June 8, 2011

Color Control Cream: What’s a CC Cream? The Next Generation of the BB Cream

BB Creams are trending in the US at the moment and you’ll probably see more come the Fall I imagine. So far Smashbox, MAC, and Boscia have introduced BB Creams stateside with a special appearance by Korean brand name, Dr. Jart exclusively at Sephora.

BB Creams have been toned down a bit for the US market but the concept remains the same in some aspects. A creamy base product to flatter many skin tones that offers sun protection and a flawless finish that evens out skin tone. Whitening benefits, pigmentation, and some anti-aging benefits are missing from US versions but hopefully we catch up sometime soon to our Asian friends in this market.

Now that BB Creams are on the rise here what comes next?

That would be CC Creams or Color Control Creams. What’s a CC Cream? It’s the next generation BB Cream.


CC cream is simply an improved version of a BB Cream. It offers pretty much the same benefits as a BB Cream including whitening, moisturizing, sun protection, and skin repair.

Where as BB Creams offer all these same options CC Creams promise a lighter texture with a non-oily formula (and in some cases a matte finish) plus some will have Vitamin C for better brightening and whitening abilities. CC Creams promise to have a lighter texture with more nourishing ingredients offering a beefed up formula with the ability to repair problem skin better than BB Creams.

CC Creams will contain White tea extracts, Green Tea Leaf Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Mineral Powder, Macadamia Extracts, Deep Sea Water, Aloe leaf Extracts, and Natural Vitamin E.

So it basically provides sun protection, hydration, agents to help soothe and calm skin, anti-aging elements, plus a long lasting formula.

I haven’t personally played with any CC Creams yet and the first ones I’ve seen were from a Chinese company, iFiona so they haven’t quite hit the Korean market from my understanding.

They pretty much sound like a gloried BB Cream but I think the oil-free formula and the promises of a lighter formula that brightens and looks more natural does sound appealing. The price remains fairly cheap as well.

I look forward to discovering and learning more about CC Creams in the future and will be bringing you a review shortly of CC Creams.

Have you heard about CC Creams?

Do share!

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  • electronicfly

    *jaw drops* CC? That’s it. I’m gonna go copyright the term AA Cream (Absolutely Awesome Cream) now.

    CC Cream does sound like quite a dream to me though, as with my oily skin I tend to stay away from BB creams.

    • the Muse

      damnit electronic that was what I wanted to patent! the AA Team Cream ;-D

      • electronicfly

        Works great for dry to oily skin, sensitive skin, fills pores and wrinkles, great coverage, one shade REALLY fits all, SPF 1904749174092174019741, PA++++++, organic, no alcohol, parabens or silicones, no animal testing, great primer, great foundation, great concealer, super cute and usable packaging, no wastage, sold worldwide, super cheap…. what else would describe our AA Team Cream? LOL!

        • the Muse

          it does dishes, walks the dog, and goes to work for you on sick days electronicfly ;D

          • mon

            it also contains fairy dust and unicorn tears, since anything related to unicorns can perform miracles

    • eve

      diggin your AA Cream suggestion. well, you gotta make sure people aren’t going to confuse it with another popular club. 😉

      have you tried boscia’s bb cream? it’s oil-free! my friend has oily skin, and she swears by it. good stuff.

  • Anna

    It kinda sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I suppose that’s part of why it only works for one exact skin tone ><

    • the Muse

      absolutely anna LOL! ;-D but I love BB Creams so I’m willing to invest faith and money into CC Creams ;D!

  • izzy

    I could bet $100 it’s the same thing. What an awful marketing ploy. “hey, let’s make the exact same thing and say it’s BETTER to make money since we’re a little late on the BB cream bandwagon.”

  • Maggie

    Oh man, I wanna try! BB cream can be a bit heavy on my acne-prone, combo skin. So non-oily and lighter sounds good. Although I don’t really trust Chinese products.

  • sillylilacs

    CC? Such creativity *facepalms*

    But seriously though…that’s a LOT of promises O_o I’m definitely interested in seeing if this glorified BB cream can carry its promises.

