May 3, 2011

Thierry Mugler Cooling Effect Concealer Review and Swatches

Thierry Mugler Cooling Effect Concealer is a product I’ve wanted to try for a very, very long time but for some reason its been on and off my radar and I never actually hauled it until recently.

At $45 this is no cheap concealer and I fear I do fall into the trap of believing a higher price tag will prove a better quality product and in most cases, let’s face it, that’s the truth isn’t it?

The actual product is a light blue concealer which could raise a few eyebrows but I’ve actually successfully used blue concealers before and they do diffuse darkness rather well. The promise of the blue shade and a cooling formula proved to good to resist so finally I took the plunged and purchased this.

Here are my thoughts!

A cooling concealer to neutralize local redness, minimize imperfections and under-eye circles. Its formula contains ultra luminous blue pigments to reflect the light and vegetable derivatives to keep the skin moisturized.

This comes housed in a plastic container (yes, plastic, address that issue in a second) with a screw top lid. The packaging mimics many pot concealers but has a bit more elegance surrounding it in the style of the package.

Unscrew the lid and you’ll reveal a very light blue concealer with an almost sponge-like texture. If you press on it it feels sponge-y and dewy but don’t mistake the texture and believe its a mousse as it is not. The formula is a thinner silky cream which has a light blue color that’s not terribly pigmented. The novelty is the cooling texture in my experience as it feels heavenly as you pat it into place and releases a burst of coolness under my eyes that feels rather refreshing.

I purchased it solely to address dark circles but I find it terribly strange the site deems it suitable for dark circles but the actual instructions included says it’s best used on darker areas of your face for a more flawless finish.


Sadly above is all I have to say that’s good about the product…

First off before I address the finish and effects of the product I would like to say I was a little shocked at the packaging. Thierry Mugler Cosmetics have a certain elegance about them but having never actually explored the collection in person before I was going by stock images alone found online. But the fact of the matter is paying $45 for a concealer does entitle you to a package that has a bit of weight behind it…right? When I got the concealer I was delighted at how pretty it looked but incredibly disappointed that it was merely plastic and rather shabby at that. I expected a little weight behind the jar but it has none. The base is merely white plastic and the lid is a lame mirror on plastic….I don’t know why but I expected something elegant that bespoke of the Mugler brand name. Fact is you can get better packaging for less from brands like Lancome or Estee Lauder.

As mentioned above I found it odd that this is toted as a concealer for dark circles but no mention of it is made on the box or instructions. They merely state it’s best used on shadow-y or dark areas of your face for a brightening effect. Honestly, trying it under your eyes or anywhere else on your face will produce ghastly results. No matter if you use a tiny amount or god forbid a larger amount, you’ll end up with very poor results.

It does brighten to some effect but unnaturally so. The finish is very pale almost as if you smeared white powder under your eyes or on your face. If you’re going for the ghost effect you’ll be delighted but chances are it’s not the look you want so expect disappointing results.

Although the texture feels cooling and has a high water content it still applies a tad dry and doesn’t blend out so well which makes the final finish even worst due to not only the ghastly shade but also the drying formula.

  • Those with fairer skin and red areas that need concealing (I can only think this is best suited to those with extra fair skin that have a problem with redness as this will probably easily conceal such areas).

  • Those with dark circles (don’t bother, you’ll look very odd with this under your eyes).

Lesson learned, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s great.

Count me shocked. I was very surprised that this didn’t work. You might chalk it up to me applying it wrong but I’ve tried and tried again in various ways with the same results. Not only is the product’s performance very sketchy but the packaging was a blow and unexpected as I did expect some richness in this direction. I find it comical they included a velvet pouch to store it in..whatever for? It’s merely plastic!

I hate to say it but this one is probably limited to correct redness on very fair skin. Any other tones can probably avoid it because it simply won’t look natural and leave behind a rather odd finish that will have heads turning.

Not a good one sadly.

Anyone try this?

Do share your experience!

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    • the Muse

      hey melissa I’m not sure on the return policy ;-D I gifted it off to my friend..she’s fairer and prob might be able to use it ;D!


    wow can’t believe it!
    I own the mousse foundation and it IS PERFECT. It is so creamy and soft feeling. Plus you only need the smallest amount for a flawless face.

    this probably would work on my because I am so fair, and my cheeks are always red.

    • the Muse

      hi linda actually that’s a good reason to try, fair and red cheeks ;-D I recommended in the review for that purpose but for darkness, was a no go 🙁 curious minds how’s the packaging on the mousse?

  • kiwikiwidragon

    I can imagine your disappointment! My thoughts were that blues were for canceling out yellow or sallow tones. Like green cancels red and which normally yellow cancels blue which is why under eye product can be yellow or peach depending on your undertone. You could use it to add coolness to a foundation or TM that is too yellow for your skintone. That would be that only thing I could reasonably suggest considering its huge price tag and it’s lack of usability. Are you able to return it from hence it came?

    • the Muse

      ugh kiwi totally crushed sigh. I’ve actually successfully used blue under my eyes before and it brightened nicely although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as concealer in a correct shade is best ;-D true…thanks for the suggestions! I didn’t check the return policy but ended up gifting to a friend who has some redness so maybe she’ll see better results ;-D! the packaging was what shocked me most :-/

  • crotchfairy

    I remember reading about this a while ago. I love his packaging for the same reason. I tried it with no luck. I recall people saying it’s best for those with deeper skintone like Italian girls. I’m paraphrasing the article but it can apparently do wonders for them.

    It reminds me of Laura Mercier’s (I think it’s her) blue undereye brightner/concealer but that looked awful on my pale skin, too.

    • the Muse

      really crotchfairy? Interesting….seems way TOO ghostly for anyone with a deeper skintone! do you mean the cream shadow she has?

  • Melissa

    im soooooooooooo out of the loop I thought this make up line was discontinued and she just had fragrance mass market. Thanks for hte review but now I’m curious about the other products

  • Nia

    Thanks for your review. A blue concealer against (often) blue-purplish dark circles? Well, was worth a try. Hope you can return it?

    About the packaging, plastic travels a lot better than glass, so I would not mind the packaging too much. Concealer goes with you everywhere.

    • the Muse

      hey nia how are you? I actually gifted it so I feel better knowing someone can use it ;-D true..! but for $35 def expect more luxe packaging ;D!

  • glitterwitch

    must admit musey, I am with you on this. I want a glass jar that looks sumptious. Bah to plastic ~ it is just so Kwikimart.

  • Taryn

    Yup, this product (as you would put it!) is rubbish. I couldn’t believe the base was cheap white plastic. I have some of their other products and they are packaged beautifully, so I had to wonder if the base had to be plastic because of the texture of it. Still, why not paint it silver to match?

    It didn’t do a damn thing either. I’m as white as can be and it looked ghastly. It’s a shame as Thierry Mugler makes some really nice cosmetics otherwise.

    • the Muse

      Taryn totally shocked at the plastic..whoa ;-D do the compacts have any weight behind them?

      • Taryn

        The cooling foundation has a nice case, but it’s lightweight, unfortunately. The lipglosses and lash something or other (like mascara, but it’s with a brush) aren’t heavy, but have nice-quality packaging.

        The one thing that is heavier is their gold leaf-type lipgloss. It’s in a nice square glass jar with silver top.

        If you want a heavy compact, try Chantecaille. Their pressed powder is very nice!

        • the Muse

          taryn…sounds a little bit of a let down :-/ for the price I expcted a bit more.