June 1, 2011

Caution Lots of Coconut Ahead: Bath and Body Works Signature Coconut Collection Review

I’ve been to a slew of various Caribbean islands and there’s always at least one guy on some street corner, fair, or flea market that has some sort of huge ass Silent Hill-like knife that’s splicing coconuts open and sticking a straw in ’em to drink. It’s fascinating to watch because in most cases it’s a little old man who’s popping these things!

Yeah well, that’s my story of the day! Speaking of coconuts!

Bath and Body Works takes on everyone’s favorite tropical treat for the Summer with their new range Signature Coconut Collection. That collection features fragrance mists, lotions, potions, and even lipgloss in three new scents with a heavy base note of, why yes, you guessed it, coconut baby!


If you’re not a fond fan of coconut…stay away! These are hardcore coconut blends and the note comes through very clearly here! I picked up the fragrance mists only as I’m not too fond a fan of Bath and Body Works moisturizers however I do suggest layering whenever possible as the mists in recent years are pretty weak and don’t linger too long unless you’re willing to mist yourself madly with an entire bottle!

Bath & Body Works Signature Coconut Mango is a blend of coconut and mango. It has a certain sweetness thanks to the mango but dries down to a strong coconut note with a hint of juiciness.

Bath & Body Works Signature Coconut Passionfruit was surprisingly my least favorite. I thought this would be sweet but…it kinda smells like a stale coconut cookie or something? It has this weird crunchy element that I’m having a hard time putting my nose too. You get a true coconut going on here but the underlay of the passionfruit isn’t exactly what I envisioned when I originally heard about it!

And finally my favorite of the three, Bath and Body Works Signature Coconut Pineapple is the traditional mix of coconut with juicy pineapple thrown in. This blend actually isn’t overpowered by the coconut and you can get a nice underlay of the pineapple. It’s probably the only blend that isn’t dominated by coconut!

Overall, they are nice Summery fragrances and will make a nice fragrance pick for the beach, boardwalk, or pool! But like I said, if you’re really not one for coconut these might prove a bit TOO much!

Did you smell ’em?

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  • Shoppingaholic

    I would love to try these. Are they available online and being shipped to India. I am fond of online shopping and would love to know if you have any thing to share. <3

    • the Muse

      hi shoppingaholic sadly bath and body works doesn’t shop to India sorry hun 🙁

  • JoElla

    I am curious about these. I am not a fan of passion flower so I doubt I will even like that one.

    Have you tried their lotions since they reformulated them? I was happily surprised by the new formula and how well it moisturizes.

    • the Muse

      mmm nope Jo! really didn’t love the old formula so skeptical of the new but I do have some trail sizes in these wonder if that’s the new formula?! Will have to check and hit ya back on that 😀

  • Regina

    I have all three mists and lotions and my fav thus far is mango. My skin gets really dry and B&BW lotions suffice for me moisture wise. The triple cream’s are nice but don’t seem to moisturize any more than their regular lotions.

  • Rebecca

    I agree about the new lotion formula. I didn’t like the old one at all but I like the new formula a lot better. It seems like it absorbs better or something.

  • Colleen

    I smelled the coconut pineapple one and it smells amazing 🙂

  • peri

    i hate the smell of coconut so i’ll definitely stay away…but i cant believe you dont like their lotions! lol.

  • Nessa

    I have the Coconut Pineapple in trial size that I got for $1, not bad! I only have to use a tiny bit to moisturize my hands and arms, so it might be the new formula?

    I thought the Pineapple and Mango smelled so similar, it was hard for me to pick, I do like it but after the scent lingers too long, it starts smelling like stale coconut.

    • the Muse

      i got that from the passionfruit one nessa, stale, old coconut! kinda like old coconut cookie or something!?

  • Giselle

    I loove coconut so I’m very eager to take a whiff of these! I wonder if this could compare to my beloved Harajuku Lovers G?

    • the Muse

      ooooooooo now I gotta go back and resniff these Giselle as I wasn’t comparing to G at the time ;-D ha! good call!