June 9, 2011

Dr Jart Dew Drop Blemish Base BB Cream Blue Label Review, Swatches, Photos

Since Dr Jart released Water Fuse Beauty Balm on Sephora I’ve gotten several hundred e-mails asking me if it was anything like the Dr Jart Dew Drop BB Cream. I think someone had even commented on my review post of the Water Fuse and said it was the same product as the Dew Drop Blemish Base.

I think alot of you that may already own the Dew Drop version were curious whether you needed to haul the US version.

I’m here to say the two products are completely different right down to the SPF levels each contains, the color, and the formula.


A hydrating water based BB Cream.

Worst BB Cream I ever used. I hate it. Which surprises me because I really do prefer a hydrating base product but I dislike the texture and formula of this in a major way.

First off Dew Drop has an SPF 27 where as the Water Fuse version has an SPF 25. The Dew Drop’s formula is a runny, watery, mousse type product versus the Water Fuse version which is rich, thick, and creamy. The shade of the Dew Drop formula is a gray beige shade versus the pinker, creamy beige tone of the Water Fuse version. If you have Dew Drop already, I suggest buying Water Fuse because it’s a superior product in terms of formula. I think Dew Drop isn’t nearly as good so if you’re going to indulge go with the US version.

The bad…

I dislike the formula on Dew Drop because it’s runny, watery, and it comes out of the tube in a big old splash of water. The product looks like it was separated from the pigments and simply reminds me of old makeup. To add insult to injury I find it blends awful. A formula with this much water content lacks color pay off and blends out in a patchy, uneven layer on skin and for some odd reason, even with that much moisture involved, it accentuates dry areas on my face in a really bad way.

The color adjusts well however it does lack pigment so it’ll only prefect skin it won’t conceal problem areas such as redness, acne scarring, etc…It does have a grayish cast to give a brightening/whitening effect but the color seems to adjust after a few minutes and fits my skin without any issues.

  • Those with oily skin that want an oil-free, water infused BB Cream.

  • Those wanting a creamy Blemish Balm.
  • Those wanting a pigmented BB Cream.
  • Those wanting a high level SPF (this is SPF 27).
  • Those unwilling to shop online, deal with airmail, etc…(the Dew Drop version is available within Korea)

I hope this answers the question about the differents between the Dew Drop and Water Fuse versions of this BB Cream. I personally feel they are vastly different products and the Water Fuse version here in the US is surprisingly better than the one available in Korea. I’ve always been very pleased with most BB Creams I’ve tried but this was one of the worst and that surprises me as my skin is dry and it should have appreciated the higher water content of the formula. Those with oily skin might appreciate the oil-free, lighter formula but I’m doubting even that could convince anyone that this is worth a go.

Have you tried it?

Love it?

Do share!

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  • Goodgirl

    Hello Muse, I love reading all your reviews a lot however, can you please take pictures of the ingredients on the box, the side with the list of the ingredients?


    • the Muse

      Hi goodgirl I replied to this several times hun. read back on your other comments to me.

  • Lily

    Hey muse! What do you do with the products that you hate? Are u a collector of makeup (no matter how bad)?

    • the Muse

      hi lily I pass them on to friends and family if I dislike them or I donate them to a local senior group that my mum is a member of. The ladies love getting new makeup to try out. I don’t collect makeup I dislike or think is bad but I am willing to go above and beyond to purchase things I wouldn’t normally like so I can review them on my blog. Sometimes I end up loving them and sometimes my gut instinct about not liking them is right so that’s when they get passed on. Occasionally they do end up in a makeup graveyard if I’m not careful b/c I want to go back to them a some point and retry…what do you with make up you don’t like Lily?

      • Lily

        Aw thats so nice to hear! I think that’s great!
        Haha the ones that are horrible I put up for swap on MUA, the ones that are horrible BUT in adorable packaging I keep so I can stare at them when I’m bored 🙂 It ends up as decor haha!

        • the Muse

          hey lily. I used to be that way with cute, useless makeup too! I loved the packaging, hated the contents, but couldn’t part with it b/c it was kawaii! LOL but nowadays I’m a little more reserved so if I know I don’t like it or might never used it I pass it on. My sister isn’t a big makeup fan but she does like when I make her little packages. My mum is SO not a makeup person but her senior group runs a little tag sale/family closet type of thing so I bring stuff to her and she gifts it to them to sell off or to use on themselves. They love it. They are like children and these are quite older women, older than my dear old mum, in there 80’s ;-D totally can relate to decor though, I used to be the same ;D! i wish I had more time to swap, I used to be avid swapper but the PO is such a pain!

  • dreamdaze

    hi im headed to korea soon..
    I’ve only tried the Skin79 Diamond Prestige previously and have recently finished it.
    Is there any BB cream that works the way it claims to help your skin? I don’t really think the one I used previously did anything for my skin or maybe I don’t use it on a daily basis.
    I’ve combi skin and am relatively fair. What BB cream will you recommend to buy?

  • mbjunkie

    The Water Fuse did indeed replace the now discontinued Dew Drop formula. However, the Water Fuse US release is SPF25 but the Water Fuse Korean (asian) release is spf27. Dr. jart definitely reformulated the bb creams for US version release. Even the Gold premium has been reformulate for US version release. I’m pretty sure they’ve made it more watery for the US release as “gold label” is meant for mature skin and no mature skin bb cream isn’t thick!