    Took a quick look on Ebay, and I only see the blue one on there. O.o (granted i’m not interested in the other three LOL) Think I might pick one up for review….

    • sillylilacs

      Here’s some more info, I know it’s in Chinese, but there are some before and after photos that might help.


      Apparently the CC cream has been on the market for some time since the post was back in 2010, annnnd there’s a fake CC cream too? >_<

      • sillylilacs

        I lied, the prices are ridiculous online! O_O $15 on ebay with $10 shipping…anywhere else you have to buy in 12-24 piece lots -.-

        And the Chinese site doesn’t ship internationally =(

  • Kat

    My aunts in Thailand use CC creams and RAVE about them. I haven’t jumped on the BB cream wagon yet – I’m one of those darker skin toned Asians – think Eva Mendes skin coloring.

    I’m dying to try the Smashbox, but seem to be in between the medium and dark. Would you recommend going lighter or darker?


  • Ciambella

    First BB and now CC? Pretty soon I’m going to ZZ! 😉

  • Y

    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go, but I agree with the girls above that is sounds too good to be true. :/

  • tee

    whoa… marketing speak! just like nail polish’s ‘this is not jelly finish, this is sherbet finish’ or whatever…

    anyways…dont get me wrong here, I do love some chinese products. chinese teas and some herbs are fantastic. but cosmetics… simply put, i havent encounter pleasant experience//news with chinese consumer goods… except the dried teas and herbs.

    • the Muse

      Hi Tee I don’t believe CC Cream will be limited to the China market.

  • Cher

    Color control creams were around before bb creams actually. I owned one before from a random Asian brand. I was hesitant but the SA sold it. It was like a tinted moisturizer with SPF. I liked mine and used it till the last drop. It came with a matching loose powder too. Cc creams never took off the way bb creams did though.

    • the Muse

      interesting cher. I’ve never heard of them until now! 🙂

  • AB

    BB, CC, DD etc etc – sounds more like brassiere cups than anything now.

    I live in Asia (grew up in Japan and am working in Singapore) and B.B. Creams are a huge hit here, what with all the Korean brands infiltrating every Asian market. I have all five of the Holika Holika Petit BBs you mentioned a few days back and I ADORE them!

    Anyway, there’s an ex-beauty pageant contestant that recently released her own C.C. Cream and it was quite awful, in my opinion, but I’m not sure if it’s anything like the C.C. Creams you’ve shown here. :/

    • the Muse

      lol ab that’s about right girl ;-D Yay! The HH BB Cream is quite nice did you try the peach one? I think I know the one you mean….really that bad eh? :-/

  • Sarah

    Hey muse I know this is about cc creams but i thought it would be a good place to catch you and ask which is your all time favorite bb creme that is available for purchase online in the us?
    I want one with heavier coverage.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • kate

    i tried the blue one. it feels very watery, brightens the skin very much but does not give coverage. it is just like a tinted moisturizer that absorbs into the skin, i feel like i have nothing on my face. i use it only when i want to even out my skintone and not wear any makeup.
    …and the colour is very light! i am nw15/nc10 in mac and its pale on me

  • AmyO

    Hi <3 I was wondering if you know what the difference in the 4 CC Creams are? I think the blue one has something to do with moisture, which I don't need. I have oily, acne prone skin 🙁

  • AmyO

    I think it says something on the packaging, but I can’t read it on this tiny phone screen lol

  • Zadidoll

    Olay has released their version of a CC cream called Color Correcting Cream. I’m passing on buying it because they can’t even get the term correct – color control is different than color correcting.

    • the Muse

      yeah I saw that :-/ it’s actually their tone correcting serum/tm renamed. bogus!

  • kloh_haru

    I’m quite afraid of using anything that’s made in China. and goodness, it has already has a fake copy!

  • Lindsay

    They have hit the Korean market. I already ordered samples of Tony Moly’s CC cream, but I don’t think many other Korean companies are making them quite yet.

  • Lindsay

    Oh, I just saw the date of this post, Muse. Of course it hadn’t hit the Korean market then. xD At first I was like, “What?”

  • Gina

    This sounds SO wonderful; I hope they’re not just TMs 🙁 The “lighter” scares me in that respect