June 27, 2011

Etude House Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes Review, Swatches, Photos

Etude House has released a limited edition collection for Summer entitled Aloha. This is actually a really special release as it includes a bronzing tint.

Listen, anything having to do with bronzing is unheard of in Asia…! This is some serious shiz peeps.

No but seriously bronzing collections are a rarity in Asia so I thought the Etude House Aloha Collection was quite a little novelty plus the really cute Hawaiian inspired packaging and interesting products were worthy of a beg and a plead to a friend in Korea to grab them for me.

Today I’ll be showing you the Etude House Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes which are available in three sparkling shades.

Check ’em!

A range of limited edition cream shadows that bring the sparkle of grains of the sand to your eyes!

After getting my hands on the Etude House Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes and using them I had visions of Guerlain Terra Inca Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows dancing through my head. Some of the shades are kinda a dupe of Guerlain’s version plus heck, totally cheaper.

Each of these is a cream shadow formula that has a looser, creamy feel. They come housed in a small vial and include a sponge tip applicator for application. Each of the boxes they are packaged in features a cute retro Hawaiian print that will prevent you from tossing the box, you’ll simply want to keep the shadows housed inside as the packaging is so cute!

The vials are pretty small so if you plan on indulging in daily use you might want to pick up a back up or two as they’ll run low quickly.

They come in three shades which are Golden Sands (shimmering gold), Pearl Luster (pale, sandy pink), and Brown Hula (sparkling bronze-y chocolate).

The pigmented of the three is Brown Hula as it yields the best color pay off where as Pearl Luster and Golden Sands apply really subtly, almost like an eye gloss, with a good deal of sparkle but very little color.

I liked them however….

I thought they were a tad finicky when it came to application. The formula proves rather irritating to work with as not only is the lack of color a very big disappointment but they tend to glide, slide, and just not sit right on my lid. The formula also remains dewy to the touch and doesn’t quite set as well as I’d like.

Towards the end of the day both the pink and gold colors fade away completely where as the brown tends to crease a fair bit even with Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath (UDPP never fails me but in this case it did).

Layering the weaker pigmented colors on seems to help a little bit with color pay off but I’m seeing more glossy sparkle than color here. I think the formula is a tad to thin to blend well. My swatches have quite better pay off than I was able to get on my eye. It also deserves mentioning these are loaded with shimmer as you can see I posted a photo below showing what happened after I swiped them off my arm after swatching (loads of glitter left over).

My own eyes are dry but I’m going to throw it out there and say these will probably be a nightmare for oily lids.

  • Those looking for sparkle sans color.
  • Those wanting a lightweight cream shadow full of shimmer.
  • Those with dry lids.
  • Anyone wanting a quick, basic eye look without alot of work.

  • Anyone with oily lids.
  • Those who want a pigmented cream shadow.
  • Those looking for a cream shadow that blends and sets easily.
  • Shimmer haters!

It’s rare that Etude House disappoints me but Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes aren’t quite all that as the formula needs alot of work. These blend terribly, didn’t set as quickly as I would like, and ended up fading and creasing as the day progressed. They might make a nice color wash for someone who prefers a more minimal eye look but if you’re wanting sparkle and pigment you might want to look elsewhere and if you want just the sparkle these might just be the thing!

I got mine from a friend in Korea however I’ve seen them reasonably priced on E-bay just beware of fakes.

If you’ve tried them do share your thoughts!

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  • Phyra

    That is so disappointing because on the brush, they look so pretty and promising.

  • TK

    They looked so beautiful in the swatches!
    Too bad! I was getting all excited there for a second having Etude House daydreams… : (

    • the Muse

      tk they def swatch brilliant but way off during application le sigh!

  • anna

    Awww darn, I’ve been eyeing these but I have oily eyelids so these are no bueno… πŸ™ Oh well… thanks for the review!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure anna! they are really pretty but on my dry lids they crease awful so on oily ones it won’t be too fab, don’t bother. save your $$!

  • Y

    oooh, the colors i m in love with, too bad the quality isn’t as good!

  • Mallory

    I think that’s one of the reasons why I stray away from eyeshadows from Γ‰tude House. They are usually not as pigmented as I want them to be. =( Have you try the Two Two Kiss gloss and tint yet?! I absolutely love them!

    • the Muse

      hey mallory! Some are though, the palettes are awesome imho ;-D yes but I didn’t like them πŸ™ they wear down super fast and you can’t sharpen them πŸ™

      • Mallory

        You didn’t?! I adore them. Well, at least the #03. I love the red tint it gives to my lips. But I agree that they wear down fast. You can’t sharpen them? I read somewhere that you were able to. I was thinking that when I was using mine too. I thought you could sharpen them and then it looks like you can’t so I was thinking, “Maybe it twist” but it doesn’t do that either. If you can’t sharpen them then $7 for one is kind of pricey. =(

        • the Muse

          mallory GOOD news they sharpen! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D It looks plastic, the tube that is, but you can indeed sharpen them ;D! I now love them more ;D! haha!

          • Mallory

            HAHA!! YAY! I was worried for a moment there. I saw mine slowly disappearing because I’ve been using it a lot lately and dread the idea of having to order another one because it didn’t sharpen.

  • Yosh

    Have u ever heard about Baviphat? It’s a Korean brand with cute & colorful packaging of mask & peeling gel. Give it a try πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      hi yosh. yup I have a buncha reviews up about Baviphat products πŸ™‚