day and Towel Day all in the same month!

When I was a wee one, I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and proceeded over the course of the next 100 years of my life to re-read it over and over and over again because it was the epicenter of my geeky youthful life. Anytime I go on vacay, holiday, away for the weekend, to stay at a friend’s place, etc….I tend to tote my own towel around simply because of that blessed book….

Granted, I wasn’t up for carrying around a towel to my office today but I did tuck a washcloth in my bag just for the sake of celebrating Towel Day…ya know, gotta represent.

So don’t panic, grab your towel, and by the way let me tell you about the mysteries of Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla, the memo wasn’t sent to me on this one!

When the Vanilla Collection was originally introduced three scents were created, all equal and both alike in dignity and all that stuff….within a week or two of the big release another fragrance, Apricot Vanilla was available but elusive. After finally finding it I just recently learned about Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla…

Um hello?

Did I miss the memo about this scent?

No one told me about it.

Where did it come from? When did it release?

Yeah, well, I must be out of that loop!

You might be an outsider looking in too on this one but fact of the matter is there are five total Vanilla Signature Scents, one of which, Cherry Vanilla, I had never heard about until recently. Sadly, the Vanillas (confirmed) may just be disappearing come the semi-annual. The good news is Cherry Vanilla is available at 50% off retail.

I picked up the body mist recently as I NEEDED to have a complete set of Vanillas…ya know how it is with this stuff dontcha? I can’t be the only obsessive compulsive beauty junkie that needs to have complete sets of stuff.

I love cherry anything so this scent was calling my name although on initial spritz I get alot of vanilla it dries down to a bit of fruity cherry as well but for the most part the vanilla morphs the scent and the addition of other notes such as Peach, Dewberry, and White Amber drown out the tart, juiciness of the cherry.

Needless to say the scent isn’t straight cherries and vanilla but it is an interesting blend that has a certain warmth to it and a certain sensuality thanks to the White Amber.

If you like creamy scents that are warm and comforting Cherry Vanilla might appeal.

Color me baffled I never knew about it until last week!

Did you know about Cherry Vanilla?

Tried it?

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  • JoElla

    I think it smells very close to Berry Vanilla. Maybe a wee bit more cherry kool aid.

    If you love this (or any of the remaining Vanillas) you better grab quick, they are getting rid of them

    *cries quietly in a corner.. still wanting more lemon vanilla*

    • the Muse

      jo def get the cherry kool aid action here! sigh….I hate that as I really loved these :-/ I guess the new coconuts will be the signature favs now!?

    • erin

      make sure to check your store frequently. i’ve heard of people recently finding some random lemon vanilla stuff. oh and if yo have an outlet near you too you can call and ask if they have any in stock! 50% too πŸ™‚

  • Joanna

    I quite like this scent!

    It reminds me of a scent that Victoria’s Secret had in 2002. I think it was called Passionate Kisses. Love that cherry sorta smell.

    • the Muse

      ahhh joanna I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of and that’s it!

  • Erin

    This scent officialy was scheduled to release in the beginning of April but we were allowed to slowy put it out at the very end of March. It was always overshadowed by some other release that also came out especially Country Chic and Into The Wild. In most stores, it made the front of the store tables and ended up toward the back. Shame since i really liked it.

    • the Muse

      erin was curious what they mystery was…I never seen a big launch for it online or at local shops, I think you might be right ItW and CC might have kicked it to the curb! Damn shame to release it a few months later start discontinuing it during semi-annual :-/ any inside scoops about possible temptation come backs?! :D!

      • LaurieS

        I love this scent and wear it every day. I love fruity sweet scents. I found mine last month at the B&BW outlet. It was displayed in the middle of the store with a bunch of other vanilla flavors.

        • the Muse

          Laurie it’s a great one isn’t it? sad it’ll be gone soon :-/

          • BrZandi

            Hey Muse,
            I got a full bottle of this stuff late last spring. Used it once on my hands and couldnt stand it. Forgot about it till a week or so ago going through a haul of B&BW stuff I guess I forgot about. Checked online to see if they still sold it so I might possibly just exchange it for something else, but no dice!
            It’s not like I can exchange it. Thought about just pitching it and then saw you apparently are in love with it…you want it?
            I’m totally serious!

          • the Muse

            hi brzandi you’re very sweet thank you but I actually have three bottles in my beauty closet πŸ™‚ I stocked up during a sale. I greatly appreciate it thought! MWAH!

  • erin

    glad you were able to find a bottle! i’m so in love with it.
    there is a facebook group for BBW and a discussion board on there and most of the people are extremely knowing about new collections and what is being discontinued etc.

    no word on the temptation line coming back…they were wonderful!

    • the Muse

      hey erin! I should make more time for facebook ;-D I don’t use it..I’m more of a twitter girl ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!! damn…damn shame….dunno why they dumped though!

  • Monique

    OH my! I love H2G2! I just got the new one, I don’t know how I feel about it but Eion Colfer is a pretty good writer so I have high hopes! Also I have to give you props on the new Torchwood clip. Thank you!!! I love me some Captain Jack Harkness!

    • the Muse

      hey monique I fear I’m old school, no one does it like Douglas Adams ;-D he was the master! Awww my pleasure ;-D glad you enjoyed it…Love me some Captain Jack too!

  • Tracy

    Are we sure the Vanilla collection will be discontinued ? I asked sales clercks at the store and they say it will stay and the reason why it is on sale online is because they are getting rid of the old formula. Here in Canada, Vanilla collection is still full price in stores, so I’m very confused. Should I stock up or not ??

    • the Muse

      that’s the good word Tracy…..but you being in Canada it might be different!?!

  • *telle*

    definitely not the only compulsive beauty junkie! πŸ™‚

  • spifftiff88

    Recently picked up Cherry Vanilla and love it! I’m so sad they are going away

  • Claire

    I think this smells almost EXACTLY like Victoria’s Secret PINK Soft and Dreamy Spray! e wear this varying with Orange Sapphire! (it’s leaving too, right?) sooo sad!